Sudden profusion of Anti-Truth Blogs, websites, et, a cause for alarm? Action?

Is my burdgeoning paranoia gotten to the point where I see a sudden effusion of anti-9/11 Truth blogs, websites, etc...?    Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?  And they span from the ridiculous the even more ridiculous.  

Many of them share several most annoying traits, such as the lack of ability on the part of the reader to retort or respond to their claims--they have no "leave a comment" link--or "contact us," link, or if they do, they lead down a blind alley.  Of course, the other trait they all share is their utter disregard for logic, and the facts of the case.  Some lie with great aplomb as if their statements are handed down from God Almighty, (i.e., "Most high rises have concrete inner core or concrete-encased outer columns, or both. The World Trade Center had neither."  Guess it was held up by cardboard and paper clips. From,   

Another especially irriating series of "debunking" videos posted on Youtube include those by RKOwens54.  Here we find a array of "information," (that is lies), often accomplanied by the theme music from the Benny Hill Show, as if the subject matter is the basis for a potential "laugh-riot."   Hilarious! 


A third example is

which is nobly named "Conspiracy Science - The Skeptical Inquiry Consortium."   Whoa!  Impressive.  A consortium, eh?   Well, now.  Just who are the members of this, ahem, consortium?  Well, there's Muertos.  Ah, they got Muertos! (I thought he was dead)  Also, Sky.  Never thought Sky with all his degrees and experience would go to the other side!  Eric, (nice name) Ed, (there's an "Ed" in every consortium) and two folks with real names, Dave Sorensen, and Edward L. Winston, not to be confused with Edward M. Winston.  (Like I know who the hell either one is.) 

But that's not all!   There's the Disinformation Writer's Guild!   Uber-impressive, no?  (Wonder if they have a Hall of Fame yet).   Bizarre, eh, that they actually identify themselves as "disinformation writers."  Are they being clever?  Stupid?  My money's on the latter.   This distinguished group includes Dave Sorensen, Edward L., Muertos (where DOES he get the time?) Sky, plus, Matt, and, no joke, "advancedatheist."  I think he's from another planet. . .

Of course, none of the writers/contributors are given and credentials.   Which makes sense since what they write is not fit for the men's room at the Funhouse at Coney Island.

Seriously,  I believe that this profusion of anti-truth posts demands immediate and pointed attacks, in no uncertain terms, at least where it is possible to respond.  There are many frightened minds out there who will gobble this cr*p up and swallow it whole.

What do you think???

Thank you.



the truth is enough

I say ignore it. Anyone setting out to be a 'real' 911 Truth debunker will eventually convince himself / herself in the process that the 911 attacks have not be explained. The other paid for outfits will make themselves obvious.

But spending time confronting it is a waste of time and probably what Cas Sustein would like you to do, IMO

I welcome it

The more people get duped and misled, and subsequently fed crow the more backlash there will be in the end. Yes, the Truth is stronger than lies. A web of lies is tangled and limited. The web of Truth is perfect and infinite.

Truth is like the Sun.

Elvis wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is given credit for this gem, "Truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."
One doesn't need to have a university degree to recognize BS. In the end, the truth will win. In the meantime prepare to be incredibly frustrated by disinfo, misinfo and just plain ignorance.

Leading upto 11/09/2010 all will be done against 911truthmouvem.

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
leading up to the tenth year after 9/11 we will see an explosion of these anti-911 truth sites. These sites howerver will help us to go forward as are 911 arguments are going to be put to the test and we will have to work harder to find the good replies and be heard.

The reaction to 911 truth is the proof that the 911 truth mouvement has made a lot of progress since 2001. There is going to be a massive propaganda programme for the official conspiracy theory inorder to cover up and hide the truth mouvement from the public. Up to us to make sure that it is the truth which wins !

Yours John

I hadn't noticed ...

but then again, I don't look for them and I wouldn't waste my time looking at them. If they are popping up like mushrooms after a summer storm, maybe that's a sign that the criminal cohort behind 9/11 is beginning to worry about the impact the truth movement is having and are attempting to counter the spread of 9/11 truth. The problem for them is that any amount of countering 9/11 truth simply draws attention to the whole subject and will inevitably accelerate the spread of 9/11 truth, rather than slow or stall it.