In the Houses of Shadow.

Open Letter
To the Office of Mr Cass Sunstein.
White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).
Co Author of 'Conspiracy Theories' with Adrian Vermeule
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With regard your paper "Conspiracy Theories" [University of Chicago Law School Law & Economics Research Paper Series #387],
In which you discuss the Mental Health of citizens seriously investigating alternative 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, [ie:those 'other than' the 911 Commission Report Theory]
as examples of 'Crippled Thinking' or 'Crippled Epistemology'.

Incumbent on you, sir, as co-author of the above; since the matter so important to our mental Health; would be to revisit the central premis of your paper - that the KSM 19-hijacker Commission Theory is the ONLY permissible account - given the TESTIMONY of Former FBI Language Specialist Behrooz Sarshar this January 2011 regarding his CENSORED testimony to the 911 Commission, that FBI fore-knowledge of the attack was well established and understood.

In a public statement issued Monday, January 31, members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee demanded a prompt response from the former Chairman and the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission regarding his [Former FBI Language Specialist Behrooz Sarshar’s] censored testimony to the Commission.

The former commissioners failed to respond to this request.

After which the witness statement and Bona Fides were released care of another FBI Translator's whistle-blowing website. Sibel Edmonds.

which in essence, under oath, Named and Dated and Placed eye witness testimony to the fact that:

1. FBI investigations had clear pre-knowledge of a definite terrorist strike threat using aircraft imminent on targets within America Prior to the 911 attack.
2. That this information was gained through official FBI intelligence gathering, was heard, recorded and placed in FBI evidence/records chain BEFORE the attack.
3. That these facts were, after the attack and by ORDER, to be denied all knowledge of. Whereby FBI officers who had reported warnings of the attacks PRIOR, were given ORDERS that the warnings " NEVER HAPPENED [" it never happened"], and to consider certain comments recorded as having been made, as never existing ["THOSE CONVERSATIONS NEVER TOOK PLACE". ]

My question to you, given the direction of your paper's "Crippled Epistemology" - wherein you demand NO questions of the 'Commission Theory" be ALLOWED, and any that are, made example of as a Mental Health Issue,

my question is : HOW do you argue Mr Sarshar's testimony effects your overall contention that 'alternative-to-commission' 911conspiracy theories are BASELESS?'

While quite clearly they are NOT??

That Mr Sarshar has recorded, under Oath, evidence given TO the Commission; of information running AGAINST the Commission theory, that allow 911 activists to understand evidential records of events actually having HAPPENED [ie: recorded in the system as having taken PLACE], were to be fundamentally altered within the CONSTRUCTS OF REALITY,
to "having 'never happened'."
[It Never Happened]

In terms of the mental health of anyone considering information/evidence streams surrounding 911,
and being urged by your Office to 'trust the 'Official Theory",
this witness testimony powerfully produces evidence of a psychotic [reality altering] FBI Conspiracy within it.

Where does this leave your paper in regard to 911?

In anticipation.

Roger Morris

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