Architecture and Engineering Faculties of Five Major Universities Receive Explosive 9/11 Evidence

"Any time you can take the censors out of the equation and speak directly to the people you want to reach, the more control you have over the situation and the stronger the impact of your message will be." — Andrew Steele


More than 1,200 packets containing the research papers of experts on the evidence for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center were mailed to the architectural and engineering faculties of four Ivy League schools and a "public Ivy" university in a massive outreach campaign last winter, according to AE911Truth Public Relations Manager Andrew Steele, who spearheaded the effort.


Mail Out to UTA’s School of Architecture

A mail out is an extremely important action. And anyone or any group can do this. After all, we are independent thinkers and “doers”. Joe, the founder of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”, has a mantra: “If not me, then who?”

MARKETING: One aspect of marketing is “Repeat the Message”. We see examples of this all the time with our junk mail and advertising on TV of the same commercials repeatedly. Another aspect of marketing is “targeting your audience”. Unique as “an attention getter” is the fact that a DVD is included in the received envelope…most junk mail does not contain a DVD. (AOL first promoted itself by giving out free discs and became highly successful as a result.)

”North Texans for 9/11 Truth” ( ) has been waging a campaign for years, and will continue to wage this campaign which targets a very large School of Architecture in North Texas. Our group has given out way more than 60,000 DVDs (about a mile high stack) through the years along with literally tons of literature.

Arlington is a city located between Dallas and Ft Worth which is the host of some major attractions such as “Six Flags Over Texas”, “AT&T Stadium” (home of the Dallas Cowboys) and Texas Rangers' Globe Life Park. Within a few miles of these attractions is located a 420 acre campus which holds the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) School of Architecture ( ).

For years now, almost every year in the Fall, our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” Group has done a mailout to the faculty and associated student body at UTA’s School of Architecture. The mail out always includes a DVD produced by Ae911Truth along with brochures ( ).

In 2011, a courageous student journalist of the UTA campus newspaper ( Lindsey Juarez, The Shorthorn staff ) wrote this article entitled: ”Two groups for 9/11 explore the destruction and collapse of Twin Towers”
( ).

“North Texans for 9/11 Truth” will continue this mail out campaign yearly, “priming the pump”. Then, when the moment is right, we hope to bring in Richard Gage as a guest speaker to UTA’s School of Architecture and open a can of “whoop ass”.

Campus Appearances / TV Ads

On the one hand I love the idea of outreach to professors, but the problem is that they aren't going to speak out or rock the boat due to fear of losing their jobs. If the schools themselves won't allow paid advertisements then tenured professors aren't going to even sign a petition out of fear of losing their jobs and/ or retirement plans. So what is a solution?

1. Place paid advertisements in whatever university papers will allow them. If it's Ivy League, then great. If not then pay to put ads in other college papers.

2. Coordinate with student groups to get actual A/Es on campus to speak. . Or in a debate format if necessary. Promote the debate. A/Es have to include more than just Richard Gage, the individual. This could result in bigger media coverage due to the 'controversy.'

3. If you have the ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, then spend it on TV ADS.

I've advocated this formula for about 7 years now.

I'm with you on this 100%

You are absolutely correct. In fact, in my book, you have always been a king of promotional ideas with clever, cost effective approaches. Through the years, you have advocated some killer ideas on promotion. Anyone can track some of your past comments and get some incredible marketing insight. Our group has often utilized your promotional concepts, even if on a scaled-down version because of costs and lack of "manpower" ("manpower" = people who will take the reins).

I am glad that you mentioned again, the ad in the University paper. As school gears up in the late summer, I will investigate costs. At most institutions, the paper is primarily put out by students with a few instructors who oversee it.

Good reminder: This year again, I will try to focus more on the student body of different campus organizations. I have tried in the past. It takes a student who can ramrod and is passionate.

Funding: Damn!...I hate struggling with trying to recruit donations. Often, it becomes simpler just to "do it myself" with my own slim wallet which rivals empty on my gas tank. Almost every year in the Fall, I personally place classified ads (which stand out in the announcement section) in small local papers, because it doesn't take away the baby's milk off the table. Trying to get others to do it as an independent action also becomes difficult. On one campaign with a quarter page ad in The Dallas Observer, I ran into all kinds of grief while collecting funds when some people wanted to "suddenly change where the funds go" towards a different action. I guess every member in our group and in other groups run into the "strain" in trying to get others to help with a program. Pulling teeth is easier and less stressful. Our group has a "policy" that it is up to the originator of an idea to push it all the way through, not just throw a soft-idea-in-the-head out there and expect it to magically happen. Joe has gone through this strain of getting others to help since 2006. It is a tough road...but ha! ...McGee, I know that you know exactly what I am talking about, because you run into it all the time.

TV Ads - When I had my own chain of stores and wholesale operations, I got some good deals. Sometimes, 30 second spots on the History Channel for $60 or less.

Here are a few pics for funzies...

...and I really like signs. They are cost-effective.

Efforts underway....

any background on that firefighter vest photo?

That's my new screen saver!!! On Imgur, I am seeing: posted 18 hours ago with almost 194,000 views, and no other details. It looks to be a real firefighter, possibly at a 9/11 anniversary in NYC. The heavens are surely shaking now, as well as the perps in their shoes.

Edit: 197,00 views. Is this photo going viral? How come I've never seen it before? I think I've dreamed it though.

What's going on here?

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It's back. Now as 19 hours ago. 197,442 views. We broke the Internets!

Edit: 20 hours ago, 202,908 views

Not sure...

Not sure Randy. I ran across it here and was hoping for some context as well. As far as date/time/location, name and numbers of the group etc. Didn't find any:

Here's where I first saw it:

9/11 by the numbers

Thanks Orangutan. The 343 would have to be the number of firefighters and paramedics killed on 9/11. That would be before any subsequent deaths from health related issues

Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343
Number of NYPD officers: 23
Number of Port Authority police officers: 37

A friend of mine offered this, but he isn't sure: I think this FF spoke at one of the Anniversary events in NYC...maybe unveiling the giant billboard.

Here Ya Go! Our Hero from Florida, 9/11/13

Another friend of mine, Bill in LA, got a response from Richard Gage. Below is the email, as I have copied it, which went out to at least 80 people yesterday, so there is nothing personal included. There is a link to the A&E website. I haven't watched all the videos to see if his name is actually given. At the bottom of this page (link below) you will see a photo of two men in these vests.

Randy and all my truth friends....
I sent your fireman's vest email out to my 911 list and here's a reply from Richard Gage.

Hi Bill -
I've cc'd him above! He's a firefighter from Florida. He spoke at our 12th Anniversary street assembly - with Bill Pepper and Cynthia Mckinney under the "Did you know a 3rd Tower fell on 9/11?" NY Times Billboard. Here's the article with videos in it:

I forget his name - but I think we have him on film at the above link. And he gave me a very nice framed gift. His twitter is @ghostsof911

Lt. Daniel Noel