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Episode 257 - Lies The FBI Told Me


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Published on Feb 8, 2013

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As Hollywood attempts to burnish J. Edgar Hoover's legacy, The Corbett Report peers into the FBI's closet to rummage around its skeletons. From its illegal wiretaps and cointelpro campaigns to crime lab fraud and phoney terror busts, we cover all the bases in this week's edition of The Corbett Report.

J. Edgar Hoover Was Homosexual, Blackmailed by Mob, Book Says
Time Reference: 02:37

The Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover
Time Reference: 03:43

First Red Scare
Time Reference: 08:06

1919 United States anarchist bombings
Time Reference: 08:18

Your FBI
Time Reference: 08:44

The Lindbergh baby kidnapping and the FBI
Time Reference: 09:18

Episode 141 – How to Divide and Conquer
Time Reference: 11:53

A Nation of Law? (Fred Hampton)
Time Reference: 12:18

WTC 1993 was an FBI job
Time Reference: 21:33

Tom Secker on WTC 1993
Time Reference: 21:37

Interview 598 – Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Protected Terrorists and Stifled Investigations
Time Reference: 22:47

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab
Time Reference: 25:04

Blast Effects Study Does Not Support Single ANFO Bomb at OKC
Time Reference: 30:11

Oklahoma City Bombing Federal Surveillance Tapes Coverup
Time Reference: 31:44

Jesse Trentadue on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 33:00

fbi releases doctored tapes of okc bombing aftermath
Time Reference: 33:38

BREAKING: Secret FBI Storage Drive to Shield Evidence from FOIA?
Time Reference: 35:17

Blackballed: How the FBI Bends FOIA
Time Reference: 46:45

9/11 and Cyberterrorism
Time Reference: 48:04

How To Foil Your Own Terror Plot (Uncensored)
Time Reference: 53:58

The Shadows – FBI
Time Reference: 01:02:21

War is Not About Truth, Justice and the American Way

War is Not About Truth, Justice and the American Way

Uploaded on Jun 8, 2011

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt2: I learned that war was about power, politics and commercial advantage

Thanks for the tip, Joe.

Real News is in my YouTube queue but I hardly ever watch it as I find them less "real" than they would like to think they are, so without your post I would have missed this. So, when the soldiers are knee deep in the Rubicon the Naval War College alerts them that there are two ways that they can go: I find that fascinating.

Ex-Gitmo prosecutor slams

Ex-Gitmo prosecutor slams drone policy: ‘Since 9/11 we’ve been the constrained and the cowardly’