9/11 Free Fall 8/10/12 Jonathan Cole Interview

The attack of the trolls.....

What is more interesting, is the recent attack of the internet trolls on you tube. Just a few minutes ago there were 8 “likes” on the youtube video. O.K. no big deal. But then “gh987t879” posted a negative comment and the first “dislike”. No problem with that either. But within minutes, there were 9 more dislikes, and 10 “thumbs up” for his “retard comment”.

Either we have another remarkable coincidence where 10 people listened to it all at once and commented simultaneously, OR, there is a very coordinated effort to discredit anyone (even this “retard”) who dares talk about basic physics as it relates to the event of 9/11. I feel honored for the negative attention.……we must be hitting a nerve since they cannot address the physics and all they can do is name call. Sticks and stones……


Hey Jon,

That was an excellent and informative interview. I like the Santa analogy!

Keep it up bud.