Applying for help from Bill Gates Foundation and other foundations

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Subject: Please support a New Investigation of 9/11/2001, (501c3 nonprofit)

This is a proposal for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support a New Investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.

Bill has a scientific mind, and surely must see some suspicious things about what happened on that day.
* WTC Building 7 came down at free fall speed, as if by pre-planted explosives.
* WTC Buildings 1 and 2 also came down suspiciously fast, after have stood for nearly an hour.
* Scientists have identified military grade nano-thermite in the WTC dust (
* The Pentagon refuses to release photos of the jet, despite over 100 cameras
* The hole where the jet supposedly went in, is suspiciously small, with no wing marks.
* Eye witness testimonies vary as to the approach of the plane, its size, and type
* Senator Max Cleland, said the 9/11 Commission was a "cover up" and quit it.
* Flight 11 from Boston turned Northwest towards Griffiss AFB then sharply south
* Flight 11 turned off its transponder identifier, and "almost collided with Flight 175
* The Bush Administration used 9/11 as a pretext for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
* America has used "false flag ops" to start wars before, such as the Gulf of Tonkin in VietNam.
* Bush and Cheney refused to testify under oath, nor in public, to the Commission.
* Over 1370 Architects and Engineers say the WTCs fell as if by explosives. (
* Hundreds of high level politicians, intelligence and military personnel, and professors as for a New Investigation. (

For the Challenger Disaster, we had NASA scientists and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Richard Feymean for the investigation within weeks. The Bush Administration stone walled an investigation for over 400 days. Finally he appointed some politicians on the Commission, without a single PhD. We deserve a New Investigation that has scientists on the Commission.

Here are some questions and answers from your Foundation Grantmaking Priorities page.

What affects the most people?
9/11 has affected nearly the whole population of the United States, and the world, through the change in our foreign and military policies.

What has been neglected?
We have not had a real, scientific investigation of 9/11, and a lot has been covered up, such as the Pentagon's parking lot photos, supposedly of a jet.

Where can we make the greatest change?
The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has the most scientific approach, and needs funding to advertise the need for an investigation, such as - to build awaress of WTC 7, which collapsed in 10 seconds, even though it was not hit by a plane.

How can we harness innovative solutions and technologies?
The internet, and television are great ways to get the word out.

How can we work in partnership with experts, governments, and businesses?
There are over 1370 Architects and Engineers on and You can read the latest developments on

Next, we look for projects that:

Produce measurable results
A real investigation may help to expose 9/11 as a false flag operation that was designed to get the American public's support for 2 wars.

Use preventive approaches
Truth will prevent war. War is a business, and people need to learn that many companies profit from it.

Promise significant and long-lasting change
World peace, and an end to wars for profit.

Leverage support from other sources
There are many organizations that strive for a new investigation, such as , and other professions.

Accelerate work the foundation already supports
The Foundation supports peace and truth. Nothing will help more than a New Investigation of 9/11.

The Gates Foundation can build upon the work that has been done by thousands of Americans who want the truth. The 9/11 Truth Movement is growing rapidly. Any donation to the above organizations will help, especially which is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. If America has to go to war, it must at least be based on truth, not lies. We need to know what really happened.

The Internet has made it possible for the truth to come out. Thank you for Microsoft Corporation's contributions to enabling Americans to communicate and exchange ideas freely, so the truth will come out.

Gates? I'd sooner ask for help from the devil in hell himself.

Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates

A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (Blackwater's Black Ops, 9/15/2010) revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State "security services," that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.

Many military and former CIA officers work for Blackwater or related companies created to divert attention from their bad reputation and make more profit selling their nefarious services-ranging from information and intelligence to infiltration, political lobbying and paramilitary training - for other governments, banks and multinational corporations. According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center. These officers and directors share Blackwater.

One of them, Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directors of the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 as director of Total Intelligence, entering into the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.


No wonder that a company engaged in the "science of death" as Monsanto, which has been dedicated from the outset to produce toxic poisons spilling from Agent Orange to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides, hormones and genetically modified seeds, is associated with another company of thugs.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of this article in The Nation, the Via Campesina reported the purchase of 500,000 shares of Monsanto, for more than $23 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with this action completed the outing of the mask of "philanthropy." Another association that is not surprising.

It is a marriage between the two most brutal monopolies in the history of industrialism: Bill Gates controls more than 90 percent of the market share of proprietary computing and Monsanto about 90 percent of the global transgenic seed market and most global commercial seed. There does not exist in any other industrial sector monopolies so vast, whose very existence is a negation of the vaunted principle of "market competition" of capitalism. Both Gates and Monsanto are very aggressive in defending their ill-gotten monopolies.

Although Bill Gates might try to say that the Foundation is not linked to his business, all it proves is the opposite: most of their donations end up favoring the commercial investments of the tycoon, not really "donating" anything, but instead of paying taxes to the state coffers, he invests his profits in where it is favorable to him economically, including propaganda from their supposed good intentions. On the contrary, their "donations" finance projects as destructive as geoengineering or replacement of natural community medicines for high-tech patented medicines in the poorest areas of the world. What a coincidence, former Secretary of Health Julio Frenk and Ernesto Zedillo are advisers of the Foundation.

Like Monsanto, Gates is also engaged in trying to destroy rural farming worldwide, mainly through the "Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa" (AGRA). It works as a Trojan horse to deprive poor African farmers of their traditional seeds, replacing them with the seeds of their companies first, finally by genetically modified (GM). To this end, the Foundation hired Robert Horsch in 2006, the director of Monsanto. Now Gates, airing major profits, went straight to the source.