Media Roots Radio- Breaking Apart the Official 9/11 Coincidence Theory

Media Roots Radio- Breaking Apart the Official 9/11 Coincidence Theory by Media Roots


This is a special 2 hour 20 minute episode of Media Roots Radio about the events of 9/11. In this edition, Abby and Robbie Martin introduce how their political awakenings were prompted by 9/11, and break apart the official government and corporate media narrative of the 9/11 attacks by discussing the foreknowledge, government complicity, and gross inconsistencies regarding every aspect of the events.

The show then delves into the aftermath: the psychological manipulation of the American psyche and the significance that this event continues to have in our nation and world. Please stay tuned in the coming week for Part 2 of our 9/11 discussion which dovetails into the Anthrax Attacks.

The above timeline is interactive. Go to the soundcloud link and scroll through the player to find out more about the show's music and to resources mentioned during the broadcast. To see a larger version of the timeline with clickable resources go to the soundcloud link below the player. If you would like to directly download the podcast click the down arrow icon on the right of the soundcloud display.

This radio show airs on shortwave radio Sundays at 6pm central time, following the Alex Jones show. The frequency is 9.350 MHz.

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Listened to first 20 min. so far...

and it was really good. I enjoyed hearing your stories about going from a jingoistic background to waking up. I grew up with a very different background, and I had honestly thought that Americans had gotten over their warmongering habits during the Woodstock generation.

Robbie's story about New York in 2003 was eye-opening too. Is the city still like that?


Thanks for listening, be sure to go to the actual soundcloud page to check out all the links to the resources we mention and also the music we play. We also issue a few corrections from the podcast there.


....However I think you should alter the opening bit. Ie shorten it.

No offense intended, but clarity always works best.

Otherwise, great show.

Good stuff.

Very good flow to the conversation and topics. Intelligently entertaining. I really like the intro music, but yes, it could be shorter so we get to your show sooner.


I agree about shortening the intro, but we ultimately decided to leave it in to provide proper context for people about how we both woke up to the truth, so we just put the mark to fast forward to if people wanted to skip it. :)

Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback!

I appreciated how thorough it

I appreciated how thorough it was. Another thing that was nice, is that I could have it playing loud, and multi-task around the house, and it was long enough, that it playing in full, without having to run over and click onto "part II" etc.

It was great.

I appreciated also, hearing , Abby, your personal evolution of awareness of the subject, and the pain, awkwardness about speaking out. I was too afraid, after buying "A New Pearl Harbor" Sure, I told those closest to me, accepted the violent outbursts in conversation from it, but was hesitant to speak up to many others, but then, I just decided, oh well. The irony of them thinking we are warbled in our reality. It would be laughable if it weren't so devastating in its consequence in their absurd compliance with the official version, these "friends" and relatives. They literally have abandoned their own objectivity for the protection of their ego (can't be called a...gasp...conspiracy theorist) and isolating it from that risk of having to accept a new reality. I think mostly of my brothers, and a few friends that can't go for it, reality, that is, you know, the real one.

I must say that I do feel a despair with so many around me in denial, it is truly frustratingly painful, painfully frustrating, and painful and frustrating. I appreciate you all around here too, because you understand my venting.


Sorry to be hypercritical…Just feel the intro could be shortened slightly. Perhaps even choose a different tune – less melancholy? Hey, I love Philip Glass too.

You have a very nice, natural voice, and I look forward to future episodes. Your bro too. His comments about 911 being “like a Michael Bay production” are right on.

I had a similar experience with GNN. The founder is a friend. GNN’s Aftermath was one of the first alternative news attacks on the official story, though it’s now a little dated. Paris still rocks.

Interesting to hear your own personal story. Like the JFK hit, everyone remembers where they were on 911. Far more important is the paradigm shift people undergo when they examine the evidence.

Good luck Abby. I think you're doing great work.

"Muslim's Didn't Do It" vs "Inside Job"

Try substituting the phrase "Muslim's didn't do it" in place of, "9/11 was an inside job".

1. It places the burden of proof on those who assert that Muslim's were responsible for 9/11.

2. It forces gatekeepers to search for credible evidence pointing to Muslim culpability (there isn't any).

Also: Please revisit your assertion that letting the attacks happen on purpose (LIHOP) is no different than the government making the attacks happen on purpose (MIHOP).

The difference between setting up Muslim's as patsies to take the blame for 9/11 and Muslim's acting as perpetrators assisted by a US government stand down, is the difference between a war crime committed against US citizens and a sting operation aimed at foreign enemies. If religious war is the unofficial cover story, identifying the fundamental difference between these two narratives is crucial.

MIHOP = Muslims did not attack the US on 9/11.

LIHOP = Muslim's did attack the US on 9/11.

Which leads to the question: Are the 9/11 wars and the LIHOP myth inseparable?

9/11 Truth For Peace.

Great Job Abby!

Thanks for your hard work over all these years!!