New video on obstruction of 9/11 investigation

Today I released the short film "Inside 9/11 - Obstructing the investigation":

It argues that former 9/11 commisson director Philip Zelikow fired a staff member for investigating highly sensitive evidence of a secret support network for the alleged hijackers in the United States. The recently published interview of former "anti-terror czar" Richard Clarke supports some of the claims made in the film.

To many 9/11 researchers this might not be new, since the issue is already mentioned in Philip Shenon´s book "The Commission", published in 2008. But I thought it might be the right time to remember ...

The film is part two of a series. The first episode "Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense" was released about a month ago and prompted Miles Kara, former staff member of the 9/11 commission, to write a detailed critical review. My response to that remained unanswered so far:

Where is the Richard Blee press conference?

US media's awful 9/11 coverage is an insult to everyone who died.

To date the media has refused to interview either Richard Blee or Rod Middleton (chief of the FBI UBLU). Many journalists completely gloss over what happened after the CIA finally shared the al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar information with the FBI. They write something like "by this time it was too late." It wasn't too late if the UBLU had followed procedure and immediately told the Cole investigators. The conduct of the UBLU demonstrates why Clarke's CYA theory is suspect. By that I mean why would FBI agents risk criminal prosecution for obstructing al Qaeda investigations, not to mention the possible consequences of being held liable for failing to prevent a terrorist attack? What happened to the so called turf battle? All of a sudden some FBI agents are going out of their way to involve themselves in a CIA conspiracy?