Novel Thriller "Nanospuren" (german)

My novel triller "Nanospuren" (read: Nanotraces), heavily inspired by the life of John O'Neill (and Steven Jones), was published on 08-16.
Good critics so far, the first 100 copies are nearly sold. I tell the story of all anomalies on 9/11 within the frame story, like what you could have known if you were watching tv that day- that's quite a lot- and the stories of John O'Neill and Steven Jones as separate storylines.
Especially the O'Neill story gave me all freedom to develope a real sinister plot behind the curtains.
After reading it nobody can say he does not smell a rat- even hidden as "fictional" thriller with changed names and described as "pure fiction".

1 $ each sold copy will be donated to the FealGood Foundation. So the first 100 $ will arrive soon!

Me today in front of my "Topinambur" plants.

PS: If anybody does know someone who can speak english as well as german and can make a translation to english, most likely with editor experience, please let me know. One of my connections can do such, but will not be ready for the 10th anniversary. That on the other hand would be great! The same appeal goes to anyone who is interested in publishing this book in the US or UK. And if you know anybody in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, please consider this book as a gift to spread some truth in an easy and comprehensible way!

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And now burned with thermite

And my local media did a special

on 9/11 yesterday, with my novel and hints for another look at 9/11 embedded!

This will reach about 130.000 people southern Hamburg.

First english review:


Pre-positioned thermite cutter charges responsible for WTC Towers’ collapse.
This book is a fictionalization of an explanation of the WTC Towers’ collapse. While retaining the idea of the falseness of the official government collapse theory, some parts of the book are made up to create a good story and give an artistic mechanism to develop the plot. Flashbacks are another method used to tell the story in a way that captures the reader’s attention.
There are two main characters: Patrick O’Sullivan, an FBI agent and Dr John Miller, a physics professor. The story is related on three levels; one is news flashes from TV newscasts throughout the book, the second is flashbacks concerning the FBI agent and the third level is the puzzle solving scientist, Dr Miller who years later investigates the collapse of the Towers.
Facing opposition from within the FBI and in his new position as Chief of Security of the WTC, O’Sullivan tries to stop the blowing up of the towers, all the while unaware he is being spied on in turn by another arm of the government.
Years later Dr Miller, the physics professor, stumbles across inconsistencies in the official theory and begins his own investigation into the puzzle of 9-11. He too faces opposition from other scientists as well as threats from unknown sources. Disclosure of the truth with its twists and turns occurs quite differently for the two men, thus creating a tense and exciting thriller novel.


Prof. Jones and Prof. Harrit did receive copies, I'm looking forward to hear other responses!

Full E-book released

Any person capable reading german you can direct to this link:

where the full E-Book "Nanospuren" is available for free