Manny Badillo, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

9/11 Victim family member Manny Badillo speaks at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

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Manny, it is good to hear your voice.

It has been quite awhile since we met, but you continue to inspire me.
We met on January 3, 2009, at the WTC site, on a very, very cold January afternoon.
I came up from NC, and searched for you guys out in the cold. We stood and held some signs and gave out some info and talked a bit that day, and then retired to a small deli, and the few of us sat and talked.
I told all of you that I am very alone in the 9/11 movement, living in a place that is so isolated from people who want to know the truth. I live between Camp Jejeune and Cherry Point MC Air Station in a very, very pro military area.
It was so great to finally get with people who felt like me. I felt an instant brotherhood.
I want to do it again and meet with you all, but it is very difficult, economically, to get away from my dental practice now, with the economy the way it is.
But either this 9/11 date this year, or certainly the next, I want to get back with you and the rest of you 9/11 patriots up there.
Looking forward to it.
Paul Getty

drop me a line sometime!
Keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to me.
Please let me know of any plans for the ninth and ten anniversary of the awful time.

Thanks for the thanks Manny!

You are a great and gracious example to us all of what a 9/11 Truth Advocate is all about!

I would have one question, is the evidence really that clear for the Oklahoma City bombing? I thought the 9/11 case was in a different league regarding clear evidence?

Thank you!

Kind regards John