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Please sign 9/11Truth Whitehouse Petitions. 1 month to achieve 5000 signatures, for petition to be considered further.

New petitions iniciative could be a first step towards The Internet Government of People. Frequent Internet referenda to single issues. Internet voting, elections.

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From 911 attacks, we learn that Al Qeada is being impersonated, infiltrated, manipulated, even controlled by US in a master way

The problem for US is that Arab fighters, Al Qaeda, were in a just war (with wrong terror means), resisting colonization, destruction of Iraq, later also Afghanistan

Arab fighters might have wanted 911 attacks, but would never have been able to carry out, until attacks were US aided, enhanced, let and made happen

US in a master strong security position and with supreme warrior skills were able to use Arab resistence to their further defeat

The problem for US is that it took too far a self inflicted pretext for war - 911 WTC attacks - US civilian casualities on US soil

The problem for US might be that MILITARY colonizations, as oppossed to peacefull competition, might be wrong, ineffectual, even undoable

But if Russia yields its client states, there is nothing to prevent US from exercizing unrestricted options, revolutions, wars of conquest

The problem for US might be that this new age world military colony might lead slowly to world conflagration, world war and world annihilation

Petr Buben

Possible desired effects and reasons behind latest Detroit bombing attempt 12-25-09 inside operation

Also reply to Thanks, good points from you, too.

I do think that managers in CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA responsible for this inside operation - letting known radical banned in Britain board a plane with a defective bomb - should be reassigned immediately. Any such consequences never happened after 9/11, as far as I know.

Now to the desired effects and reasons behind this latest inside operation. As you say, they might be to introduce new, additional police state security measures and install new equipment to further harass air travelers.

I think further reasons might also be
1. to remind people, to keep population in apprehension, or outright fear, of terror.
2. to get to Pres Obama, to express irritation with his policies, to be able to say - he is not "protecting Americans well enough"
3. some agencies inside political infighting. A palpable friction lately came out between Cia/Dir Panetta and National Intel Council/ Dir Blair
3. simple pretext for further conflict, as Sen Lieberman already called for preemptive strikes on Yemen
4. implied message that the next time, bomb might actually work
5. all of the above

9/11 Truth year 2009 and beyond. National Truth Commission.

Happy New Year 2010 to all of 9/11 Truth Controlled Demolition Peace and Justice Patriotic Movement.
2009 is a very significant year for the Movement, when conclusive scientific evidence of controlled demolition, so apparent from all video footage, was given by Prof Steven Jones, Prof Niels Harrit from Denmark, and other study authors.,

A year saw Architect Richard Gage and his Architects organisation tirelessly campaign, lecture, bring and explain the 9/11 Truth undeniable facts and evidence to a large audience, US and world - lets mention their very successful New Zealand, Japan Hard Evidence Tour of 2009.

Jon Gold and countless other researchers, scientists and activists are keeping the cause - the Truth about 9/11 inside covert operation attacks - alive and presented and are reminding American and world public about this issue and it's paramount US national and world significance.

These groups are building on the work, on the basis of evidence gathered and presented throughout the years by Prof David Griffin, another leading representative of 9/11 Truth Movement.

9/11 Controlled Demolition Movement cutting edge: Announcing the truth to the officialdom. The politicians.

9/11 Controlled Demolition Truth, Peace and Justice Movement high delegation met, for a second time, with California Senator Dianne Feinstein Office Director Jim Molinari. San Francisco, Nov 4, 2009.

Attending for the movement were Richard Gage, founder and leader of a architects organisation, Janette MacKinlay, artist, 9/11 survivor, Mark Graham, co-founder of Davis 9/11 Truth, Gregg Roberts and Jim Hoffman, scientists researching the 9/11 issues.

Richard Gage AIA, speaking about the 9/11Truth at Sacramento Chapter of the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics

Coming to Sacramento...
A dynamic multi-media presentation by

of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

9/11: Blueprint for Truth
The Architecture of Destruction

Re-examining the Destruction of the 3 World Trade Center High-Rises

"This will be... the first time the evidence of controlled demolition at the World
Trade Center will be presented to an audience of aerospace professionals."

This event is open to the public.

When: Thursday, October 22, 2009
Catered dinner at 6:30 PM, presentation at 7 PM

Where: Aerospace Museum of California
3200 Freedom Park Dr. [formerly "E" St., this location is 1&1/2 blocks
McClellan, CA 95652 west of Watt Ave., on the old airbase]


Tickets, paid at the door: Students $15, AIAA Members $20, Non-AIAA members $25
RSVP's are highly recommended:
There will be door prizes.

The challenge of our generation. Inside operations, pretexts for war. How is today different?

9/11 Controlled Demolition is our generation challenge, to fight and to win the struggle for the truth and justice. It is a similar situation, similar challenge to what previous generations faced.

1. There was 1941, Pearl Harbour let-it-happen attack. At least it was to rally a nation for a just war, against Nazi Germany aggressor.
2. There was a 1964 false flag operation Gulf of Tonkin attack, in order to start combat deployment of Vietnam War, 1965-1973.
3. There was an asassination of President JF Kennedy, 1963, who refused the launch invasion of Cuba. Assassination done by the military and intelligence, by CIA and others.
Without this crime, there would have been no sensless Vietnam War.
4. Later, trying to get rid of President Clinton, they did not choose physical liquidation anymore.
It was through scandals, Whitewater, Monica Lewinski and others, how they choose remove, to disable, topple, an American President.

How is our present challenge different from these preceding?

This time, our generation, 9/11 controlled demolition attacks are more serious and far-reaching in their consequences.

Complete summary analysis, 9/11 Truth Movement issues, post-nanothermite era, September 2009.

9/11 Controlled Demolition attacks in the larger context.

I. Predicament
II. Goals of attacks /recap, short analysis/
II. War Empire , The Reform, The Fall
III. Solutions, Indictments

I. Predicament
Let’s realize that the majority, if not all of top ruling establishment elite, military, intelligence and top government political leadership, from left to right, then and now, official media, multinational corporations, these all are, or will be shortly, involved in an enormous, flagrant criminal cover-up of the biggest criminal event of the US history of our time, the 9/11 Controlled Demolition attacks false flag inside job covert Reichstag fire type self-inflicted wound military operation. Per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense.
Involved they will be more or less, some knowingly, some not, some wanting and some not .

Then a small, inside elite group of entities and individuals, foreign or not, identities of which are yet unknown, is directly involved, with different degrees of knowledge, in the operation itself, as they prepared and executed the attacks.

II. The Goals of 9/11 attacks

1. Security regime

Representatives of Davis 9/11 Truth, Sacramento 9/11 Truth and meet with Senator Feinstein Office Director.

San Francisco, July 21, 2009, Office of the Senator. Representatives of Davis 9/11 Truth Mark Graham, of Sacramento 9/11 Truth Leader Activist David Kimball, and Dr Richard Gage, founder of and Gregg Roberts, one of the authors of Nanothermite Report and member of AE911Truth, met in San Francisco with Jim Molinari, Director of Office of powerful Senator Diane Feinstein. - - -

The subject - debating the 9/11 Truth arguments, new nanothermite evidence, controlled demolition, request for the investigation.

The parties exchanged views and information on these issue, appreciated each other approach.

The 9/11 Truth group handed over a copy of Profs. Harrit, Farrer, Jones, Ryan et al Nanothermite Report, among others documents.,,,