What should the average citizen know about US War Crimes?

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This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA):

Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery: Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory

It’s divided into these 11 parts for articles (links added with each new section):

Monetary and credit reform: full-employment, end of debt slavery

Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson on monetary reform

President Andrew Jackson, Peter Cooper on monetary reform

NYC Mayor John Hylan, House Banking Committee Chairs on monetary reform

Benjamin Franklin, William Jennings Bryan on monetary reform

Charles Lindbergh Sr., 86% of Great Depression economists on monetary reform

What should the average citizen know about US War Crimes?

What should the average citizen know about US war history?

What is the leverage point for Occupy’s victory?

What does monetary and credit freedom look like?

My personal history of the 1% choosing to kill a million children each month


Monetary and credit reform is a policy objective to end transfer of trillions of the “99%’’s wealth to an oligarchic “1%.” The US banking collusion only and always co-exists within a larger oligarchy with government for legal protection, and media for public propaganda. This paper presents histories in monetary reform and US government crimes in war suppressed by today’s US corporate media’s history texts and news journalism. When the oligarchy’s voice is professionally exposed as obviously and egregiously lying in omission and commission in claims of central importance of the past and present, government and corporate media loses credibility in an “emperor has no clothes” transformation. Refutation of the oligarchy’s voice with objective and independently verifiable facts, especially in light of current War Crimes and Constitutional destruction, supports our policy goal for monetary and credit reform because the public will seek alternative voices to build a brighter future. To support our goal of upgraded economic policies, we should be open to synergy with ecological and resource-based economic models, and network with Occupy.


What should the average citizen know about related crimes of US government and corporate media?

The single fact that government, the Federal Reserve and largest member banks, and corporate media omit consideration for Americans to have money instead of debt is evidence of oligarchic collusion.

As specialists in economics, I recommend that we understand the connection of cover-ups in economics through corporate media to cover-ups to more obvious US government crimes. To make this connection, I’ll use our best known examples in the present and past. The purpose of this connection is to give us the tools to best break the illusion of the 99% that US monetary policy and credit-creation exist within an environment of honest government and media.

The power of these tools is that when we can prove government lies and criminally war-murders millions, and that corporate media lies to cover-up “emperor has no clothes” obvious War Crimes that kill millions, then their public statements and omissions regarding our monetary and credit system loses credibility. The 99% can understand that they are no longer a valid source to inform them.

The principal US government crime and media cover-up is Orwellian unlawful wars, the most egregious crime a nation can commit. This is also the easiest to prove because it was taught to everyone in high school.

An economics-related crime with war that you should know is former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s admission on September 10, 2001 that the Pentagon “lost” $2.3 trillion [38] of taxpayer money:

That’s $23,000 for every US household,
embezzling $1,000,000 from a military project 2,300,000 times,
embezzling a million dollars a day for 6,300 years,
embezzling over 600 million dollars a day, every day, for ten years.
To date, they haven’t investigated themselves, and corporate media only reported on this story once to my knowledge.

The principal evidence [39] to prove US War Crimes is to understand war law (if another country’s government hasn’t attacked, it’s illegal to use armed attack against them), the basic facts of current US wars, and that our government agencies’ disclosures prove all “reasons” for war were known to be false as they were told.

Because war law is crystal-clear in letter and intent, and our own government agencies are in agreement to the facts, this makes the prima facie argument powerful evidence to prove that government and media have little interest in upholding the law, millions of lives, or trillions of our dollars.

The above brief takes about an hour to understand, is easier than understanding baseball “law” of when a batter is safe or out at first base, and might be a useful tool for the economic policy objective of monetary and credit reform. Again, the legal victory of two world wars and what war law states: nations cannot use their military in armed attacks unless attacked by another nation’s government.

When war law is understood and nobody needs to tell you anymore that the wars are not even close to lawful, it also becomes obvious that US corporate media lies in omission and commission to cover-up US War Crimes. [40] Again, the utility of this fact makes it easier to prove US corporate media also lies in omission and commission for monetary and credit reform.

And again, when these policies of war are recognized as obviously criminal, those with arrest authority are empowered to exercise it, remove the very mouthpieces that lie in omission and commission about economics, and provide opportunity for factual consideration for improved economic policies.

A related area of stunning and obvious criminal behavior is destruction of rights explicit in the US Constitution. I explain and document in Teachers: how are you teaching US War Crimes, destruction of US Constitution?

America is witnessing what historians refer to as “Big Lies,” (and here) [41] or Orwellian lies, so massive and evil that ordinary people initially reject the objective evidence because they can’t imagine it or refuse citizen responsibility in its face.

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