The Smoking Guns of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Must-Read:  “The 2001 Anthrax Deception”

Professor Graeme MacQueen has written a must-read book on the anthrax attacks on America: The 2001 Anthrax Deception.

Even those of us who have paid close attention to – and written broadly on – the 2001 anthrax attacks will learn stunning new information.

For example, we learned the following eye-opening facts from the book:

  • There was a set of 3 letters sent around the same time as the initial anthrax mailings, which attempted to frame the Russians for the anthrax attacks, and which warned of further attacks.  These letters could not have been sent by Dr. Bruce Ivins (the scientist the FBI blamed for the attacks), nor could they have been “copycat” letters
  • Less than 3 months before the anthrax attack, the government carried out a simulated exercise called “Dark Winter”, where: a lethal germ had been aerosolized then released; anonymous letters threatened anthrax attacks; Iraq and Al Qaeda are blamed for the attacks; and preparations are made for the drastic reduction of civil liberties in the United States, including martial law
  • The National Academy of Sciences found that the anthrax mailed to Congressmen and the media could have come from a different source altogether than the flask maintained by Ivins
  • The Department of Justice argued in a lawsuit that the anthrax used in the attacks was of a completely different nature (dried, aerosolized, and specially treated to act as a lethal weapon) than maintained by Dr. Ivins (a standard liquid solution):
  • PBS’ Frontline, ProPublica and McClatchy newspaper all found that Dr. Ivins was doing valid and important work during the timeframes when the FBI claims that he “went missing”
  • There is reason to suspect that the same people who carried out 9/11 also carried out the anthrax attacks

We’re not the only people who have already spent countless hours researching the anthrax attacks who MacQueen’s work enlightening.

For example, Meryl Nass, M.D. – consultant on the prevention and mitigation of bioterrorism for the Director of National Intelligence and the World Bank, and an expert on anthrax vaccines – writes:

Finally, a book has come out that explodes the FBI’s anthrax letters case. Not only is there no evidence linking Army scientist Bruce Ivins to the crime–it turns out his famous flask of anthrax was never proven to be related to the attack spores! MacQueen peeks behind the curtain, showing that nothing about the anthrax letters case is as it seems.

And Dr. Francis A. Boyle – author of the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, and a Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, Champaign – notes:

Professor MacQueen provides yet another piece of the puzzle connecting the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to the immediately following anthrax attacks of October 2001 that were indisputably conducted by Agents of the United States government.

We agree with Denis J. Halliday – UN Assistant Secretary-General from 1994-98 – who says:

This deeply troubling book should be read by all thinking Americans.

Pull a thread

Pull a thread on the Anthrax Attack and once again 9/11 unravels. A very important book and more so because so much of this story has been reported by the MSM. I've just finished reading Graeme's book and am glad to see his work in this area formalized and published.

Jerome Hauer!

On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer advised the White House to begin taking Cipro, an antibiotic which is effective against anthrax.

There is a truckload of evidence, some solid, much circumstantial, which points to Mr. Hauer having advance knowledge - at the very least - of the anthrax attacks.

The following link is a relevant read in the anthrax issue and how closely related to 9/11 it was:

"On September 11, 2001,

"On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer advised the White House to begin taking Cipro, an antibiotic which is effective against anthrax."

do you have a specific source for this? I've always wondered who it was since many people appeared to have foreknowledge.
If it was Jerome Hauer that makes me believe that people outside the inner circle of the White House were given the same tip namely OEM buddy Rudy Giuliani and another guy Hauer shared the stage with to talk 'anti terrorism' in '99, Richard Clarke

This is all I have on record about it...

"On the night of the Sept. 11 attacks, the White House Medical Office dispensed Cipro to staff accompanying Vice President Dick Cheney as he was secreted off to the safety of Camp David, and told them it was "a precaution," according to one person directly involved."

Amazing book

I thought I had read just about everything having to do with the 2001 Anthrax attacks, but I was wrong. A lot of new and important information here. Judith Miller's suspicious nature just keeps inflating like a balloon. Hopefully I will be having Graeme on to discuss his new book for the next Media Roots Radio 9/11 Bulletin episode about the '2nd wave of terror'

Operation Dark Winter

So there was a drill months before the 9/11-anthrax operation? How surprising. Here's basic info from wiki:
I'm sure Graeme's book provides much more detail. Question: Did ODW also include scripted media reports? Here's a video posted by Media Monarchy. (KMSA 10 does not appear to be an actual news station. There's a radio station with those letters.)

thanks for sharing that vid

thanks for sharing that vid

found these last night on Cspan having insomnia after being shaken by Graeme's book

Judith Miller discusses her bioterror book on 2 different occasions

november 12th 2001

november 22nd 2001