Update on Twin Towers Drawing Books


FYI to others; I had to make a onedrive account to get the bulk download to work.

Thanks for that. Anyone who

Thanks for that. Anyone who is following these structural details closely will be particularly interested in book 18 which shows the anchor details both within the core and around the perimeter. Even just the shear studs that attach them make the whole thing so much more composite. It is becoming clearer in my opinion that these buildings gave way at the transfer areas around the corners of the core perimeter structure.

The idea that sagging floor trusses initiated the collapse as per the NIST hypothesis is now more ridiculous than ever. The initiation was in the core, and I cannot see how sagging floor trusses could possibly have left anything unsupported to the extent that NISt claim.

Note that in their full ANSYS model NIST omitted the strap anchors, clip angles, shear studs and perhaps most crucially the bridging trusses in the one way areas. They also decided to model the truss seats identically at the core ends of the floor tusses. I made a video to illustrate this a while ago when I first got sight of Book 6, which was posted earlier.

I may have missed this one...

Do you realise that your link

Do you realise that your link there refers to WTC7 only ? It doesn't mention anything about the towers and has no relevance to this series of posts whatsoever. This is about the structural drawings for the towers, not WTC7. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc would be the place to get original ANSYS files for the towers anyhow.

Add - see here for details http://www.sgh.com/projects/global-analysis-world-trade-center-towers

WTC Drawing Book 7 - Floor Trusses

WTC Drawing Book 7 - Floor Trusses North and South Tower https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjophWeMbRuajlGnJG_q7AZdSBnC This is 2.3 GB