NFL Great to Match Your BuildingWhat? Donations Through December 31

The BuildingWhat? campaign is pleased to announce beginning today, December 29, through December 31, NFL great Mark Stepnoski will match, up to $10,000, all donations made to the next TV ad campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters across the globe, the BuildingWhat? campaign has raised almost $30,000 since the launch of the new fundraising drive on December 5. We are thrilled and grateful that two-time Superbowl champion Mark Stepnoski has so generously stepped forward to spur us toward the $50,000-milestone. Between now and the end of the year, Mark will match every dollar you donate; and just a reminder, every dollar you do give in 2010 will be fully tax-deductible when you file your taxes in the coming months!

To kick off the mini-fundraising drive, Mark will be appearing on the Alex Jones Show at 2pm Eastern on Wednesday, December 29. Please tune in to hear Mark talk about why he is supporting the campaign for a new Building 7 investigation. He will be joined by engineer and AE911Truth member Tony Szamboti, who recently appeared on Geraldo At Large and has been spearheading the effort in New York City to bring about a new investigation.

For more information on the next round of TV spots, click here. To donate, simply click below:

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We wish you the best in the New Year and thank you in advance for helping make 2011 what promises to be a breakthrough year!


The BuildingWhat? Team



Thank you Mark Stepnoski!

I am not a football fan, but Mark Stepnoski has earned my admiration for his intelligent and outspoken activism through the years.

Thanks Mark! Thanks to all involved.

YAY, and double that YAY.

Hats off to Mark. YAY


The number of architects and engineers just bypassed the 1400 mark. YAY again. (1402)

It is sad

but true...An outpouring of support for a new investigation from professional athletes and celebrities is what is might take to wake up the masses. Ten pro football players speaking out for truth would probably do more for the movement that 100 scientists, firefighters, or building professionals.

We would be pleased

if a child won a state fair with their 9/11 science project, we'll take anything we can GET! LOL

Now (unlike in the early days) there's actual HOPE of getting history to take another look at this thing, with open eyes in the rear view mirror of near 20/20 historical hindsight, it's so frigg'n bloody obvious (said with a British or an Auzzie accent, even though I'm just a regular Canadian, eh?)

That is a BIG STORY in itself.


Let's see how far this goes.


This is great news. If we get enough big names calling for a new investigation we are bound to get one. I sure will listen to Mark on the AJ Show. I would love to get his take on it.

Getting the AVG Male Sports fan

to pay attention to the depths of 911 & skip rooting for his favorite team, is a Biggie.

Great to hear Stepnoski is doing his part.. I wonder how many ex teammates are on his side?

NFL's Mark Stepnoski & Tony Szamboti: Buildingwhat? Round 2 -

NFL's Mark Stepnoski & Tony Szamboti: Buildingwhat? Round 2 - Alex Jones Tv 3 Parts

Part 1

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Role Model....

Mark Stepnoski is a role model for our kids.... he walks the walk of good citizenship. This is great news. I just kicked in another $200.

"Each floor was a football field in size," Tony explains in a very fitting way alongside this NFL great. There is no way that a single column failure could cause the symmetrical destruction of a skyscraper across its entire face.... at any speed. Let alone free-fall. Obvious demolition.

AJ even said that he, Alex, would be making a donation. He needs to!

So cool!

Thanks for taking the ball and running with it !!

A well-informed and eloquent spokesman

For 9/11 Truth. I was totally impressed.

I believe Pat Tillman would have been with us in this.

Especially with what he saw really happening in Afghanistan.

Good effort.

I wonder if Mark knows about the real circumstances behind Pat?. That may inspire him to raise even more questions with his fellow team-mates.

Thanks Mark !

Your a damn good American !

I was just wondering.

I was just wondering if they will show and talk about what Mark said on sports talk radio and TV? I guess there is no chance of that happening unless you call in. Might not be a bad idea.

Problem donating from Finland...

... and perhaps from other non-US countries as well:

When I tried to donate to the BuildingWhat? campaign, I got the following error notification:

"Transaction Denied: The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder. * = Required Field "

I suspect the problem lies with the required field "State" in the credit card details page.

One can only enter two characters in that field, and I have no idea what characters to enter - or even if non-US state abbreviations are valid. One cannot leave the field empty, either.

So, one can select Finland as a "Country", but is one somehow still expected to use US state abbreviations (such as "CA"?) in the "State" field? If so, that is a bug!

I wish you all a happy 2011, and a successful new year for the 9/11 truth movement!

No problems with Spain

I had no problem at all. To avoid the problem I suggest to use Paypal.

I don't understand...

I don't understand why someone loaded like Charlie Sheen or Jesse Ventura haven't thrown a couple million dollars towards the buildingwhat campaign!

About those two; Mark Stepnoski's

association with building what is good PR for the 9/11 truth movement
he seems like someone who wont be tripped up easily by debunkers for relying on poor research, and he seems like someone who wont be slandered easily for his personal life, which could taint the movement
If JV and CS do give that's great and if they endorse publicly that's good but even greater is the amazing PR we have from mark stepnoski - thankyou sir, you're a diamond
I hope for MSM media mutineers to get mark on their shows to publicise this (i'm sorry i cannot spell that word with a 'z'; try as i do to reach out across the atlantic to you guys! it just seems wrong to me!)

This is great news! Building What is such a critical step! BUT

To bad he is going on Alex Jones's show. Hopefully Alex doesn't succeed in scaring this guy off with his ridiculous ranting and interrupting. Jones often serves to limit even what the celebrities who are going on his show have to say because he constantly cuts them off and inserts radical claims which its sometimes impossible for the guest to deal with. He tries to pressure guests to agree with his speculative opinions when the guests are already making a sacrifice to their credibility by coming on his show. I just wish Alex would let more guests, especially the celebrities who come on, say what they are comfortable saying and then suggest other areas for them to look into. I believe AJ is a reason why we don't have Joe Rogan going and speaking out for us anymore for instance.

It worked out good

in the AJ interview- AJ behaved himself on this occasion
mark and tony were excellent and as tony said, mark is articulate
i especially liked the phrase mark used drawing the comparison between the government's explanation of building 7 and the government's explanation of the JFK assassination - ie to swallow the official account of JFK's death you have to believe the magic bullet theory and to swallow the official account of 9/11 you have to believe the 'magic building theory' - concise, powerful expression

Go easy

Go easy on AJ. I remember the first time I ever heard him I was turned off because he comes on so strong. After listening to him for a few more times he won me over. His heart is in the right place and he puts it all on the line every day. A true patriot.

I Wonder What the Total Take Was???

The counter has been at $27,316 the entire time.
I imagine they exceeded the $10,000 goal for the matching gift.


I knew we were going to get it up to AT LEAST 50 K. This is better!