Video Proof of the 9/11 Conspiracy, The Kurt Sonnenfeld Story

September 23, 2010 by Alex
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By The Intel Hub
The Avalon Round Table

Kurt Sonnenfeld, currently a political refugee in Buenos Aires Argentina, has stated that he has evidence that proves 9/11 was “An Inside Job.” The release of the many pictures has been assembled by AboveTopSecret – these videos are presented in this article to disseminate this vital information to the general public. Those viewers who are scientific minded and would like to analyze these videos are encouraged to make their discoveries public as well.

Hopefully in the near future, Kurt Sonnenfeld will be able to release all of his footage to the public. This footage is clearly being suppressed due to the high probability that it will implicate rogue elements of our government in one of the largest terror attacks in history.

According to Wikipedia, Kurt Sonnenfeld was a videographer for FEMA prior to 2002 and was one of four FEMA photographers who were given exclusive access to Ground Zero following the September 11 Attacks in New York in 2001. In addition to the

photographs and video he took on behalf of FEMA, he is reputed and claims to have taken additional video footage as well as numerous photographs, some of them since published. He claims that these recorded images will provide evidence about the nature of the Collapse of the World Trade Center when scrutinized by “experts.” As of August, 2010, he is seeking such experts to review his footage.




An excerpt from The Voltaire Network’s Exclusive Interview, that occurred on June 22, 2009 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, speaks volumes about what Kurt saw and mirrors the same questions asked by literally millions of Americans since 9/11.

The 2009 article at The Voltaire Network’s “9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public” is excellent and goes into great detail. A somewhat naive Sonnenfeld later begins to “connect the dots” – the events that follow are detailed in his new book El Perseguido. Until the American People Demand a True Investigation with Subpoena Power, the Truth will continue to remain hidden. Your individual effort to inform others about the extraordinary quantity of factual and contradictory evidence on 9/11 is paramount.

Voltaire Network: What are your suspicions based on?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: There were many things, in hindsight, that were disturbing at Ground Zero. It was odd to me that I was dispatched to go to New York even before the second plane hit the South Tower, while the media was still reporting only that a “small plane” had collided with the North Tower — far too small of a catastrophe at that point to involve FEMA. The Agency was mobilized within minutes, whereas it took ten days for it to deploy to New Orleans to respond to Hurricane Katrina, even with abundant advance warning! It was odd to me that all cameras were so fiercely prohibited within the secured perimeter of Ground Zero, that the entire area was declared a crime scene and yet the “evidence” within that crime scene was so rapidly removed and destroyed. And then it was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks!

We are asked to believe that all four of the “indestructible” black boxes of the two jets that struck the twin towers were never found because they were completely vaporized, yet I have footage of the rubber wheels of the landing gear nearly undamaged, as well as the seats, parts of the fuselage and a jet turbine that were absolutely not vaporized. This being said, I do find it rather odd that such objects could have survived fairly intact the type of destruction that turned most of the Twin Towers into thin dust. And I definitely harbor some doubts about the authenticity of the “jet” turbine, far too small to have come from one of the Boeings!

What happened with Building 7 is incredibly suspicious. I have video that shows how curiously small the rubble pile was, and how the buildings to either side were untouched by Building Seven when it collapsed. It had not been hit by an airplane; it had suffered only minor injuries when the Twin Towers collapsed, and there were only small fires on a couple of floors. There’s no way that building could have imploded the way it did without controlled demolition. Yet the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the 911 Commission.

Continue to Voltaire Network to read the entire article…


On May 8, 2009, Kurt Sonnenfeld presented his book El Perseguido (The Persecuted) at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina. In the book, Sonnenfeld describes the harassment which he alleges was imposed upon him by various U.S. government agencies following his work as a videographer at the World Trade Center site.[4]


Personal background

  • Graduated from the University of Colorado (USA)
  • Studies: International Affairs and Economics, Literature, Philosophy
  • Employment: Director of Broadcast Operations for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s National Emergency Response Team
  • Official videographer, FEMA
  • Contracts with other government military and scientific installations for classified and “sensitive” operations

Controversial Criminal Background

His name has been associated with controversy since 2002 when his first wife died from a gunshot wound to the head. The precise circumstances of her death are unknown, and Kurt Sonnenfeld is currently wanted for her murder by the Colorado police.[5] However, following his wife’s death, he was actually arrested for her murder until the prosecution was convinced by the evidence that she had committed suicide. Significant evidence included powder burns on his wife’s hand, but not his, as well as a suicide note in her hand writing that was later found. The renewed interest by prosecutors in Colorado is premised on putative confessions Sonnenfeld made to two other cellmates while he was in jail awaiting trial.[6]

Sonnenfeld believes that the US government wants the video footage that he still possesses and has sought to discredit him through his first wife’s suicide. The US government sought his extradition from Argentina, but the Argentine court ruled against it. His status is thus a political refugee from the United States living in Argentina.[5]

He currently lives in Buenos Aires with his new wife and two children, and works for Argentine media.

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He's a Helluva Photographer