The Evolution of the Fire-based Theory for Building 7 by Kevin Ryan

"Investigate Building 7 ", the Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford, Ct 3/26/11

The Second in A Three-part Presentation "The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation"
Introduction and Commentary by Dr. William Pepper

This presentation will examine the attempts by government-sanctioned investigations to provide a theory for the fire-induced, non-explosive destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. In particular, the presentation will cover the process of investigation conducted by NIST and the final explanation given by NIST for initiation of collapse. NIST's concept of fire-based collapse initiation will be scrutinized in light of the publicly available evidence.

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and very informative.
Thanks, Mr. Ryan


I think Kevin and Tony have shown that NIST's theory is experiencing global collapse. I'd like to see these presentations edited and put into a DVD.

Great idea!!

"I'd like to see these presentations edited and put into a DVD."--911SATYA

One other angle

ideally would be for an expert to hypothetically reconstruct the wiring of demolition charges in Bldg 7 given the observed data
(akin to Gordon Ross' presentation on WTC1/2

Certainly not being one myself, perhaps Mr. Tom Sullivan/explosives loader from AE911Truth could do so?