9/11 Truth year 2009 and beyond. National Truth Commission.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of 9/11 Truth Controlled Demolition Peace and Justice Patriotic Movement.
2009 is a very significant year for the Movement, when conclusive scientific evidence of controlled demolition, so apparent from all video footage, was given by Prof Steven Jones, Prof Niels Harrit from Denmark, and other study authors.
http://stj911.org, http://journalof911studies.com

A year saw Architect Richard Gage and his http://AE911Truth.org Architects organisation tirelessly campaign, lecture, bring and explain the 9/11 Truth undeniable facts and evidence to a large audience, US and world - lets mention their very successful New Zealand, Japan Hard Evidence Tour of 2009.

Jon Gold and countless other researchers, scientists and activists are keeping the cause - the Truth about 9/11 inside covert operation attacks - alive and presented and are reminding American and world public about this issue and it's paramount US national and world significance.

These groups are building on the work, on the basis of evidence gathered and presented throughout the years by Prof David Griffin, another leading representative of 9/11 Truth Movement.

At the start of a new year 2010, what next?

As told here before, that R. Gage and Architects best stick with hard evidence only, nanothermite evidence, and controlled demolition collapse characteristics.
Let me suggest maybe one more thing - how about analyzing a collapse of Pentagon roof, after building being struck by an unknown aerial vehicle. A clean collapse of one end of a roof-line, with unburned computer, wooden stool and paper book visible at the edge. How would architects' expertize analyze this collapse?

Further, I think Movement should prepare for a future role of a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission, advising current authorities on 9/11 issues, vetting public official on account of their positions regarding 9/11 attacks, before 2009 conclusive nanothermite evidence was given, and after.
Absolute majority of current political establishment, practically everybody, will fail this test. Who can stand the test? Dennis Kucinich, maybe Ron Paul is advocating new investigation.

A new type of leaders, honest, truth defending, uncorruptible patriots of Jeffersonian, Madisonian character, format and national significance should come forward and restore the greatness to the national conscience, restore the faith in the direction of most influential nation in the world - The United States of America.
Mrs David Griffin, Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Jon Gold, Janice Matthews unquestionably come to mind at first.

I can foresee, and I suggest, an important roles for these leaders, and other their colleagues, in the near future in the national public life.

I suggest the 9/11 Research groups and foundations, such as 911Truth.org, 911Blogger.com, AE911Truth.org, Visibility911.com, WTC7research.net be recognized for their importance, and be funded to the measure of $ 1 billion each.
If Mr. Silverstein, owner of Twin Towers, can be paid $ 7billion in insurance indemnity, all fraud, a funding for 9/11 Research Centers sure can be found.

I suggest 9/11 Movement nominates and votes one of these leaders for the office of the President of The USA. Be it as a write-in candidate.

I suggest The Movement considers boycotting big failed banks, "pulling it" - withdrawing money in favor of small local institutions.

I suggest boycotting US car manufacturers, with the exception maybe Ford, buying instead foreign - until 9/11 Truth is officially recognized, financial accountability of big banks is brought about, and maybe until real healthcare reform is instituted.

I suggest Movement be opened to other groups' calls for national strikes, honors and/or prepares National General Strikes, this nonviolent means of democratic discourse.

If not now, when? If not us - you and me - then who?
It is of utmost importance that 9/11 truth prevails, lest other, possibly much more damning attacks, might happen anytime.

Finally, for this year, I suggest The 9/11 Truth Controlled Demolition Movement recognizes as proven, practically indisputable facts, that
1. Oklahoma City 4/19/1995 bombing are an inside operation
2. London 7/72005 subway attacks are an inside operation

Further, should The Truth Movement embrace the fact that President Kennedy was assassinated in a secret services conspiracy? After refusing to invade Cuba, and confront militarily Soviet missile deployment in a Turkish-Cuban missile crisis, when Soviets were readying to deploy missiles in Cuba in response after US deployed its missiles in Turkey.
The fact is, under JFK, an unnecessary Vietnam war, started with Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, would probably never happen.

To conclude, I suggest that mechanism be instituted, by which US President be removed more easily from the office, not for wrongdoing, but out of political reasons, for example, by a Vote of non confidence in the Congress.
Also, I suggest that elections are carried out in 2 rounds runoff manner.

Happy New Year!

Petr Buben
http://911UnitedWeInvestigate.blogspot.com - http://WorldNewsRecord.wordpress.com - http://twitter.com/911news - http://friendfeed.com/PetrBuben

May ALL Your Dreams Come True Petr

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Thanks ...

but now, you are talking to all of us.

Dreams do come true, many times ... and, especially in America ! ....... so they are telling me!