NIST Cumulus Video - 'White Trails'

I've been making my way through the batch of newly released videos by NIST and I thought these were quite interesting. They show multiple 'ejections' (for lack of a better word) from the WTC North Tower with a white trail of smoke burning behind them. Contrast these ejections with multiple other objects and debris falling from the tower that do not have any smoke trails, suggesting that there is something different about the 'white trail' objects. One hypothesis: We know that smoke from thermitic reactions burns white, and we know (e.g., Harrit, Jones, et al.) that thermite is prevalent in the dust from the collapses. Perhaps that's what you're seeing in this video.

In the second clip ("NY1 6 Raw 10"), pay attention to the first ejection, which falls at :32 into the video. It seems that there is no white smoke at first, but that as it's falling, the smoke starts. Perhaps a delayed thermitic reaction? Then you see more of the same on the right side of the video.

I think

I heard explosions in clip two around the 2:11-2:12 minute mark.

I hear it too..

It seems pretty distinctive although no one one the ground (within audio of the camera anyway) seemed to notice or comment.

As for the falling objects with the trails, what could they be? You think maybe they are cutting the outer connections for supporting joists? Obviously there is no mention of these objects in the NIST report. No one has had the chance to call them on it since this is the first we're seeing of them. What must they think these are since they are obviously aware of them.

hmmmm... just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser..


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There appears to be

multiple light-flashes across the north face, starting high and moving lower (albeit from a sizable distance) between 0:18-0:23 (plus 1:30) also.

For those familiar with the building's design, I am curious what reasons there might be for multiple points of ejecting smoke high above the impact zone without visibly accompanying fire, and why the 'ducts' below the roof seem to continuously bellowing smoke--could those have also been close to the elevator shafts?

Additionally in the 2nd video, while the plane can be seen to have impacted diagonally tilted, would something account for what appears to be 2 widely surrounding lateral levels of burned, non-adjacent floors?

My guess is that those

My guess is that those light-flashes are just tricks of light. The sun reflecting off of falling debris/glass/etc.



However.....(high temp?) flashes can been seen all over the north face (high up and way down) on many other videos and appear to resemble those of a high temperature cutting device (not high force explosives) - also seen in other building demolitions and WTC7.