Dick Cheney: “the next time, it will be with far deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters.”

'This Week': Dick Cheney


Appearing on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, former Vice President Dick Cheney plainly stated that there are much bigger problems than are going on in Iraq.

Using a recent Rand Corporation poll, Cheney listed all of the other terrorist organizations that are popping up around the globe who are as dangerous as ISIS, if not more, especially those with nuclear capabilities.

There’s been a 58% increase in the number of groups like al Qaeda — Salafi-Jihadists, and it stretches from west Africa all across north Africa, east Africa, through the Middle East all the way around to Indonesia — a doubling of the number of terrorists out there.

I worry about Pakistan. Just a couple of weeks ago, in Pakistan, the Taliban — the same group we just released five of the leaders of from Guantanamo — raided Karachi Airport. Why do I care about that? Well, Pakistan is unique in that it has a significant inventory of nuclear weapons.

During the interview, Cheney stated that he is worried that there will be another 9/11 and that “the next time, it will be with far deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters.”

If I Were Dick, I'd be Concerned, Too

Ol' Dick should be concerned for all the mischief he's stirred up. It's a wonder he can sleep at all.

It's a lot more than

It's a lot more than mischief.

He and his group are the number one terrorist organization in the world.
and have been for many years.

How many people by his order and policy has he killed? Injured physically and psychologically? Imprisoned? Natural resources stolen? Nature destroyed?

He's in the shit so deep, that outside of swallowing cyanide, he seems to believe he must blow away everyone.
hence his hint at some new manufactured terror event

It seems repentance and asking for forgiveness are still hidden somewhere

Perhaps he's also under pressure from shareholders/fellow directors to boost share prices for defense energy reconstruction etc companies
and/or maybe their NWO plans are going offtrack...

It's hard to comprehend why anyone pays any attention to his lying fear war mongering bs anymore.
It's hard for me to comprehend why i'm even wasting time writing this...
i should be out enjoying life...
i guess we're all lost

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