AE911Truth's Call To Action By Richard Gage, AIA

In this 20 minute heartfelt appeal to action Richard Gage, AIA , founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, lays out the history of AE911Truth, where it hopes to go, and how you can help to get it there.

From: "Investigate Building 7" March 26 2011
Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford Ct

Thank you, Richard!

Richard is showing the way forward. Time to grow-up, fellow beings, and claim the power you've always said to others and yourself that you have. Time to think, speak, and act for what you hold dearest in heart and mind. It doesn't have to be the issue of 9/11, and it could be. The people I call my dearest friends who work on the issues we see at the core for humanity's release from slavery see 9/11 as a leading candidate as the issue to cause critical mass in humanity's victory over our would-be controllers.

If it helps, here's what I have to contribute:

I teach college-level economics and government, that is, I did until I spoke and wrote the "emperor has no clothes" obvious facts that anyone can verify if they have the intellectual integrity and moral courage: US wars are nowhere close to lawful, and US monetary policy creates a national "debt supply" and not money that damns our macroeconomy to ever-increasing aggregate debt that can never be repaid.

I got my ass fired for this. My wife threatened divorce if I attempted to provide analysis on 9/11 because she said that doing so would put our lives at risk. So I stop at providing a critical thinking case study lesson on that topic suitable for a high school classroom lesson. Search this article by Carl Herman: Who are 9/11 Truthers? What is the 9/11 Truth Movement?

I keep going, especially in economics because there are fewer of us capable there and my wife tells me that's where I make the most sense.

I started writing. I now see revolution as our response (a literal turn-around from our DEMAND and mastery of the facts of "leadership" crimes that kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions), and inviting our "leaders'" surrender to avoid the shit-storm they will receive.

I tell them again: I'll help represent their surrender and acceptance of Truth and Reconciliation.

I tell their minions again (generals, senators, yeah: I'm talking to you): better use the brains you've got and act for a "Scrooge conversion" while you have the chance. Be heroes from your unique positions of power. You're so fucked literally at the level of your soul if you continue to embrace evil and reject being with those who love and act for justice under fair law. Your call: choices have consequences that extend far beyond our lives here.

Here's how I frame it in my article, "Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from government by dicts":

Fellow Americans: literally for the love of God, it’s time.

It’s time to recognize the overwhelming evidence of unlawful and lie-based US Wars of Aggression, rigged-casino economics, and a complicit corporate media that echoes propaganda for our lying sacks of spin “leaders” who operate above and in contempt of US law.

It’s time to recognize “leadership” of both parties are the Left and Right arms of one oligarchic political body. The proper academic label for this government, not even close to a constitutional republic, is fascism.

The US government is run by dicts, as in dictatorship; doing whatever they dictate and unlimited by rule of law.

Here are all the explanation, documentation, and proof that any American of intellectual integrity and moral courage require to do what Common Sense demanded in 1776, and common sense demands in 2011:


For a more academic presentation of this “emperor has no clothes” obvious conclusion, read, Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics.

No matter what self-expression you prefer, common or academic: it's time for you to choose between the ideals you've always respected and said you wanted, versus the reality of fascist American political and economic oligarchs with empty rhetoric of those ideals: an Orwellian state managed by literal psychopaths with a veneer of socially acceptable behavior attempting to mask viciously destructive and unlawful policies.

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