Stiffener Plates

A brief explanation of the relevance and consequences of NISTs failure to include these elements in their analysis of the WTC7 collapse. This is designed to be a brief introduction to the issue.

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Thanks for the stiffener info

Watching this short clip, it all makes more sense and I understand the dramatic implications. Thanks! I appreciate it!
(But I have a difficult time understanding that Texas accent.) ;)


Yes, this isn't the easiest concept to get a grip of, but once people do get it they begin to realise the implications. The fact is that these 2 relatively small pieces of steel destroy NISTs story. They alone are the reason why NIST had to assert that they presumed col79 to be the same as 81 which led to the 11/12" plate width 'error'. The tactic of focusing in on these plates is looking more and more like NISTs real achilles heel re WTC7. It cuts right through to their initiating event lie and knocks their hypothesis out cold in the first round. This is something for which the evidence is clear and undeniable. The best NIST could get out of this in a court is that they were negligent and incompetent. I fail to see how a new investigation into WTC7 would not follow.

Very useful

Thanks. The video will be great to link to when emailing and when commenting on articles published online.

It will go perfectly with such as this
and this

Black and White Fraud

At the bottom of this article you can compare the Frankel drawings obtained via FOIA showing the stiffener plates to the NIST drawings omitting them. NIST can't "walk off" from Frankel.

Where to take it.............

We actually put this information re stiffeners and the drawings out there in February of 2012, shortly after finding it. I honestly feel as if we have done the work here that serves NIST up on a plate for those within this movement who should have been all over this right from the word go. I applaud and actively support campaigns like rethink911, that encourage people to "H E L P Us Get The Truth About BUILDING 7 NOW" as it is important to raise awareness among people, but the truth about building 7 is that we have the truth right here, in a form that is presentable at primary evidence grade level in a court. Inevitably the question has to be asked, "where do we take this next?"
It is frustrating that the only group that seems to have a real interest in actually getting this into a court is a small independent group of researchers, whose time would be better spent breaking more new ground in terms of the engineering gaps in NISTs story, which we continue to do. I think this indicates a gap in our movement, and one that needs to be filled, but until it is we will be doing our best to move this issue from engineering to legality. To this end, we will be producing a presentation in the next few weeks that will set out the case against NIST and how we intend to pursue it. This video is just a brief introduction to the issue and does not really get into the detail which really would corner NIST.

Freefall + Frankel = Death for NIST

Freefall is the smoking gun that B7 was a demolition even if NIST's unseated girder claim were true.

Frankel drawing is the smoking gun that NIST's unseated girder claim is false.

I agree

It's all about how these cards are played. We can use frankel drawings, in particular 1083 and 1091, to prove NIST were incompetent and therefor unfit to preside over any future investigation. We can then insist that the period of freefall is accounted for in any new hypothesis that is presented. For now, I think it is best to focus in on that which has not yet been admitted by NIST. They admitted freefall because they could do so without addressing the implications. They cannot do this with regard to the stiffener plates without admitting that they knowingly or otherwise submitted a false report, which, unlike the admission of freefall is an offense.

This group might be helpful...

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