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"The Fictional Basis of the War on Terror": 9-11 Veritas @ Harvard : Dr. Graeme MacQueen

9-11 Veritas @ Harvard University : "The Fictional Basis of the War on Terror"

Dr. Graeme MacQueen discusses the 9-11 attacks and anthrax mailings in his
presentation "The Fictional Basis of the War On Terror".

Harvard University,
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies
May 22 2010

Brain Pop covers 9/11 : Bin Laden's Death Explained Through a Cartoon: What My 4th Grade Child Watched in Public School Today

Brain Pop is a very popular online educational source in public and private schools.

I encourage you to also get a trial membership and watch the ' Terrorism' video, which they also played after this video at my child's school.

Its duck and cover for the ' War on Terrorism " generation.

Fortunately my child is smart enough to know BS, when she sees it. She said she was just waiting for them to explain Building 7, but they never mentioned it.

She said it best, " Its like a lie that has gotten so big that no one even knows their lying because no one ever talks about the truth..they haven't even heard it ...so its not really lying,... I guess... just not educated....which is pretty sad because they are supposed to be educating me ."


(If some one can down load and convert these videos and post for our collective archives it would be greatly appreciated.)

AE911Truth's Call To Action By Richard Gage, AIA

In this 20 minute heartfelt appeal to action Richard Gage, AIA , founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, lays out the history of AE911Truth, where it hopes to go, and how you can help to get it there.

From: "Investigate Building 7" March 26 2011
Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford Ct


Structural Aspects of Building 7’s Collapse: Why the NIST Report is Non-explanatory by Tony Szamboti

"Investigate Building 7 ", the Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford, Ct 3/26/11

The Third in A Three-part Presentation : "The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation"
Introduction by Dr. William Pepper

This presentation will provide an overview of the construction features, enormity, and strength of World Trade Center Building 7. It will help listeners understand why no building with a steel framed superstructure has ever collapsed through itself for any reason other than controlled demolition, and will provide evidence for why the NIST World Trade Center Building 7 Report is not a satisfactory explanation of the collapse.

(HD: Full Version)

The Evolution of the Fire-based Theory for Building 7 by Kevin Ryan

"Investigate Building 7 ", the Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford, Ct 3/26/11

The Second in A Three-part Presentation "The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation"
Introduction and Commentary by Dr. William Pepper

This presentation will examine the attempts by government-sanctioned investigations to provide a theory for the fire-induced, non-explosive destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. In particular, the presentation will cover the process of investigation conducted by NIST and the final explanation given by NIST for initiation of collapse. NIST's concept of fire-based collapse initiation will be scrutinized in light of the publicly available evidence.

(HD: Full Version)

Failure to Report : A Panel Discussion Among Journalists 3/26/11

Investigate Building 7 : A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time. March 26 2011, University of Hartford, Ct

Failure to Report : A Panel Discussion Among Journalists

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU
Leslie Griffith, Journalist
Craig Unger, Author
Dick Russell, Author

This panel will address the US media's tendency to look away from major stories of all kinds by dismissing them as mere "conspiracy theories." First will be a discussion the press's silence on the strange collapse of Building 7, and the panelists will move on from there to discuss other mysteries or scandals that, although they merit serious investigation, are either laughed off or ignored. Among these forbidden stories are the "OctoberSurprise"of1980, the fate of TWA Fligh t800,the CIA's reported drug dealing in America's innercities, theOklahoma City bombing and the epidemic of widespread election fraud since 2000.

(Full Version, HD)


Full Audio : Investigate Building 7 Conference in West Hartford CT, March 26 2011

Investigate Building 7 conference audio is online here:

Those using the material for broadcast and video production should use the 96kbps versions. For personal iPod listening, the 48k versions are fine.

For those who don't know, radio4all.net is used by community radio producers worldwide to share audio. It has an anarchist philosophy and there is no restriction or censorship except for copyrighted material. Anyone can download and use this material as specified by the Creative Commons license each producer chooses.

A huge thanks to John Schwenk for posting this and for mastering all of the audio feeds at the event.

Foreknowledge of Building 7's Collapse : Dr. Graeme MacQueen

Investigate Building 7 : March 26 2011, West Hartford CT

The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation
First of a a Three-part Presentation Introduced by Dr. William Pepper, International Human Rights Attorney

Foreknowledge of Building 7's Collapse
Dr. Graeme MacQueen

Even though World Trade Center Building 7 is said to have been the first steel-framed building in history to undergo total collapse due to fire, there were many people who knew the building was going to collapse long before it did. In this presentation, the evidence for this peculiar foreknowledge will be summarized and its significance discussed. The argument will be made that it is impossible to explain this foreknowledge on the basis of the collapse hypothesis offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The only hypothesis that explains this foreknowledge is the controlled demolition hypothesis.

(Full Version: HD) (more to come in coming days)

Richard Gage on Talknation Radio : WHUS Uconn Storrs

Richard Gage discusses the mysterious collapse of WTC Building 7 with host John Shwenck on WHUS Talknation in support of "Investigate Building 7 : A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time " at the Univ. of Hartford this Saturday March 26th. ( www.investigatebuilding7.org )


( The support and interest we have been getting from throughout the CT University system has been truly fantastic and overwhelming ...DB)

Gothamist Covers March 26th W. Hartford Event and Building What?

In a stop story, The Gothamist covers the March 26th event in West Hartford Ct., and includes original Building What? Campaign commercial.


Video: Ad Demands Probe Into 9/11 WTC Building 7 Collapse

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth claims that 1,464 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 11,470 other supporters have signed a petition demanding of Congress "a truly independent investigation" into what caused the collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11. And on Saturday, March 26th, there will be a big conference at the University of Hartford to dispute the official conclusion [pdf] that the 47-story tower collapsed due to fire, and raise money to get this commercial on the air:

Investigate Building 7 : March 26th, West Hartford CT

Please join us for what will certainly be an historic event.

For more information, and ticket sales go to: http://www.Investigatebuilding7.org

"9/11: Press For Truth" to be played all week on Link TV

"9/11: Press For Truth" will be played through out the week as part of Link TV's on going pledge drive. Call in a pledge and let them know you appreciate them covering questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11, and maybe suggest some other 9/11 films.


Dec.12th : 2pm, 6pm, 10pm
14th : 12pm, 7pm
15th : 11:30pm
16th : 3pm, 7pm
17th : 7am, 12pm, 11pm

DirecTV Channel 375
Dish Network Channel 9410

"Link TV is a non-commercial American satellite television network providing "diverse perspectives on world and national issues." It is carried nationally on DirecTV and Dish Network. Link TV was launched as a daily, 24-hour non-commercial network in 1999. It receives no money from the satellite providers, but relies instead on contributions from viewers and foundations."


Senator Mike Gravel: How The World Changed After 9/11: New York 9/11/10

(In his concluding remarks, former Senator Mike Gravel suggests a California ballot initiative to create a new 9/11 investigation.)