Chip Ignitions

Primer paint or nanothermite?


It is about time that someone tries to ignite paint chips, but I do not see any flames. Is it still possible that the WTC primer is the same material as the chips researched by Harrit, even if it does not ignite?

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Is there activity with this? Anyone know? One update last August '14. Was an independent lab able to be chosen? anything? aborted?

just curious..


Still on

Mark Basile is still working on this in his spare time and there may be another update on the way.

Time's up

He was paid to submit samples to a lab so that they do the testing. It's beyond time for him to do that. I was on a call with him in 2011 when he outlined the lab tests for either conventional explosives or nanothermite that could be done with several thousand in funds.

Worth the wait

A new paper will eventually raise a lot of eyebrows while the opposition is dead in the water. It would be really nice to have results from Mark Basile by the end of the year. Those who tried to get Millette to publish a paper against the Harrit nanothermite paper have given up on trying to get it published.

Thanks Simon

At least it is still on going. I can understand it is part time. I understand precautions as well, like not publishing the lab name until the results are in. Sending chips in the mail is also not assured. I might be mistaken, but didn't Kevin Ryan or Dr. Jones have mail tampered with sending chips? There should be precautions taken because we have so precious few samples. I applaud Mr Basile's courage in this undertaking. The truth will win out either way.

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Simon, how do you know what

Simon, how do you know what the results will be if no lab work has yet been done? Do you have any words from Mark himself? If yes, how was this communicated to you?

In his latest report, August 2014, Mark had written:
"Once funds begin to be spent monthly accountings will be made, no funds have been spent and all will be accounted for publicly."
(My bolding)

Since so far no spending of funds has been accounted for, I presume that no funds have in fact been spent, and this can only mean that Mark has no results from any laboratory.
Corret me if I am wrong, please!

Or else, Mark has quietly dropped his promise to account monthly and publicly once begin to be spent.

Yes indeed. A lot of people

Yes indeed. A lot of people are eager to see the results. I've been keeping an eye out for updates ever since the funds had been achieved.

Haste makes waste . This one will be worth the wait.

Lab results

This is about independent lab results that hopefully confirm the Harrit paper. To his credit, Mark Basille has already verified nanothermite in the dust independently. This would be a 3rd leg. The Harrit study, Basile and an independent lab. Millete did not publish and did not subject chips to a DSM for ignition. Maybe I'm just impatient. Sorry about that. I do have confidence in Mark. Of course, the media won't cover the story even if you have a scientific study published in a journal and peer-reviewed + independent confirmation by a chemical engineer + lab results. At some point, we must have legal action. Dust tests, lawsuits, sim tests. And then more lawsuits.

It's difficult to understand

It's difficult to understand why he is still working on this. Last August - 10 months ago - he had reported that he was about to wrap up the process of extracting red-gray chips from his dust samples, and that the next step would be to select "suitable" chips for testing. He had written then that thiswould be finished within a month. After that, all he needs to do is stuff chips in an envelop and mail them off to a lab. He should get full results within less than 2 weeks then.

We all understand that sometimes other priorities arise in life, but he could at least have issued another brief progress report at

What's the latest?

Do you know if Mark has subjected any samples to labs yet for testing? His 5 K fundraiser was achieved in Aug. of 2014. I haven't heard anything from AE about any results, so I assume it's still dragging on. Check out the pdf and links.

Lab work begins this fall

Something has delayed Basile for a year but tests begin within weeks.

Power Requirements?

This looks pretty complicated.

How long does this process take?
What area of floor can it consume?
How much juice is required?

Surely every WTC Acre would require many of these machines working simultaneously.

A quick search found a plasma torch patent referenced
US3740522 * Jun 19, 1973 Geotel Inc Plasma torch, and electrode means therefor

and this entry "...a power range between 40 and 50 kilowatts. "