A tricky demolition!

21 story tower block in Birmingham, England by DSM demolition

Video explaining how the tower was demolished.


Will send a video of WTC7 to DSM.


Yes, excellent idea to send them a video of WTC7.

The DSM demolition bears eerie similarities to WTC7:

1) the *almost* perfect symmetry
2) the lack of much if any explosive "pulses" exiting the building from high up
3) the small diameter of the debris field surrounding the building's descent
4) the general rate of collapse

"Debunking" sites in the past have used number 1--the slight asymmetry--as a reason WTC7 was (supposedly) not a CD. That argument was already absurd. this video is further proof of that absurdity.

What's to worry about?

What's the big fuss? We all know demolition of even much higher buildings can be done without any of the care these charlatans take. Don't you just have to fly a plane nearby, start a few floors on fire, and voila, the job is done in a few seconds? I mean, wasn't it proven on 9/11 that buildings are inherently unstable and naturally fall into the path of most resistance, as well as precisely where they will do the least damage to intensive capital investments nearby? I have videos and can prove it.
These demolition guys are pulling our legs trying to make us believe there is any science or planning necessary to do their job well.