You've asked for NIST accountability - Here is your chance

Dr. William Pepper in Times Square on September 11, 2013, as a featured guest speaker for AE911Truth and

Did you know 2013 was a breakthrough year in our efforts to hold NIST accountable?

For years we have known that Building 7 came down in free-fall and that the NIST report failed to explain why. We knew that NIST’s collapse model looked nothing like the actual collapse, and that NIST’s “probable collapse sequence” was anything but probable.

But in 2013, NIST’s explanation went from highly improbable to absolutely impossible, thanks to the discovery that NIST deliberately omitted critical structural features from its model – features that make the supposed collapse initiation impossible. With this new discovery, we have the evidence to prove definitively that Building 7 could not have collapsed as NIST says it did.

Now AE911Truth is leading efforts to hold NIST accountable for this inexplicable omission. In December, renowned lawyer William Pepper wrote the Department of Commerce Inspector General on behalf of AE911Truth to request an investigation into the misconduct. In 2014, AE911Truth will begin pursuing legal avenues to require correction of the NIST report and holding NIST investigators personally accountable.

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Be a Pepper!

The second phase of 9/11 activism is well under way. And for $2.50 a month you can take personal satisfaction in helping to pay for the legal confrontation the unmistakable evidence for fraud in NISTS final WTC7 reports purports.

With each passing year, NISTs story becomes history.

I strongly support's lawsuit efforts,

as I've stated before. My personal efforts to reason with NIST regarding reports on WTC7 and the Towers have generally been met with silence from them; the exception being my questions to NIST at their public hearing on WTC7 held in 2008.

Good work, AE911Truth!

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Courtroom Level Evidence

We are delighted that AE911 has taken up our discovery and offered to help us fund whatever legal costs may be involved to press this forward. This is the evidence that our group discovered here, along with the letter, to which ae911 is referring in the article. It may at first sight appear to be technical, but given a read or two, I am sure that most people can get to grips with it. I cannot emphasize enough that we need to promote a widespread understanding of this issue, as well as the need to support it in other ways. It is great that after 2 years this issue is finally getting out there.

If anyone requires a more detailed explanation of this we are happy to help with that just message us via blogger.

Whilst AE911 have agreed to assist with legal costs we are seeking ways of funding this initiative as a specific project directly, and any suggestions on how this can be achieved would be welcomed.

The tide turneth . . . . .

It's now safe to openly question the events of 9/11, a far cry from the "you're either with us or against us" rhetoric of the GWB administration. My niece just presented a 9/11 truth paper to her high school literature class, and it was accepted with open minds and hearts. We must continue our efforts to push these questions into the mainstream. Thank you, one and all, to the 9/11 truth community. Our efforts are paying great dividends.

Your niece

Of all the things that might lead me to feel despairing, one of the most is the thought of the younger generation, who were very young at the time of 9/11 and have been bombarded with propaganda about it ever since, and may not have yet been attuned to alternative information when the 9/11 truth movement was at its greatest visibility.

This is why the news of your niece's paper is, for me, the best 9/11-truth-related news I've heard in a long time.

Epiphany- truly

I just had one of those monumental moments in life- and I truly want to share this- The future of the 9/11 Truth movement is not within the generation that witnessed the acts and got fed all the propaganda- it's in the youth of today.

They have an open mind, able to look at the events from a remote perspective. They weren't there, or old enough to know the difference. They weren't told that to question is to commit treason.

They have social media skills that far outweigh anything my generation has or ever will have. They can exchange information at a blinding pace. Faster than the old guard can cover the mess if it gets down to it. Wouldn't that be fun to watch? How about another slow speed freeway chase like OJ, only this time it's Rummy and Cheney?

They are young enough to carry the torch, and seek justice for this great crime against humanity. Some of us must admit we have grown weary in this battle. I smelled a rat day one, and thirteen years is a long time to beat a drum. I'm tired of trying to convince people my age.They swallowed the hideously flawed story long ago and made up their minds to live with it. But the youth, they see it for the pack of lies that it is, and they have a mountain of energy to press forward and look for answers.

And mostly, they believe the world can make great changes. They've just seen gay marriage, legal pot and federalized health care in a few short years. Why indeed then can't NIST answer some questions? And they will continue to ask until someone breaks. I feel it. The tide turneth.

I hope you're right

You make some good observations here. But there's also this concern I've had--that the younger generation has little if any memory of a time when the USA Patriot Act, and degrading searches at airports and other public places, and an endless 'war on terror' were not in force. They're all simply part of the atmosphere in which they grew up and consequently (so I fear) taken for granted. The key isn't just openness to the truth about 9/11, but a recognition of how fundamental the event and the ongoing cover-up have been to changing things for the worse; and consequently, how vital the issue of the truth about 9/11 is to turning back the agenda of these ruling elites and changing things for the better. It's been hard enough getting people who, in their adult years, lived through these negatively transforming events as they were unfolding to make the connection between 9/11 truth and putting a stop to these ongoing crimes. Will those who've grown up taking this current context for granted be able to make the connection? Again, I can only hope so.

The tin foil hat is now on the "other head"....

That is a very remarkable and welcome little piece of news, implying much in one very short paragraph. 9/11 was a "shock and awe" event against everyone, most especially the American people - and the induced mass psychological trauma prevented the masses from viewing the event with the rational mind - the emotional components took over almost completely as common sense was suspended. It happened to me too. I would also volunteer that this "lengthy mass suspension of sanity" re. 9/11 was an essential component in allowing the most likely perpetrators to get away with it, remain at large, and perhaps act again - at a time of their choosing
Time is always the great healer, and as the balance shifts back towards the rational, we find that common sense starts to prevail. The "tin foil hat is now firmly planted on the other head".

Tin Foil Hat

Just as the "stop-loss" phrase conspiracy theory was brought to you by the CIA via CIA Document 1035-960, it may interest you to know that tin foil hat is another construction of the elite and was coined by none other than Julian Huxley: "The concept of a tin foil hat for protection against interference of the mind was mentioned in a science fiction short story by Julian Huxley, The Tissue-Culture King , first published in 1927, in which the protagonist discovers that "caps of metal foil" can block the effects of telepathy." (Source: Wiki)

Its later usage

Not that I've read the story; but, in fairness to Huxley, it sounds like he employed it simply as a storytelling device in a work of science fiction, not as a way of mocking his protagonist or people like him. More significant to me would be finding out when it was first removed from the context of Huxley's story and used (and by whom) to mock pretty much anyone who suspects that governments just might not really have the best interests of the general public at heart. Just as the way 'conspiracy theorist' is used.

Can we call it aluminum foil yet?

Modern critics of the 'truth movement' can't even get the metal right -so why suffer them?

they get it

Three years ago my son, a highschool sophomore at the time, gave a 9/11 Truth presentation at school replete with video and well sourced evidence. The teacher didn't flinch and at least half the audience of students were already aware of the official story of 9/11 being highly suspect. (The other half couldn't have cared less one way or another.) The one guy who tried to say it had been debunked was "owned" when he admitted he didn't know about 7. Among my son's close circle of friends, the number is 100% who don't buy the official report. To them the truth is as plain as day.