Does anyone know the numbers for Jesse Ventura's 9/11 show?

I can't find anything about how the numbers were for the 9/11 show on Jesse's "Conspiracy Theory".

I know that 1.6 million watched the HAARP episode.

Has anyone seen anything?


I contacted some people after the second show to see if I could get the numbers. They unofficially told me that they thought 1.6 Million watched the second show as well, but said they couldn't give me a source because the only official study was done for the first show the premiere.

Here is where and who I contacted.

EDIT.. Actually here are the numbers..

Here is my blog post regarding this information:

Thanks nickaz for reminding me to look again. Peace.

Pretty nothing

the same for general reviews of the 2nd episode. The media fell asleep as always.

EDIT: Above are the numbers.