What's with the California air?

Is there something in the air out there that yields such progressive, freedom loving, free thinkers?

MASSIVE freeway support for 9/11 truth. Virtually non-stop honking.

The HONKING is music to my ears

You gotta watch this video.

It's music to my ears too.

What I really love is there are so many young people involved.

One Effective Way Of Reaching Thousands In A Short Time

The effectiveness of this type of activism should not be underestimated.

Creating wider public awareness of alternative causes is what will generate change.

Massive public exposure of the mockery of the official reports

and cover-up concerning the events of Sept. 11, 2001, will indeed affect change.

Finally, it will cause a severe irreversible reduction in public support for the tragic policies engendered by the original false explanations of the events.

WOW! So much fun!

They got an endless chorus of honks! Fantastic job San Francisco! Way to get out there. We love you folks!

It really is amazing when you get a large banner or even small signs and stand on an overpass. The people are waking up. We have so much fun because even the police wave and honk at us! Get out and do it. It's worth all the time and effort, and it is so effective. Imagine all the non-honkers on the freeway hearing other travelers honk at the 9-11 Truth message. It's like being in the audience and hearing the applause all around you. It has an effect on you and your perception of the message on stage.

With you in the struggle,

Great, great stuff.

Makes me feel young again. . .

You've made my day, thank you

This brought tears to my eyes. You gotta watch this vid!

Bright and shining Truth.

Those among us, this 911 Truth Movement, what bright, lively spirits!

Thank-you, WACSF! Love and Peace to you all!

Einstein said....

ALBERT EINSTEIN said: "Great spirits will always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Well, we did, and we are moving beyond that.. Realization is on the horizon for America.

and if we did this over a motorway in France. Please contact ...

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
really great to hear the honking music and would like to find other courageaous people like you, here in France, willing to do the same thing beside the motor way A1 near Saint-Denis north outskirt of Paris or over the motorway A15 near Herblay north west outskirts of Paris.

Anyone interested please contact me at mouv4x8@club-internet.fr