William Pepper on Sirhan Sirhan Black Ops Radio on Dec 22


Show #558
Original airdate: Dec 22, 2011
Guest: William Pepper, George Bailey, Sherwood Ross
Topics: Sirhan Sirhan, JFK Research, President Obama

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Filed a Reply Brief on Nov 21, 2011, first time allowed to deal with the question of actual innocence
In 1969 there was a substitution of a bullet in evidence, the defense council was himself under indictment
Noguchi was not asked to identify the bullet, the judge and jury heard all this phony evidence
We have asked the court on the basis of this fraud to set aside the verdict and the sentence
The Brief deals with an extensive analysis of the Pruszynski tape, a recording of the sounds of the bullets fired
Thirteen bullets fired, Sirhan's gun held eight, RFK was shot from behind at powder burn range, Sirhan was in front
The Brief goes over hypno-programming, with declarations by Dr. Daniel Brown and Professor Alan Scheflin
The Brief at williampepper.com, the strongest statement ever made in this case
It's a political case, we can expect, the state will do everything to justify keeping Sirhan in prison
RFK had the same enemies his brother had, he was going to move against the oil depletion allowance
He was going to reopen the investigation of the assassination of JFK, close down the Federal Reserve
Andrew Jackson ended the Second Central Bank, Lincoln issued his own currency, going against Wall Street

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