Deathers on CNN

Check out this article and see how this is being portrayed. See also the involvement of Alex Jones and ask yourself if this is good for us. Try to think a few moves in advance just like chess, because the forces aligned against us are doing that for sure.


Uhh.....some of us have been saying for a long time that there is evidence of a Saudi-ISI-CIA conspiracy in the 9-11 attacks. Instead of saying it's fake-we just had the 3rd leg of this conspiracy confirmed beyond any doubt. The ISI was protecting Bin Laden. Ask the Russians if the intelligence agencies of the Saudi's -Pakistan(ISI) and CIA working together is a silly conspiracy theory. I don't get it? Why don't you conspiracy theorists expose the real conspiracy?

"Shah was the ISI handling officer of the British-born international terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, convicted for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and part of the terrorist group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen as well as the handling officer for Osama Bin Laden and Mulla Mohammed Omar"

"Sources: Suspected terrorist leader was wired funds through Pakistan

"October 01, 2001

As much as $100,000 was wired in the past year from Pakistan to Mohamed Atta, the suspected leader of the terrorist hijackings, CNN has been told by law enforcement sources."

I think you will find evidence of the Saudi CIA role here....

Lots of warnings but strangely none from the two agencies that would know the most--Saudi and Pakistani Intelligence

"(Reuters) - French secret services produced nine reports between September 2000 and August 2001 looking at the al Qaeda threat to the United States, and knew it planned to hijack an aircraft, Le Monde newspaper reported on Monday."

"The newspaper said it had obtained 328 pages of classified documents that showed foreign agents had infiltrated Osama bin Laden's network and were carefully tracking its moves."

"Le Monde said the French report of January 2001 had been handed over to a CIA operative in Paris but that no mention of it had been made in the official U.S. September 11 Commission, which produced its findings in July 2004."

"Le Monde said the documents showed the French believed bin Laden was still receiving help from family members and senior officials in Saudi Arabia ahead of September 11, 2001"

"A MOROCCAN secret service agent says that for two years he successfully infiltrated al-Qaeda before breaking cover last summer to warn his bosses that the terror group was plotting “something spectacular” in New York."

"Hassan Dabou has told of meetings at which Osama bin Laden vented his fury at al-Qaeda’s failure to demolish the World Trade Centre in 1993 and proclaimed his desire for revenge."

"Mr Dabou was not sure what the target was to be, only that it would be a “large-scale operation in New York in the summer or autumn of 2001”.

"The road to Sept. 11 : The U.S. ignored foreign warnings"

"Jordan and probably Morocco advised U.S. and allied intelligence that Al Qaeda terrorists controlled by Osama bin Laden planned major airborne terrorist operations in the continental United States."

"First, the Jordan case. Since the early 1990s, that kingdom's well-organized and efficient intelligence service, the General Intelligence Division (GID), has carefully tracked the CIA-trained or Pakistan-trained guerrillas — or terrorists, or freedom fighters, or whatever you choose to call them — who survived their victorious 1979-89 war to expel the Soviet invaders from Afghanistan."

"Sometime in the summer of 2001 GID headquarters in Amman, Jordan, made a communications intercept deemed so important that King Abdullah's men relayed its contents to Washington, probably through the CIA station at the U.S. Embassy in Amman."

"To be doubly sure that the message got through, it was passed through an Arab intermediary to an Iranian-born German intelligence agent who was visiting Amman at the time."

"The text stated clearly that a major attack was planned inside the continental United States. It said aircraft would be used. But neither hijacking, nor, apparently, precise timing nor targets were named. The code name of the operation was mentioned: in Arabic, Al Ourush al Kabir, "The Big Wedding."

"When it became clear that the information about the intercept was embarrassing to Bush administration officials and congressmen who at first denied that there had been any such warnings before Sept. 11, senior Jordanian officials backed away from their earlier confirmations"

"As for the Moroccan case, last November a French magazine and a Moroccan newspaper simultaneously reported a story that has since met a wall of silence."

"The reports said that a Moroccan secret agent named Hassan Dabou succeeded in infiltrating Al Qaeda. Several weeks before Sept. 11, the story ran, he informed his chiefs in King Mohammed VI's royal intelligence service that Osama bin Laden's men were preparing "large-scale operations in New York in the summer or autumn of 2001." The warning was said to have been passed on to Washington."

"The first of these cases has been authenticated by this reporter. The second remains to be proved beyond doubt. But the moral of both is that no U.S. administration should ever downgrade or dismiss the help it gets from friendly countries, Arab or otherwise."

