Zero Dark Thirty Review-Analysis; Eleven Instances of Disinformation

There will always be questions about when Osama Bin Laden was killed and happened to his body. At Cabal Times, we have posited a reasonable theory that Osama was killed in December 2001 by a Pakistani, Omar Saeed Shaikh.

Hollywood coming to rescue of the official narrative in Zero Dark Thirty (released 19th December 2012) only hints that the cover-up is crumbling, and a face lift was required. For the sceptic, Zero Dark Thirty is mandatory viewing. Because a critical analysis reveals the cracks and fault lines in the official narrative that the film is so desperately trying to hide. Zero Dark Thirty goes beyond hiding these cracks, and even tries to cover-up some other suspicious events, completely unrelated to the hunt for Osama.

Globalist Hollywood Puppets Concoct Laughable Cinematic Recreati

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Globalist Hollywood Puppets Concoct Laughable Cinematic Recreation of Bin Laden Death Hoax
Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

After the establishment puppets coordinated with the 4th branch of government (aka the mainstream media mouthpieces) on Sunday night May 1st, 2011 to air the press release heard around the world (now known as the Bin Laden death hoax); we all thought at first, how strange since no one had heard a peep about Bin Laden in almost 10 years.

At the time, any mention about the apparently already dead Bin Laden was rare. Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barack Obama) ratings were at an all-time low; his laundry-list of broken promises were all exposed; everyone now understood that he was a liar, an actor puppet put into the White House to smooth-talk Americans into going along with the global new world order plans by using his charm and teleprompter speeches filled with talking points, buzz words and clever deceptive salesman tactics.

We were also just four days removed from an extremely embarrassing and controversial doctored electronic birth certificate which had been boldly uploaded to as supposed “proof” that Soetoro was indeed an American-born citizen. This poorly synthesized birth certificate, missing seal and apparent Photoshop hack-job disaster, was building up to be Watergate to the tenth power; a full-on disaster for Obama. The White House needed something to distract Americans while they can spin off the birth certificate disaster (through the use of blogger site shills) as special scanner creation anomalies.


Best Piece of Writing I Have Seen in a While.......

I love this piece! It reads like an old Communist Chinese screed, like: "running dog lackies of the Imperialist forces......." Well hell, if the shoe fits wear it! I just love it.

As an aside, this whole "we got bin Laden" shit just sickens me. I am not a Christian, but I was raised as one. What the hell ever happened with the whole "temper justice with mercy" thing. I mean, you get the guy, lock him up for life and every Friday you give him some nice lamb with rice and maybe throw a few lentils in on the holidays....what would be wrong with that? F*ing nothin' that's what; that is if he in fact didn't die of natural causes which may have been his "reward" for his service to the cause.