Jim Corr on the Late Late Show (21-1-2011)

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Jim Corr is very articulate and informed

The one thing he missed was the fact that in their 10,000 page bullshit report, NIST did NOT explain the collapse of the Trade Towers. They stopped at collapse initiation because they knew they could not explain the total collapse without explosives being used.

NIST reply to stj911truth
pg 3
NIST carried its analysis to the point where the buildings reached global instability.
NIST did not conduct tests for explosive residue.
pg 4
We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse.
NIST has stated that it did not analyze the collapse of the towers.
NIST’s analysis was carried to the point of collapse initiation.

That is precisely what came to my mind

As the rebuttal to that "studio audiance member"..

There was no science done with respect to the actual collapse of the buildings, only a collapse initiation hypothesis only, the rest assume to be the sole and direct apparent result, of the plane strikes and fires around the level of the plane impacts.

What makes is absurd is the time of destruction relative to, absolute free fall, where free fall in air is just over the 10 seconds and the timed building destruction, about 13 seconds, or a three second difference only. Absent the use of explosives, to make it work they would have to induce the "foot of God" hypothesis or something.. it violates Newton's Three Laws of Motion, and a simple thought experiment is sufficient to make the point clear in a person's mind.

"studio audience member"

Is a plant, I'd bet on it.

Here's how he works:

- "I'm a skeptic" (as in, 'hey, I'm like you')
- "43 volumes from NIST, lays the collapse to rest " (those of us that look know this is false, but the audience doesn't)
- A favorite to halt debate, falsely claim you believe 'the Jews did it'.

Jim did an excellent job other than challenging the NIST claim.


He certainly sounds like a plant. He did a good job, though, don't you think? He doesn't believe a word he is saying, but moves effortlessly from one dismissal to another. Very smoooooooooth. It gives me confidence every time I hear these phony rebuttals cuz it reminds me how good of a job we are doing by sticking to the facts. And he had absolutely no rebuttal to the "1,100" architects and engineers" (which is actually 1,421 as of today). And I'm delighted to see some balls coming from Jim in demanding an apology for the anti-semitic slam.

Score that one a loss of 1,411 yards for the plant. It's second down and 1,421, dude.

Helluva Good Job Jim Corr!



Your Lord Christopher MOckton has something to say at the 11:00 minute mark.

yes, to paraphrase:

" I am ignorant, naive, and for sale to the highest bidder."

I cant despise the

laughing sheeple laughing in their sleep as i was once one so it would be hypocritical
this is a great step forward and as so many of the people on the 9/11 commission say a new investigation is needed, thats a good perspective from jim corr

Well done

Corr is an articulate guy and he's done a good job. As others have mentioned, he could have dispensed with the NIST-lover better, but on the whole he did very well. Lord Whats-it is right out of a Monty Python skit and would have impressed no rationale person.


Lord montague whittington smythe farquar is playing devils advocate so as to draw people in to debate and think

'things are-n't always what they seem'

From "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin"/ 1986 ; Jazzy Jazz, Kool Doobie of rap group Whistle


The other guy admits he didn't even read the 10,000 page NIST report, and states that is was sound.... I think we can call that an opinion... I wonder where they find these people... are they for real?

Jim Corr

I just became a Jim Corr fan. Well done.

Evidently Corr Had Intended to Talk About This:

Jim Corr: Top-down engineered financial crash designed to take over Europe

RussiaToday | December 18, 2010

There are fresh demonstrations in Madrid against severe budget cuts as the country tries to reduce its massive debt. Spain has been tipped as the next Eurozone economy at risk of needing a bailout, but some say it could be too big to save. RT talks to Jim Corr, a political activist and musician from the Irish band the Corrs.

just finished watching

south of the border

maybe liberty will infect spain from spanish speaking freed nations of south america

wouldnt be surpised if the US is probably against that

as we question 9/11 we see questions of other aspects of the american empire

A priori, a priori, a priori

I hate it when debunker types do nothing but spout their "beliefs" about what factions within the government are "capable" of doing.

The idea that the national security state of any country is incapable of harming its own citizens is patently absurd and can be demonstrated by looking at history.

The idea that government agencies are incapable of anything as complex as 9/11 is an equally absurd assumption. In fact, only a group of insiders could be capable of 9/11. But beyond that, we must confront these assumptions as ASSUMPTIONS, and nothing more. Also, if the physical evidence contradicts these assumptions of incompetence (e.g. nanothermite), then the assumptions should be discarded first, not the evidence.

go jim!

Can't believe that smug a***hole in the audience dropped the anti-semite crap on him.

Jim did a really good job of staying calm and putting his points across intelligently.

Excellent Job Jim Corr!!

I knew he was with us, but I had not, until now, heard him speak. He is so well-spoken.

Excerpt from the uncut version:

Jim Corr: “Have you looked into the matter?”

Lord Monty: “Of course not, no one paid me to - but I still condemn you”

Jim Corr: "Well Einstein once said “Condemnation before investigation is the highest form of ignorance”

Random studio plant: “Einstein was anti-Semitic.”

strange thing to say

he was invited to be p.m. of israel if memory serves
i think more accurately he was non zionist perhaps as he refused the offer

that guy's either mental or a very cheap plant
or a plant that's deliberately not planting right as he is turning against his masters....

no, probably just a misinformed idiot