"David J. Katz

Principal Officer
U.S. Consulate, Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan

International Affairs industry

September 1999 – June 2002 (2 years 10 months)

"Headed post responsible for U.S. interests in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Also monitored developments and situation in Afghanistan."

"Headed post responsible for U.S. interests in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas."

"Question: What Are Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier and Federally Administered Tribal Areas?"

"Peshawar and the Bin Laden Connection"

"The capital of the province is Peshawar, where lawlessness, violence, drug- and gun-running laced in Sunni fundamentalism prevail. It was in Peshawar that the CIA and Saudi-backed covert war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (1979-1989) was headquartered. It’s through Peshawar that much of Afghanistan’s heroin trade flows."

"It was also in Peshawar that al-Qaeda first organized through the offices of the World Muslim league and the Muslim Brotherhood in the city. Those offices were run by Abdullah Azam, a Jordanian Palestinian who had attended university in Saudi Arabia, with Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden first traveled to Peshawar in 1980, when he began networking with local Mujahideen leaders. He settled there in 1982, bringing with him heavy construction equipment from his father’s Saudi construction firm and helping to build, in 1986, the Khost tunnel complex, a CIA arms depot that the Pentagon in 2001 would bomb heavily in attempts to flush out bin Laden. Saudi donations financed bin Laden’s and Azam’s operations in Peshawar, from where, in the 1990s, terrorist attacks—including the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and the bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998—were planned, according to Pakistani journalist and Daily Telegraph correspondent Ahmed Rashid."

This is David Katz's job...

"Also monitored developments and situation in Afghanistan."

Keep that in mind when reading this article:

"Weeks before the terrorist attacks on 11 September, the United States and the United Nations ignored warnings from a secret Taliban emissary that Osama bin Laden was planning a huge attack on American soil."

"The warnings were delivered by an aide of Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, the Taliban Foreign Minister at the time, who was known to be deeply unhappy with the foreign militants in Afghanistan, including Arabs."

"Mr Muttawakil, now in American custody, believed the Taliban's protection of Mr bin Laden and the other al-Qa'ida militants would lead to nothing less than the destruction of Afghanistan by the US military. He told his aide: "The guests are going to destroy the guesthouse."

"The minister then ordered him to alert the US and the UN about what was going to happen. But in a massive failure of intelligence, the message was disregarded because of what sources describe as "warning fatigue". At the same time, the FBI and the CIA failed to take seriously warnings that Islamic fundamentalist students had enrolled in flight schools across the US."

"Mr Muttawakil's aide, who has stayed on in Kabul and who has to remain anonymous for his security, described in detail to The Independent how he alerted first the Americans and then the United Nations of the coming calamity of 11 September."

"The minister learnt in July last year that Mr bin Laden was planning a "huge attack" on targets inside America, the aide said. The attacks were imminent and would be so deadly the United States would react with destructive rage."

"Mr bin Laden had been in Afghanistan since May 1996, bringing his three wives, 13 children and Arab fighters. Over time he became a close ally of the obscurantist Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar."

"Mr Muttawakil learnt of the coming attacks on America not from other members of the Taliban leadership, but from the leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Tahir Yildash. The organization was one of the fundamentalist groups that had found refuge on Afghan soil, lending fighters for the Taliban's war on the Northern Alliance and benefiting from good relations with al-Qa'ida in its fight against the Uzbek government."

"According to the emissary, Mr Muttawakil emerged from a one-to-one meeting with Mr Yildash looking shocked and troubled. Until then, the Foreign Minister, who had disapproved of the destruction of the Buddhist statues in Bamian earlier in the year, had no inkling from others in the Taliban leadership of what Mr bin Laden was planning."

"At first Muttawakil wouldn't say why he was so upset," said the aide. "Then it all came out. Yildash had revealed that Osama bin Laden was going to launch an attack on the United States. It would take place on American soil and it was imminent. Yildash said Osama hoped to kill thousands of Americans."

"At the time, 19 members of al-Qa'ida were in situ in the US waiting to launch what would be the deadliest foreign attack on the American mainland."

"The emissary went first to the Americans, traveling across the border to meet the consul general, David Katz, in the Pakistani border town of Peshawar, in the third week of July 2001. They met in a safehouse belonging to an old mujahedin leader who has confirmed to The Independent that the meeting took place."

"Another US official was also present ­ possibly from the intelligence services. Mr Katz, who now works at the American embassy in Eritrea, declined to talk about the meeting. But other US sources said the warning was not passed on."

