Renegade Pictures and a 9/11 production for BBC3

A message I received on Facebook (and I think I know what your response might be!):


What do you think happened on 9/11?

Was 9/11 the work of Al Qaeda? Or perhaps you think the public aren’t being told the whole story?

Who do you think was responsible for committing one of the biggest atrocities of the 21st Century?

BBC Three and Renegade Pictures are looking for young people to go on a road trip across New York to investigate what happened on that fateful day.

If you subscribe to conspiracy theories, then please contact the team ASAP at

therese dot byrne at renegadepictures dot co dot uk

'Hamburg Cell'

The Renegade Pictures website has Alan Hayling, the editorial director, as being behind 'Hamburg Cell'.

"The film Hamburg Cell is a docudrama on the planning and execution of the [9/11] attacks. A co-production between Channel 4 in the UK and CBC in Canada, it was shown in the UK during September 2004, amid criticism that this was too close to the anniversary of the attack" - Wikipedia

Reviews of 'Hamburg Cell' by Peter Bradshaw for the Guardian, Patrick Kildoyle for the Examiner, and Derek Elley for Variety

'If you subscribe to conspiracy theories....'

The first thing that needs to be challenged, as is so often the case, is their one-sided, distorted use of the term 'conspiracy.'

The very way they've worded the question is a no-win proposition--a kind of psychological aggression. It can't be answered as asked without, in the process, conceding to the pretense of government and major media to twist the basic meaning of words in whatever way suits them best.

No one doubts the 9/11 attacks were the result of a conspiracy. No one disputes that they were acts of terrorism. Of the actual bones of contention, one of the most fundamental is the pervasive, slanted use of the terms 'conspiracy' and 'terrorist.'

This my reply


I received a message on Facebook about your intended production. I am still slightly surprised people continue to use the "conspiracy theory" tag because it shows a complete lack of understanding for the evidence and for us as campaigners. You have to realise the official version is a conspiracy theory!!! There is more than enough evidence to warrant a new investigation but we are fighting willful ignorance.

So I can't help but wonder whether it will be a hit-piece or a programme that won't take the 9/11 truth campaign seriously, even if it will be on BBC3!

Richard Gage, founder of ae911truth will be in London on the 20th June to give a presentation but the venue and time is not yet known.

Before you go any further, may I suggest you watch these three to gain some insight:

Press For Truth (90 min)

In Their Own Words (1hr 55min)

Robert Mcilvaine talks about his son Bobby (38 mins)

Good job.

Good job.