Kevin Bracken demands right of reply. He is not backing down.


Australian PM calls unionist ’stupid and wrong’ over 9-11 views, unionist demands right of reply

ABC Melbourne | October 21, 2010

Kevin Bracken, the senior Victorian unionist who claims that the 2001 World Trade Center collapse was not caused by terrorists, called ABC Melbourne radio morning show host Jon Faine again today to demand a right of reply.

Kevin Bracken made it clear that this time he was calling as a private individual, not as President of the Trades Hall Council and Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia.

Yesterday Kevin Bracken called Jon Faine’s Mornings program claiming the official story of the 9-11 attacks ‘doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny’.

His comments attracted worldwide attention and earned rebuke from Prime Minister Julia Gillard (photo) and the Secretary of the Trades Hall Council.

Today he attacked Jon Faine himself for dismissing his claims out-of-hand.

“Unfortunately cowards like yourself have set the political agenda in this country for too long,” said Kevin Bracken

He called Jon Faine a bully and challenged him to a debate on the issue.

Jon Faine refused the debate.

Kevin Bracken’s initial call was in response to the Parliamentary debate on the Afghanistan war.

“What we should be doing is calling for a proper investigation into the events of September 11,” says Kevin Bracken.

“I believe that the official story is a conspiracy theory, that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny,” he says.

His comments were brought up in Federal Parliament during Question Time where the Prime Minister called them ’stupid and wrong’

Smile -We're watching

Ms. Gilliard's smile will doubtless fade as she confronts the Truth. Perhaps she'll grow a spine and confront this matter as a world leader.

I doubt it.

I think she knows that even down under, the globalists will destroy her if she goes too far.