"A diplomatic source said: "We were hearing a lot of that kind of stuff. When people keep saying the sky's going to fall in and it doesn't, a kind of warning fatigue sets in. I actually thought it was all an attempt to rattle us in an attempt to please their funders in the Gulf, to try to get more donations for the cause."

"The Afghan aide did not reveal that the warning was from Mr Muttawakil, a factor that might have led the Americans to down-grade it. "As I recall, I thought he was speaking from his own personal perspective," one source said. "It was interesting that he was from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, but he gave no indication this was a message he was carrying."

"Interviewed by The Independent in Kabul, the Afghan emissary said: "I told Mr Katz they should launch a new Desert Storm ­ like the campaign to drive Iraq out of Kuwait ­ but this time they should call it Mountain Storm and they should drive the foreigners out of Afghanistan. They also had to stop the Pakistanis supporting the Taliban."

"The Taliban emissary said Mr Katz replied that neither action was possible. Nor did Mr Katz pass the warning on to the State Department, according to senior US diplomatic sources."

"When Mr Muttawakil's emissary returned to Kabul, the Foreign Minister told him to see UN officials. He took the warning to the Kabul offices of UNSMA, the political wing of the UN. These officials heard him out, but again did not report the secret Taliban warning to UN headquarters. A UN official familiar with the warnings said: "He appeared to be speaking in total desperation, asking for a Mountain Storm, he wanted a sort of deus ex machina to solve his country's problems. But before 9/11, there was just not much hope that Washington would become that engaged in Afghanistan."

"Officials in the State Department and in UN headquarters in New York said they knew nothing about a Taliban warning. But they said they would now be looking into the matter."

"Mr Muttawakil is now unavailable for comment ­ he handed himself in to the Afghan authorities in the former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan last February. He is reported to be in American custody there, one of the few senior members of the Taliban regime the US has managed to arrest."

"As America steadily broke the Taliban's military machine last autumn, there were no Taliban defections. Apart from Mr Mutawakil's one vain attempt to warn the world, the Taliban remained absolutely loyal to their leader's vision."

The U.S. Government responds to the attacks of 9-11.....

"For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 11, 2001"

"Press Briefing to the Pool By Ari Fleischer
Aboard Air Force One"

Q Does the President now know anything more about who is responsible, the coordinated attack, and whether this is it or --

MR. FLEISCHER: That information is still being gathered and analyzed. And I anticipate that will be an ongoing process for a little while. Often, at a time like this, information comes in, it turns out not to be true. The proper procedure is to carefully, thoroughly evaluate all information and do so in a ?

Q Had there been any warnings that the President knew of?

MR. FLEISCHER: No warnings.

"A diplomatic source said: "We were hearing a lot of that kind of stuff. When people keep saying the sky's going to fall in and it doesn't, a kind of warning fatigue sets in."

"MR. FLEISCHER: No warnings."

A diplomatic source said: "...., a kind of warning fatigue sets in."

How hard was it to get intelligence? Well, John Walker Lindh aka the American Taliban according to his indictment got some without even trying...evidently they were pretty sloppy keeping their mouths shut at the training camps that would be crawling with spooks from several countries......

"In or about June and July 2001, LINDH remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, after having been told early in his stay at the camp that Bin Laden had sent forth some fifty people to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel."

There were no attacks against Israel...... "to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel." ---->19 9-11 hijackers plus Zacarias Moussaoui

"In or about June or July 2001, LINDH met personally with Bin Laden, who thanked him and other trainees for taking part in jihad."

"After learning about the terrorist attacks against the United States on or about September 11, 2001, LINDH remained with his fighting group. LINDH did so despite having been told that Bin Laden had ordered the attacks, that additional terrorist attacks were planned, and that additional al Qaeda personnel were being sent from the training camps to the front lines to protect Bin Laden and defend against an anticipated military response from the United States."

So much for Bin Laden being a nice guy who was framed by the evil USA......yea I know this is all fake ....what can I say I am easily duped.

Check out this guy-watch him squirm and try to imagine a real prosecutor grilling him under oath. Listen to his answers carefully and ask yourself if they make sense......
Keep in mind this is over a year after 3000 Americans were dead due to "f**k ups" at his agency.....

then Check out this asshole.....

Seriously awesome link compilation

Jon's vids at the end are sooo upsetting!


In the linked article, the author says: ""They come up with these ornate explanations, alternate explanations, for how events occur, like JFK's assassination, in order to keep their own psychology in place. 'Nineteen guys could not have brought down the twin towers. It had to be a government conspiracy,' they say to themselves. Otherwise, the world becomes really scary and unpredictable and unstable for them."

