Fox News Reporting: Secrets of 9/11

Airs Friday, May 20 at 10 p.m. ET

Hosted by Bill Hemmer with reports from Catherine Herridge and Eric Shawn.

A decade after the attacks of 9/11, questions remain about who was involved in the terror plot against America.

Only one person in the United States -- Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker -- has been tried and convicted for the murder of over 3,000 Americans. But, as you will see, there were others -- some still living here -- who helped 19 men fly planes into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Fox News reveals new details of a support network, here in America for decades.

In this shocking special, we investigate the associates of the 9/11 terrorists, including American-born cleric Anwar Awlaki, who is now on the CIA's capture or kill list. By digging deep into thousands of government records from the 9/11 Commission, the Congressional Joint Inquiry and the FBI, Fox News fills in some of the blanks about who really helped the hijackers across America.

And, in a Fox News exclusive, why was Anwar Awlaki invited to the Pentagon for lunch after 9/11 when the FBI knew of his relationship with three of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 77?

As we show in this program, there are compelling reasons to continue to investigate the largest attack on American soil and the secrets of 9/11.

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It keeps seeming strange, doesn't it, to see Fox 'following the truth' regarding 9/11?! For whom do they really speak? Are they hedging their bets in case the necessity/momentum for a new investigation becomes unavoidable? In that case, have no doubt control will be wrested; even with hoped for international investigation-the only realistic way to get truth-'moles' should be looked for.

Watching recent tv "coverage"/Canadian/C-Span (interviews with 'authors'/historians' Jonathan Kay and Kathryn Olmstead, I get the feeling that the reported polls(?) showing a drop in the number of Americans questioning official story are designed to discourage others from questioning. I doubt these numbers are real, ( ie, witness Gage talking about increased demand for speaking appearances. And fantastic percentage of listeners responding mostly positively and gratefully to the recent Hartford radio program on 9/11 truth.

These two 'authors' seem similarly unleashed (? ) as Cass Sunstein. So ironic Richard Gage was 'lost' before end of program. They never/rarely deal with the serious science, or show the public the 1500 ae9/11 truth seekers.

"NPR liberals" will/may never believe anything on Fox (indeed wouldn't be caught dead watching), so it's a way to designate the idea of a new investigation as crazy/unintellectual, if they even hear of the program. And, if it's not in the NY Times, then how could it be true? (Most educated, 'liberal' friends of mine know nothing about real vote fraud as perpetrated prob by Rove, (as opposed to the mickey mouse votER fraud NYT usually talks about).

Nor have most heard about Building 7. Reporting it on Fox, whether by 'crazy wrestler 'Jesse or Napolitano, is a way of portraying to the 'real intellectuals in society' -at least those who see themselves that way- that 9 /11 truth is as wacky as so much else on Fox. Did NPR/NYT/ Wash Post followers/anybody else for that matter! ever hear about NSA wiretapping before Bush's re-selection, even though the Times had info for a year beforehand??????

There is so much fear to be labelled 'nuts', lose possible tenure (listen to Mike Ruppert on German show, where same is true even in German academia, ) lose retirement. Those retirees/many others still working? at patriotsquestion 9/, etc, do show immense courage.

Mainstream always lumps the birthers/tea partiers and 'truthers' together. How vile.

Those poll results...

... are nothing new, and they are not comparable (not follow-up polls, totally different questions, etc). They cannot be used the way the host tried to use them - ie, to indicate that support for 9/11 truth is waning.

9/11 Opinion Poll...

Right, they are conflating totally different questions in order to give the false impression that support for 9/11 truth is waning when in reality it is waxing. The best poll for getting the highest percentage would simply ask "Do you support a new 9/11 investigation with full subpoena power?" (or something similar)

We could use a 2011 poll that asks the same question as the 2007 Zogby poll so we might gauge how many people simply want a new investigation regardless of the reason or acceptance of C.D.. I suspect the number is higher than 50 percent now. In fact, I just spoke with Zogby's V.P. yesterday about rates for a National Opinion Poll, which if targeting likely voters and including 10 questions runs between $10,000 and $15,000. I pressed for a better rate, and she indicated that she might be able to get this for $2 or $3 thousand per question and would get back to me. This morning, I received the response that they could do a National 9/11 Zogby Opinion Poll of adults with up to 3 questions for $5,000. What do you think?

I think this is a pretty good idea

The 5000 dollars won't be a real problem, I suppose(hope)?

I'm very curious about the real numbers, would be great to know about where we are at this point.

Fox ain't interested in 9/11 Justice

If they were, they have mountains of evidence which prove the WTCs were all controlled demolitions (and other farrrr more shocking details). They know this crap will bore the American public which makes us only more annoying to the ignorant masses. If Americans will buy the govts bs story about the WTCs, they'll buy their explanations for these comparatively boring little details that Fox reports

The operative word,

as I remember from my 41 years in the print media, is "verisimilitude" (or "truthiness" as they now say) and not "truth" in reporting on uncomfortable realities.