Guns and Butter - "Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan.

Guns and Butter, for January 12, 2011 - 1:00pm

Guns and Butter - "Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan.

"Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan.
WTC tenants, both companies and employees; security and design firms and their board members involved in redesigning and implementing the new security system after the 1993 basement bombing; companies and individuals involved in the clean-up of ground zero. Who had the means, access, motivation and who profited.

Guns and Butter -

Encyclopedic !!!

This presentation makes an absolute mockery of the "coincidence theory" of 9-11 !!

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Amazing interview

I'm reminded of the title of Peter Linebaugh's epic book on the Slave Trade, "The Many-Headed Hydra". Thanks Kevin.

AMAZING TOO is the fact that...

this was broadcast on KPFA Public Radio.

I'd like to know what size audience had their minds blown with this information.


Yea KPFA is huge here in the bay

I overall love Bonnie Faukner, BUT, she continues to bring on Tarpley and a few other people who love to pontificate dis-info or mis-info. Still always surreal to flip on FM radio and hear this and many of the other guests she has had speaking about open 9/11 Truth. She does mix in some ugly "theorist" types who speculate to an offensive degree though which frustrates me frequently. Check out her website for free streaming archives and to see who she likes to bring on.

Speaking of KPFA ...

In recent weeks the "Morning Show" at KPFA has changed its format, and, instead of the old hosts, Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff of Project Censored now have an hour of air time every Thursday morning at 8 am (Pacific). I've been hoping they would find some time to talk about 9/11, but, although the topics they have treated have been important and interesting, they haven't said a word about 9/11.

If you want to write to them, you can find their email addresses at . KPFA, except for "Guns And Butter" is pretty much "9/11 truth free", unfortunately, and it would be even more unfortunate to not take this chance to open it up a bit.


Kevin Ryan did by himself what thousands of investigative journalists should have done many years ago!
There should be a well funded and distributed documentary/inquiry about all of this info. This blows my mind! It all makes sense and answers many questions even if, yes, at this point it's still speculation, but we're close to have certainties, and those are the leads a new independant inquiry should first investigate.

I can't believe no intelligent journalist will follow up on those leads.

You have all my respect Mr Ryan!

We should send this to journalists, filmmakers, and anybody who is honest enough to look into this with no preconceived ideas.


This research is so thorough. It reminds me of Russ Baker's book on the Bush Family. Just so detailed and well sourced. We should contact Russ about this new information and findings. He reads his email here:

It also reminds me of the artsy yet complex movie about 9/11 titled "Who Killed John O'Neill?"

Great stuff Kevin. Thanks Bonnie for doing this. We need to get this information into more hands. Peace.

If the material is sent to a large enough body...

... of journalists, some will probably follow up on it. Haven't listened to it myself yet, but when you guys contact Russ Baker and others, please let us know how it went.

Here's another one to try...

The Investigative Team at Raw

Mouse over the "Contact Us" tab at for more details.

Investigative Journalism all but dead.

Except for "citizen" journalists. You know it. I know it.

Russ Baker is one of the last hold outs.

He was kind enough to give me a blurb for my first doc, Psywar. In exchange he sent me a copy of his book on the Bush Crime family, which I haven't had time to read yet.

If there's anyone who can and should take on this colossus it is Russ. However, I'm reminded of the PI Dylan Avery hired in response to the timely death of Barry Jennings. He gave Dylan his money back and said, in essence, "I'm not going there". I'm also reminded of the hearsay testimony of Amy Goodman w/respect B.7 -- "I want to live", she supposedly said.

Russ actually did an interview with Bonnie on Guns and Butter a few months back, and discussed his experience on 911. He witnessed B7 fall, and openly expressed his astonishment, as well as his skepticism of the official story. Keep in mind this is someone who served as a journalist for many mainstream "noose" papers.

I'll email Russ and I encourage others to do the same. But we have to keep in mind that this is not a children's story. This is the kind of stuff that can get you Wellstoned. This isn't a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact. Which makes it all the more remarkable that Kevin Ryan has dared to name names. Ryan is a hero.

Russ Baker: Investigate 9/11, just not too deeply

Russ Baker has a bunch of DVDs on 9/11

Joe has spoken to Russ on several occasions and given him a nice big selection (about 20-25) DVDs.
A young lady (journalism major) who is in our 9/11 group also has assisted Russ Baker as part of her internship.


I am reading Russ Baker's book and each page is so dense in information, it's a totally incredible journey to learn so much! This journalist is also an impressive individual, who should be taken as an example by so many others who like to cut corners and come with weak research and too speculative conclusions. The best evidence there is that Baker is right, is the fact that mainstream media has banned him for the first time with this book. It's clear that what he has come up with is bothering a lot of people still in power.