This has always been such a weird argument to me... How could we feel the world to be a safer and more stable place knowing that the government is doing all this? How is this making us feel better about the world?

It's got to be one of the lamest argument served against us....

From the article: Some media

From the article:

Some media outlets and bloggers are calling them "deathers."

Yes Vullich.

"Some media outlets and bloggers...."

Do you think 9/11 Blogger is scanned by these folks to know what and how to make fun of us? I do.

I suspect it is few of the people here on Blogger that helped popularize the term "bin Laden Fakery" and "deathers". Congratualtions!

It was here on 9/11 Blogger I heard it first about 4 or 5 days ago, and I have been reviewing all the reports since May 1. Shame.

Language is a powerful tool, careful how you use it.

The blame

...rests with those who keep insisting this whole thing was staged or weakly pose as agnostic, to save face rather than admit error.

To ignore the death of Bin

To ignore the death of Bin Laden is not wise in my opinion.

To profess you know when and how Bin Laden was killed is not wise in my opinion.

To say that Bin Laden was killed before is unwise in my opinion.

However the term "deathers" was not born out of skepticism, it was born out of anger and frustration about skepticism.

Insisting that this has been staged is broad and hard to address, however the fact is that many of the statments released by officials have been taken back and/ or changed. Therefore skepticism is reasonable.

There is a real reasonable way to bring attention to more 9/11 evidence by capitalising on the interest of the death of Bin Laden right now.

I have been amazed at the resistance to that concept.


I think big attention to us speculating the whole raid was a side-show is a huge PR disaster.

AJ doesn't care: he'll just have multiple guests on, who all have mutually exclusive lies to peddle about how, when and where Bin Laden died. You'd have to be really gullible to not understand by now that if three people tell you mutually exclusive stories, at least two of them are feeding you shameless falsehoods. Anyone can figure this out logically. None of those reports had Al Qaeda OR the USG confirming the death of OBL. They do now, both of them, including his wife and daughter who were at the compound. The whole world is now watching an OBL home video and laughing at the TM and the sympathizers in Pakistan who are in denial also.

Again: AJ doesn't care: as long as it alleges conspiracy and makes money. We've seen how his influence on Jesse Ventura panned out, didn't we?

I wish this movement would grow up to grow wise and become experienced enough to never again fall for this conspiracy feeding frenzy. When 9/11 happened, there were people who in the immediate aftermath started speculating whether or not planes hit those buildings. Plenty of 'anomalies' kept them busy for years.

Did we 'capitalize' on that attention?

I would 'capitalize' on this attention by re-examining the web around the ISI, and its intersects with the CIA and the GIP, and ultimately, the Bush administration.

By doing what it did, in the manner it did, the Obama administration essentially admitted the ISI protected Osama Bin Laden.

Most of what you answered

Most of what you answered does not apply to me SnowCrash.

Not one of my comments or posts have been in support or carried any AJ info. (or "deather" info for that matter)*

So in answer to your statement:

I would 'capitalize' on this attention by re-examining the web around the ISI, and its intersects with the CIA and the GIP, and ultimately, the Bush administration.

Thats what I'm talking about.


*edit added

I didn't mean to say

AJ applied to you. That wasn't on my mind when I wrote that. AJ's story about Bin Laden thawed from a freezer is what was on my mind.... and how he then dares to promote other, different versions of Bin Laden dying, with the same fervor, while anybody with a modicum of common sense knows that promoting multiple mutually exclusive stories without observing this invalidates at least all but one of them, destroys your credibility.

AJ is just such a conspiracy whore. It's hard to come up with a charitable explanation for that. I don't want to be inundated with fantastic conspiracy stories, I want the hard, raw truth even if I have to wrest if from the bowels of the earth with my bare hands.

I am with you 100% Im gonna

I am with you 100%

Im gonna try to leave this subject of U.B.L. behind now, unless it need be brought up.

I want the hard, raw truth even if I have to wrest if from the bowels of the earth with my bare hands.

If I can help you out, let me know. In the meantime I'm trying how I know best.

This might sound

a little odd, but... these days it's a welcome occurrence if I'm not being accused of being either a sock puppet or a CIA agent. I thank you for that.

Yes, if we want the truth we're on the same side; so we might conflict over minutiae but we're in general agreement about which path to take at this juncture.

You may be unable to judge my intentions but from where I stand, I'm vaguely able to judge yours; and they seem good.

"They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so long mistaken Authority for Truth."

— Gerald Massey

Awesome link

and quotes.


