Jon Gold's C-SPAN Collection

For the last year or so, one of my "pet projects" has been to search the video archives of C-SPAN for statements made about different people, different events, and make short movies out of them. They cover a multitude of topics, including NORAD's response, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the Israeli Art Students, Saudi Arabia, and many others. Here is my C-SPAN Movie Collection, in the order they were created.

Praise For The 9/11 Report

Kristen Breitweiser's Testimony Before The Joint Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11 - 9/18/2002

People Need To Be Held Accountable For 9/11

Opening Statement Of Eleanor Hill At The Joint Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11 - 9/18/2002

Are There Any Unanswered Questions About 9/11?

A Failure Of Imagination

Israeli Art Students

28 Redacted Pages

No Air Response, No Truth, No Accountability

An Interesting Account Of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh

Osama Bin Laden's Death Changes Nothing

George Tenet & The CIA

Why Not Tie 9/11 To Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh?

The "Visa Express" Program

Harry Samit, Dave Frasca, Michael Maltbie

Publicly, Separately, Under Oath, Accountable For Lies

The Families Had To Fight...

A Good Question

Yes, They Could And Would Hurt Americans

It's also important to note...

That I have made available several other clips including...

9/11 CitizensWatch C-SPAN Press Conferences

The 9/11 Omission Hearings

Whistleblower Special Agent Robert Wright's Press Conference - 5/30/2002
Part I, Part II

John Ashcroft & Robert Mueller Press Conference - 9/12/2001

John Ashcroft & Robert Mueller Press Conference - 9/13/2001

Scott McClellan Takes Questions On Bush Meeting With 9/11 Commission - 4/29/2004
Part I, Part II

George Bush Takes Questions After Meeting With 9/11 Commission - 4/29/2004

Philip Zelikow On Washington Journal Day After Release Of 9/11 Report - 7/23/2004

9/11 Commission Press Conference For Release Of Report - 7/22/2004
Part I, Part II

Democratic Press Conference For Release Of 9/11 Report - 7/21/2004

Coleen Rowley Testifies Before The Senate - 6/6/2002
Part I, Part II

Able Danger And Intelligence Sharing - 9/21/2005
Part I, Part II

Release of Pre-September 11 Intelligence Report - 7/24/2003
Part I, Part II

Philip Zelikow On "The Early Show" - 9/14/2001

Thank you

I wonder why I hadn't said that yet on this thread.

Thanks for this hard work. Much appreciated.

These are awesome Jon, Thanks

These are awesome Jon, Thanks for taking the time and making these.

Going through these archives

Going through these archives and making these vids is some of the most important work Jon Gold has done. Some of the most damning footage out there. Who needs theories when you can go after hard evidence and suspicious behavior?

And what's amazing is

These videos and the damning footage they contain, requires no expertise, scholar credentials, or detailed scientific debates to understand. They only require that you are a person who cares about justice and doing what's right for those who lost loved ones on 9/11.

a real public service

Jon, thank you for collecting and publicly archiving these important historical 9/11 records. As kdub noted, some of the most significant and damning info has surfaced as a result of the official investigations and hearings - and these investigations are even documentary evidence of their own inadequacy and appearance of corruption.

And 'Thank god for C-Span'

I'm glad...

Those of you who do, like it.