I have listened to Kevin Ryan's interview many times already to get the full picture in my memory and be able to answer all those intelligent people who still refuse to believe it could have been possible to orchestrate 9/11 and keep it secret for so long, and especially those who say it would have been known if workers would have accessed the core of the building and that all these charges would have been seen or detected.

I wonder if journalists like John Pilger or Seymour Hersh would investigate further if there were given all of this info?


If you want to reach out to them, approaching them with that attitude will get you no where. We need to call our journalists and make sure they KNOW that we are not the "alex jones" movement. I KNOW extremist theorists like Jones are a big reason why journalists have become terrified of touching this subject. We need to show them well researched and intelligent folks like Kevin Ryan and Nafeez Ahmed. Most journalists do not understand that the movement was started by victims family members! Call radio shows! It's easy and a great way of breaking down the taboo's surrounding 9/11 truth. We are NOT the jessie ventura or ahmadinejad movement and never have been! Let them know and win them over.

I absolutely agree

My title was not meant to be "here is what you should tell all journalists when you contact them". I know we are talking among us...

I agree with all of what you are saying.

In Quebec, the french media is so closed to anything else than the official version. But I am always surprised at how many citizens are aware of all of what we know. It shows the power of the internet.


Yea big time. I cannot tell you the amazing difference I felt after getting on the street and speaking with hundreds, then seeing literally 90+ percent agree with me or at least be happy that I was there asking about it. The people continue to follow their instincts to the truth. I was really depressed for while when only trying to speak with a few members of my family and close friends. Once I got on the street for the 11th of every month Truth Action campaign ( I started to see what a great effect the truth movement has had on our society as a whole. I saw people progressing in their skepticism and demanding critical analysis. One time on the street, a Mom with her little girl in a baby carridge approached me and YT and a few others (on the fourth of july actually) and exclaimed how happy she was to see us out there. She told us she has felt the same for a long time, but dosen't have the time or opportunity to get out in public like we did. She began hugging us and thanking us so much for how we were doing such an important thing for people like her and especially her little baby. It's unfortunate to hear of the media's willing or unwilling complicity in cover in other countries, but great to hear how citizens around the world are all getting tuned in to the truth regardless of our favorite media outlets.

that's good

I really think the main obstacle for our journalists about looking at the evidence, is this phenomenon they have named in sociology, you know, when some questions or facts threatens the value system of someone, even if this person is intelligent, it creates this violent defensive reaction... I've met so many people like that in here. Graduated from university, even some in history (they were the worse, it was totally impossible to finish a sentence, it was dismissal from the start), you know, people who have the capacity to understand complex knowledge, but who can't seem to be able to doubt what they're told, or what they read. In fact, I have seen so many of those in my life!

People who really can absorb a large quantity of knowledge, but when it comes to articulate their own mind, to form an opinion by themselves, they just can't.

At a new year's family gathering, I was dragged into a discussion about 9/11 and decided to go all the way, and to my total surprise, the only person who was absolutely against me and was viciously mocking me, was a guy with a master degree in History, who is a journalist, and an author!!! Even my godfather who is a russian immigrant who is 88, and has survived WWII in Poland, was even taken prisoner by the nazis and escaped, congratulated me and said he was sure that those facts I was bringing to them were right, and that it didn't surprise him!

Ah it started the year pretty well!

There is a strong trend here in the medias about being careful with "what you read on the internet", as if what is on the news is pure truth. The "conspiracy theory" label is still going strong here. Only one politician in Quebec dared to say he doubted the official version and was mocked by everyone, left, middle and right! And since he is an iranian born left wing politician, and in here, left wing really means left wing, the right accuse him of being antisemite and to have an hidden islamo-communist agenda!!! So we're far from having credible people questioning the official version in the media anytime soon...

Still, a good portion of the population is very well aware of the unanswered question of 9/11.

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demolition access

this recalls a recent story:

re mitre corp consultant above. recall indirah singh's testimony before 04 citizen commission hearings re ptech being with mitre in "basement of faa for two years". wonder if kevin has looked into that, since it seems they were everywhere else with their "interoperability" capacities. realize he can't do it all. seems no recent report of courageous ms. singh.


Once again Kevin shows us what a single individual can do to benefit our Country by exposing a few of the criminal elements most likely behind this tragedy. His research and ability to calmly recite, remembering names, entities and details is quite remarkable.
I have sent this radio show to my local newspaper in the hope that someone will have the courage to follow up in mainstream.


what a great documentary all this info would make. thanks to Kevin Ryan for his amazing research, Bonnie Faulkner for the comprehensive interview, and our own Joe for making sure this wasn't missed! by the way, here's a link to Kevin Ryan's series of articles on all this:

It's time for Professional Criminal Investigators for 911


Kevin is painting with a wide brush, but he is really starting to present a clear picture of the criminals & their corporational alliances