New Video: Inside 9/11 - Who diverted the fighter jets?

Though all this is history now, with more than 10 years having passed by, some crucial questions remain unresolved. In the recent study "Anomalies of the air defense on 9/11", published in October 2012 in the "Journal of 9/11 Studies", some of these questions are covered in great detail. You can read it here:

Now a video has been released, explaining these findings:

Core of the argument: The flight routes of the fighter jets scrambled on 9/11 show a pattern of deliberate diversion.

deliberate diversion?

indira singh said "ptech, cia front, was with mitre corp. in basement of faa for two years prior to 9/11." ptech had capacity to change/override orders via computer, i'd imagine. is it known who the pilots of these scrambled planes were? or the whereabouts of ms singh, for that matter. see '04 9/11 citizen commission hearings/her testimony.

Yes,it's known who the pilots

Yes,it's known who the pilots were. The lead pilot was Col. Tim Duffy. According to them they flew "full blower all the way"[Quote-Duffy] from take off ! They were scrambled at 8:52 "in the air before the radar kicked in"[Quote-Duffy]. They flew full blower (unexpectedly & in violation of protocol) from 8:52 until at least 9:03 (when WTC 2 was struck). 8:52-9:03=11 minutes. As noted in the video, according to an the military itself it takes 10-12 minutes for an F15 to travel from Otis to NYC. So, by 9:03 the F15s from Otis should have been over NYC ! Yet according to the 911 Commission they were still 100 miles from NYC !
Yes, the Otis fighters were diverted and put into a holding pattern to wait for flight 175 to hit the WTC. But I do not believe that everything (including the scramble) occurred earlier than we were told. I believe the hold pattern was made necessary because the pilots FLEW FASTER THAN EXPECTED and that had they followed protocol (Subsonic flight) AS EXPECTED they'd have arrived a few minutes AFTER 175 hit WTC2 so that people would think they had 'Just Missed'. If that is the case,then the only times that needed to be 'doctored' were those on that radar track that shows the fighters 100 miles out from NYC at 9:03 (before entering the holding pattern) rather than at their real location WITHIN the holding pattern.

The reaction of FAA, New York, to Flight 175

I analysed the sabotaging reaction of FAA, New York, to Flight 175! It would be interesting, why both the 911-commission and Colonel Marr tried to cover up the history around the failed air protection of New York.

The reaction of FAA, New York, to Flight 175