Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - Press Conference - Victoria, BC

Engineer Werner Simbeck reads the press release of the 'Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth' announcing that 1,000 members have signed the petition demanding a new, independent investigation into the events of 9/11. The announcement was made on February 19, 2009 simultaneously, and in conjunction with, 47 other cities around the world.

YouTube - Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - Press Conference - Victoria, BC.
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Get Local News Time

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth get exposure on A Channel news in Victoria British Columbia on Feb 19/2010


This is an amazing MSM TV report on Amazing!

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I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

Thanks very much Joe - incredible job A-Channel

Thanks for putting this up Joe. I do not have cable so did not see how well the interview turned out.

The news reader is probably the most well know TV personality in the region, the News Director, and the senior news anchor of A-channel, the main station in the region.

" Hudson Mack is part of the fabric of the community on Vancouver Island and is an enduring figure in Canada's broadcasting industry. "

We asked the CBC and other media to come out but they did not show.

Werner, our speaker and engineer, did get an interview on the the biggest radio station as well. I have not heard it yet.

The news clip went so far beyond the interview that I am flabbergasted (a technical term from my days studying psychology)! Actually going to the site and using our materials is outstanding journalism. And above all, showing WTC7 side by side with a controlled demolition, and the explosive squibs is just not normally done by mainstream media.

Please, send congratulations to the station:


WoW! Great News Clip!!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER

Wow.... real journalism

Wow.... real journalism still exists. I can't believe it.

Great work folks. Keep the pressure on!

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Great job! I've posted it

Great job! I've posted it around.

Very nice

This is what we should have seen all across the U.S., if we had a truly independent media, that is.

Thanks for posting this, Mike, it definitely makes me feel more encouraged about the 15 hour day I spent helping to broadcast the event from San Francisco.

We need to leverage this milestone and the event any way we can well into the spring and summer.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Stunning media victory! Well done! Our TV station in Hamilton told us they'd probably be at our event...but they finked out. Still, we'll have a story in an alternative news medium.

I would say the Victoria, BC press conference was impressive

With what I assume to be four other engineers standing there in support while Mechanical Engineer Werner Simbeck read the press release it was an impressive site, and indeed worthy of press coverage.


I can't imagine how many press people are in Victoria covering the Olympics.

I hadn't thought about that! YES!

"I can't imagine how many press people are in Victoria covering the Olympics."


Hi Tony,

Werner was the only engineer, although we do have another one in the group.

I was there as a signatory, and the others may have been signatories as well, but were definitely there in solidarity.

Mike Zimmer

The seriousness of the issue came across


I think the way you guys did it was very professional and got the seriousness of the issue across very well.

There's still hope!

It's such a good feeling to watch this news coverage, with no bias, just covering the facts!

It keeps me optimistic, because in this same country, yesterday I heard a radio exposé about 9/11 that was just terrible. Disinfo at it's best. It was so awful, you wouldn't believe it. It was all there: holocaust deniers linked to Thierry Meyssan, the 1993 bombings orchastrated by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the 9/11 truth movement being composed of only a few thousand people, and the worse of it all: the "journalist" said that the 9/11 Commission Report had all the answers to our questions but no one in our movement took the time to read it!!!!!!!!

Pathetic. The host mentionned the AE911 truth press conference but the journalist refuted everything Richard Gage and al are exposing!

Yup, even in Canada, we still have that total propaganda.

At least the Fifth Estate was aired in french last week.