Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation?

Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation?

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer says that an FBI insider told him the dubious terror plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador which has been blamed on Iran was likely manufactured by the Obama administration, because no information about the plot even exists within FBI channels.

The “Very Scary” Iranian Terror Plot By Glenn Greenwald

The “Very Scary” Iranian Terror Plot

By Glenn Greenwald

October 13, 2011 "Salon" -- The most difficult challenge in writing about the Iranian Terror Plot unveiled yesterday is to take it seriously enough to analyze it. Iranian Muslims in the Quds Force sending marauding bands of Mexican drug cartel assassins onto sacred American soil to commit Terrorism — against Saudi Arabia and possibly Israel — is what Bill Kristol and John Bolton would feverishly dream up while dropping acid and madly cackling at the possibility that they could get someone to believe it. But since the U.S. Government rolled out its Most Serious Officials with Very Serious Faces to make these accusations, many people (therefore) do believe it; after all, U.S. government accusations = Truth. All Serious people know that. And in the ensuing reaction one finds virtually every dynamic typically shaping discussions of Terrorism and U.S. foreign policy.
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The Fast and Furious Plot to Occupy Iran By Pepe Escobar

The Fast and Furious Plot to Occupy Iran

Tehran would have to be terminally foolish to try to snuff out an ambassador on US soil, author says.

By Pepe Escobar

October 13, 2011 "Al-Jazeera" - - No one ever lost money betting on the dull predictability of the US government. Just as Occupy Wall Street is firing imaginations all across the spectrum - piercing the noxious revolving door between government and casino capitalism - Washington brought us all down to earth, sensationally advertising an Iranian cum Mexican cartel terror plot straight out of The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. The potential victim: Adel al-Jubeir, the ambassador in the US of that lovely counter-revolutionary Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

FBI Director Robert Mueller insisted the Iran-masterminded terror plot "reads like the pages of a Hollywood script". It does. And quite a sloppy script at that. Fast and Furious duo Paul Walker/Vin Diesel wouldn't be caught dead near it.

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I'm more inclined to believe that this is a distraction from the Occupy Wall Street movement. In just a few weeks OWS has spread to hundreds of cities across the United States and thousands worldwide.

Not to mention

the recent flood of disclosures about the Saud royals and friends being apparently very helpful to the 911 hijackers -- or patsies, if you will.

The Occupy Wall Street movement will have to be carefull.

Herblay FRANCE

worse would be if the Obama admin infiltrate le Occupy Wall Street movement with some badly intentioned iranians ( fall guys and double agents) !

Yours John

Questions about the 'Alleged' Iranian plot...'Intentional Fraud?

Questions about the 'Alleged' Iranian plot...'Intentional Fraud?'

Iran Falsely Charged with Fake Terror Plot by Stephen Lendman

Iran Falsely Charged with Fake Terror Plot
October 13th, 2011

by Stephen Lendman

Since Iran's 1979 revolution and US hostage crisis, Washington's been spoiling for a fight. The Carter administration considered invading and seizing its oil fields.

Washington exploited Iran/Iraq tensions and encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack. Earlier Iran's Shah was supported. After 1979, US foreign policy shifted.

The Carter Doctrine pledged Middle East military intervention if US interests were threatened. Reagan escalated Carter policies short of committing US forces in combat. Saddam then got US backing. A decade of war followed. America pretended support for both sides, but mostly gave it to Iraq.

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Obama's Nobel peace prize

is a horrible joke on humanity.


What is the point of exposing crimes if the guilty have immunity? Maybe this is bigger than the United States legal system.


Analysis: If U.S. has proof, U.N. can be won over on Iran plot

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - If the United States has evidence and plays its cards right, history shows that it can win the powerful U.N. Security Council to its side in the case of Iran's alleged plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador.

A UN parlee is something to think about

From the article...

"Dramatic public presentations are usually more effective at swaying domestic public opinion than other states," he said. "Powell's speech didn't change the dynamic on the council in terms of support for the war, but it was a major hit at home."

Hopefully, the American people won't back this one like Iraq II.

Meanwhile... Lest we also forget, I don't really recall the US people backing Iraq II as much as it was congress who went ahead and gave 75% approval for writing a blank check for Bush, which absolved congress of any responsibility for war and saying that if the president wanted to do it then it would be his choice (and not theirs).

Hopefully, there will be enough opposition from the American people this time. Congress can go &^%% itself.

Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot By Ray McGovern

Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot
October 13, 2011

Exclusive: The U.S. media and public are being riled up again with a new set of allegations against Iran, this time for a bizarre assassination plot aimed at the Saudi ambassador in Washington. But former CIA analyst Ray McGovern wonders if this is propaganda from David Petraeus’s CIA.

By Ray McGovern

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, in his accustomed role as unofficial surrogate CIA spokesman, has thrown light on how the CIA under its new director, David Petraeus, helped craft the screenplay for this week’s White House spy feature: the Iranian-American-used-car-salesman-Mexican-drug-cartel plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.

In Thursday’s column, Ignatius notes that, initially, White House and Justice Department officials found the story “implausible.” It was. But the Petraeus team soon leapt to the rescue, reflecting the four-star-general-turned-intelligence-chief’s deep-seated animus toward Iran.

Ray McGovern Reports :

Judge Napolitano & Michael Scheuer...

"Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iranians Are!" CIA Agent Michael Scheuer

Heck of an interview to follow the others...

Judge Napolitano interviews rep. Walter Jones...

Walter Jones has integrity

I attended a rally last Friday in Greenville, NC which featured Walter Jones and Ron Paul. (Jones is my rep.)
You've got to hand it him - he's a principled statesman who is very much anti-war and anti-Fed, like Paul. Both Congressmen railed against the loss of liberties from the war on terror.

Walter Jones even lauded Dennis Kucinich several times for his efforts in ending the wars and the fed. He commended their close working relationship. Jones is taking a lot of flak from his district for these principled positions, but he is still very well-liked. He has received numerous 9/11 Truth materials from me and has read my LTEs in the paper. Clearly he knows the score and is trying to make a stand for liberty and the constitution.

see what they post at the 3:20 time

Judge N totally rocks. How ironic that our best truth news is being shown on Fox News. Check out what is posted on the side at 3:20 of the Michael Shuerer interview. These guys are patriots.