9/11maps: the ultimate 9/11 tool

Twelve years have passed since 9/11. In these intervening years, two commissions, several reports, many books, papers, documentaries and of course History Commons have documented what happened that fateful day.

To this day, hundreds of thousands of documents have been released, which represents a massive amount of information (videos, maps, reports, testimonies, tapes data, radar data, flight data recorders, and so on) to examine. There was, therefore, a crucial need for a tool for categorizing and analyzing important data. In this particular aim, 9/11maps have collected RADES84 data, documents from 911datasets.org, photos, videos, maps and plenty of useful documents to produce an all-in-one tool called 9/11 maps allowing anyone to look at this whole documentation at one place and from a timely and comprehensive perspective. You can follow the events of the day just as if you were looking at a radar screen. But you can do many other things. 9/11maps is a Google Earth program that allows anyone to watch and search the events of 9/11.



9/11maps will show you:

  • Maps of interest
  • WTC 3D buildings
  • Cameras and witnesses, over 400 videos filmed on 9/11 have been mapped with great precision
  • Aeronautics data, including military bases, black boxes data and flight paths of the four commercial airplanes plus official and military planes (Air Force One, E4-Bs, Otis and Langley fighters, C-130H...), FAA ARTCC, aeronautical charts, ACARS and many other things
  • Raw Radar data, including secondary and primary radar data from NEADS, SEADS, FAA (Pentagon Area radar data), Mosaic Radar Sort Boxes, ATC video maps
  • Audio data, including phone calls and ATC Tapes

9/11maps is still in development.




A new folder (in Aeronautics) regroups all suspicious activty of planes the morning of 9/11.

Are any from military exercises like Vigilant Guardian?


Download 911maps.kml file here





Brilliant Idea

What an incredibly useful resource. So many times when researching 911 people disappear into information overload on account of the sheer volume of evidence that is out there, and have difficulty in sorting the chronology of events. This cuts through that problem for one of the most overloaded and difficult to understand areas of 911 research and I am sure will prove an incredibly valuable resource for researchers, and represents a huge effort in the making I am sure. Thanks for this.

amazing work - thank you!

amazing work - thank you!