"Al Jazeera" discussed "Conspiracy Theories"

During a discussion about "What do conspiracy theories say about us?" (al jazeera), Lance Dehaven-Smith, Professor, Florida State University, said, that he would support a new 911-investigation. His specializations are "Public policy, political theory, philosophy of science, public opinion, and Florida politics and government." (askew). He already published in the "Journal for 911 studies" (911-blogger) about his insights.

During the programm most of the comments were suspicious about official accounts of events, proven to be lies. So it was a good success for spreading 911truth.

See the show, link to youtube


New possibility...

"From UFOs and aliens, to the Illuminati and 9/11’s “inside job” – conspiracy theories that challenge the official story are spreading faster than ever on the internet. Why do so many people believe in them? Regardless of how true some conspiracies are, what do these narratives say about our attitudes towards government and society? Join the conversation at 1930GMT."

Looks like they are mixing in the absurd to water down the truth. I don't really trust Al-Jazeera to be anything more than the US's mouthpiece in the Arab world, but we will see I suppose.

Find Al Jazeera - http://america.aljazeera.com/tools/getajam.html

Not available in your country......

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country." This is the response you will get from the link. This is a pretty typical example of how Al Jazeera rolls. Half of the time the comments on their YouTube channel are disabled as they don't brook a lot of criticism.

Lance deHaven-Smith article in 'The Guardian'

The Guardian recently published a very good article by Lance deHaven-Smith, which was good to see. The article describes incidents "where US presidents cite terrorism concerns in an effort to win back public opinion." You can read it here:

I'm sure many readers of 911Blogger.com will find it interesting.