@snowcrash: They may have killed OBL with this action, but there is no proof for that. No body, no pictures, no video, no published DNA-test. I think it's wise to state that. That does not mean this proof does not exist, but they haven't shown us. Why?

There is

NO evidence for fakery. No pictures, no video, no whistleblowers, no hard evidence.

There is PLENTY of evidence of BIn Laden killed: witness testimony by his wife and daughter and plenty of statements by Al Qaeda and sympathizers. O yeah, and his dead son and associates with their mugs on Reuters. And home videos released. And... and...

You use the adjective 'published' next to 'DNA-test' so you can move the goal posts. But if the DNA-test were published, you'd say it's evidence 'coming from the suspect' and therefore unreliable. Obama has plenty of experience with conspiracy theorists and the birther issue, no amount of evidence released will change minds. This is known as 'belief perseverance'.

What convinces me is that the entire terrorist/fundamentalist Islamic diaspora is admitting Bin Laden was killed, and they're very angry about it. Iran has admitted it too. Pakistan has admitted it. There is no disagreement.

You can ask for proof until the cows come home, but you're likely to keep moving the goal posts as you receive it. I can't do that if I wish to remain rooted in reality and observe the modus operandi prescribed by the journalistic and historical method.


What a PR disaster for us. The radio show hosts have been ripping up 9/11 Truth all week. Equally as bad is that I have heard people call in to try and "correct" hosts by saying, building 7 HAS to be controlled demolition and the host shuts down and shuts them down. Earlier this week I heard Norman Goldman try being very receptive to a woman about here alternative ideas about 9/11. She first brought up CD. He said 'ok but now we are going to have to get into metallurgy and both of us are not experts' which speaks to how limited the scope of 9/11 truth has been framed. The woman replied 'no, there are plenty of facts the prove 9/11 was an inside job that have nothing to do with physics that you don't have to be a scientist to see.' Then Norman says 'ok like what?' And she replies 'the bbc reported that 6 of the hijackers are still alive.' He says I don't believe you. He starts saying that there are people that say that Jews were warned about the attacks and didn't go to work, and the woman Laura starts agreeing with him that that is true and that almost no Jew's died in the attacks etc.! I almost spit out my coffee. The kinda slew of bad info and poorly presented info is why so few are willing to take 9/11 questions seriously. The very next caller tried jumping back into building 7, just trying to INSIST that if he just watches the videos he will see for himself. Saying that there is no way the buildings could come down like that etc. Again Goldman's limited views of 9/11 questions being mainly about CD is solidified and he summarizes his show by saying how these people will never trust anyone on anything. BTW he even gave the first caller I mentioned a promotional thing of flowers from his sponsor where he said, 'even though we disagree, we had an open peaceful discussion about it and I still want to give you something nice.' She actually said to that 'you aren't gonna put anything in those flowers are you?' (feel that in your gut? I did). People have to get their act together and learn how to open minds, not just proclaim building 7 was a cd and have nothing else to offer beyond that.

I believe that the resistance

I believe that the resistance to the official story is rooted in kneejerk skepticism of official govt reports and sources, which given 911, is somewhat understandable. Perhaps what is needed is some red meat and historical context. Here's what I think. There was a conspiracy within the high levels of the bush administration, and various intelligence agencies to keep bin laden hidden in plain sight so that he might be able to function as a proaganda tool in the war on terror in perpetuity. He never officially talked about the pakistani connection to 911, leaving that to investigative journalists, and giving the pakistanis us aid at the same time. Then comes obama. Obama was never part of the plan, the establishment choice was hilary clinton remember? Obama had to vanquish her using a rare breed of political savvy and popular opposition to the war in iraq. Obama, unlike clinton could not be counted on to keep the secrets of the deep state, a reason that israel launched a brutal offensive in the days leading into his inauguration. If you are a careful student of modern history you will see an interesting pattern emerging, obama challenging the deep state and getting in some troible for it. This is why pakistan was not notified, why secrets are spilling out, why we know from the government itself that it tortured under bush, why there was an attemp to put ksm on trial in nyc. The legacy of bush is unfortunately a deep mistrust of us officialdom, which is a skillful move on their part as it neutralizes some of their potential opposition. Bottom line, saying bin laden was killed doesn't mean there are no deep state secrets, I believe we are seeing a relative outsider in obama "breaking some of the rules" of the deep state, if one thing jumps out at you in this post remember this: obama was not supposed to beat hilary clinto, she was the establishment pick. She might have looked the other way, and then we would still all be saying the us knows where bin laden is and is refusing to go after him or speculating about his death in a way that allows him to function as goldstein for as long as possible.