Harritt a Hit in Sydney - Standing Room Only

Story by John Bursill

On Saturday the 17th of July Prof. Niels Harritt of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark gave a lecture to a capacity crowd of concerned citizens called " Did Explosives Bring Down the Towers on 9/11". This Sydney audience was generated purely from fliers handed out by diligent activists and one radio interview.

Although a handful of independent journalists did attend and a small press conference was held, not one Australian main stream media outlet was represented. It is now more clear than ever that a culture of silence surrounds the science of 9/11, which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the Twin Towers and Building 7 where brought down using explosives and incendiary devices.

The Australian 9/11 Truth Movement would like to thank all that made this event possible and their generous donations which for the first time actually covered the costs! A special thanks must also go to the Sydney WeAreChange Chapter who acted as the arms and legs to get this show on the road!

Besides being a man of great knowledge, Niels Harritt is an absolute gem of a person that works hard for the 9/11 cause. Dr Harritt has given in excess of 100 lectures to the public both in Denmark and abroad. He is a modern day scientific hero in a world of intellectual cowards and self serving academics.

International relationships within the 9/11 Truth Movement continue to build by these events, strengthening all our resolves to pursue truth and justice for the victims of the 9/11 Attacks.

Great Job Sydney WeAreChange

and John Bursill.

Thanks John!

Thanks John!


I love seeing these actions.

Mrs Harritt was very excited....

...to see this post here today. She is also very driven for our cause and is heavily involved with monthly truth actions.

Niels is to retire from University work this September, so if you are considering putting together an event in your area I would say he will be very interested in attending?

I might point out a few special thank yous that are needed not listed above;

Dr Frank Legge who flew from the other side of the country to help Niels and to lecture to the overflow crowd.
Hereward Fenton for producing the flier art work and filming the event.
Naomi and Kieron for there substantial donation.
Phil Davis for organizing accommodation for Niles and taking care of many aspects of the event like filming and parking etc.
Dr David Leifer, David Andressen and the Red Kitchen.

Together we will win the truth!

Kind regards John

It does my heart good

to see that our truth movement is world wide. I still believe that 9/11 truth is the most important movement on the planet. If we can wake-up enough people we can tell the NWO boys to take a hike. After all we outnumber them a million to one at least. We do have the numbers on our side. I would love to see the United States run by a constitutional republic like it was meant to be. Same goes for the rest of the planet. I would love to see a Gandhi type PEACEFUL REVOLUTION! No more wars, no more poverty, peace on Earth for the first time ever. I think we can do it with God's help and as long as we keep trying. I KNOW WE CAN!!!