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What Will You Be Doing on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11?

Support the 9/11 Families and First Responders As They Call for a New Investigation in the Largest 9/11 Campaign Ever

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The 10th Anniversary Campaign will use the unprecedented level of attention and burning desire for truth felt across the world to mobilize thousands of people to donate a total of $1 million between Labor Day and September 11th. Remember Building 7 will use that money for an historic nationwide ad campaign in the month of October showing the American people the unmistakable footage of Building 7's demolition and forcing the mainstream media to finally discuss Building 7.


The campaign will be a three-pronged blitz of TV, print, and out-of-home advertising. New York City subways will be flooded with poster ads while TV ads saturate every major cable channel. Print ads will appear in several national publications and in local newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas.

New TV Ad and Poster Ads

Visit RememberBuilding7.org to See the New TV Ad and Poster Ads


You can help reach tens of thousands of people by making this campaign go viral.

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In addition to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, your generous support will help fund the Toronto Hearings, and the production and mailing of AE911Truth's new feature length documentary, "9/11: Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out," and their 15-minute mini-documentary, "Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7," to every member of Congress, the New York City Council and the Manhattan District Attorney. Watch the 15-minute documentary now to understand the impact these videos will have in front of the elected representatives who will see them.

Do not miss this unprecedented opportunity to support the most promising 9/11 efforts all at once and make the 10th Anniversary a vital turning point in the pursuit of a new 9/11 investigation.


Thousands of lives lost on 9/11.
Thousands of lives lost since.
Trillions of dollars wasted.
Ten years of policies based on a myth.

Make the 10th Anniversary THE turning point.
Make your pledge today.

A Solid Ad!

Previous ads utilized experts. This one seems to rely on credible people in other fields.

These ads ought to prove to be a "monkey wrench" in the "official story" PR effort leading up to the anniversary.

Hopefully these ads can be followed by face to face time by activists with the NY City Council, the NY City District Attorney's office and the NY state Attorney General's office, to push for a new investigation of the building destructions, which could lead to wider investigations.

Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7


This is so well done! Bravo Ae911Truth and everyone involved in the RememberBuilding7 campaign!
I am so impressed! Please if there are any well off 9/11 Truth supporters please give to this campaign.
I will donate what I can and will promote as much as possible. 1 million dollars is an insignificant amount of money for
what they are able to produce in terms of effect and raising consciousness about the crimes of 9/11.

Our Country must evolve and this gives me incredible hope that we are.

Again my utmost respect and appreciation for this monumental work!

-We Are Change Atlanta

I like the

I like the "I'm not a conspiracy theorist". Too often that label gets thrown around.

I Love the Posters

The Ad, the Mini Doc, and the Posters.... all top notch.



Thanks for posting the posters -- I saw them in the corner but didn't get a close look at them and they are really nicely done.

There should be a worldwide campaign for everyone to print out the posters and put them on telephone poles everywhere on the Anniversary.

Awesome ads!


Very well-done

My sincerest thanks to all who worked on the Remember Building 7 10th year anniversary piece and AE911 Truth's fifteen minute trailer. This is powerful stuff.