10:45 am BBC reports 3rd building near World Trade Center has collapsed


Jane Standley in an early report stating that another building close to the towers has collapsed.

This clip was found via a research collective that I run on paltalk. This is the direct link to the room: http://express.paltalk.com/index.html?gid=1335363438 - your help is needed. There are 2, 911 truth rooms on paltalk, mine is the one with 911 in words, not numbers. But please check out both. If you are willing to help and have any problems getting onto paltalk just email me at gerrycan@live.co.uk and i will try to help. Get on board - we are many, they are few.

I didn't hear her mention a third building collapse


quote from 2:35

'and another building newt to the world trade cantre has also collapsed'

Sounds like

WTC3, a much smaller hotel building on the SW of the towers.

CNN did too


Please note the "50 stories" mentioned. The Marriot Hotel had 22 floors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriott_World_Trade_Center
And most likely wasn't meant.

Alan Dodds Frank

The plot might well have been to bring down B7 at 10:45 AM in the wake of the destruction from the towers. The explosion reported at this time might have been the one experienced by Jennings/Hess. A botched attempt at demo?

50 storeys reference.....

Interesting that this reference may also match up with the timing of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2vxj2yxfAM . Been trying to find a good analysis for the time this happened - you can see my 'work in progress' video on the same channel as the bbc clip. I think it may give some weight to the hypothesis that WTC7 was perhaps meant to be brought down earlier and that this may have been a stalled explosive demolition. It's a hell of a loud bang to be preweakening, considering the quiter thermitic alternatives avaliable. There is also another clip on the 'work in progress' video that contains a 'boom' which i am planning to analyse further, but initially the two seem to have identical durations and 'tails'. Best we can tell is that the 2nd is from the city hall area. The first responders appear to be at the W Broadway corner on Murray Street at the payphone there. The 'work in progress' video is here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94nUPzkKJnI - I do intend changing the title, and I have a long way to go with it, but i thought it better to put it up just now as a reference. Best I have so far is the shadow analysis of the guys at the payphone, and it seems to check out with 1030 - 1100 somewhere, but I am no expert, so I wouldnt swear to it. However, some of the guys in the chatroom are very good at that kind of analysis/research, so we should be able to nail the time down somehow I hope. In the meantime, we would welcome any help and I welcome any advice for the video, keeping in mind it is far from finished, and requires at least 10 minutes more footage to be added. We are continuing to mine various footage sites for similar videos of interest, and will continue to post anything interesting that we dig out from these archives. If anyone wants to discuss/help with this, my room name is above, and my name on paltalk is the same as on here.

See my blog entry about this ...

I wrote a blog entry a while back, based upon CNN's report, around this same time, that a third building had collapsed. The entry is called "Was 10:45 a.m. the Originally Planned Demolition Time of WTC 7?" You can read it here:

I hadn't realised the BBC had (incorrectly) reported the collapse as well.

thanks shoestring

thanks shoestring - i am trying to get all the info i can together for this, and the info is welcome - got it bookmarked, and with your permission may use it to refer to.I have found a few interesting threads on this which i also plan to include. i will post the references to these and yours (if that's ok) in the finished video - These archives may well hold other significant details that may have been missed up until now. Maybe not groundbreaking, but could well support existing evidence that we have.

Go ahead!

Yes, of course. Feel free to refer to my blog entry and post a reference to it whenever and wherever. This is an interesting piece of 9/11 evidence, so it is worth spreading around.

A Hypothetical Timeline of World Trade Center 7's Destruction

Thanks John

This is the video that got the group looking into this, been looking for the original producer so i can get his permission to use bits of it. Well worth a look for anyone who hasn't seen it.

The person who made the video

The person who made the video is Adam Taylor from my site 911debunkers.blogspot.com, feel free to use whatever you like, he doesn't mind.


Thanks. we have the 'trailer' finished - bit rough and some subtitles need fixed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDX8I6_BHic but it appears to mention people jumping from 7 aswell.