DOJ Responds to Grand Jury Petition

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Robert Alexander, possible witness

According to Barbara Honegger, Robert Alexander is one of the witnesses in this. While I don't know if his story is true, he did sign a jurat affidavit regarding his claims. Among other things, he says he saw in Oceanside CA in January 2000, these three together: John Brennan, Prince Bandar, and Nawaf Al-Hazmi (plus some others). They are said to have entered his military dry-cleaning laundromat, Dorothy's Military Shop.

If his story is true, a movie might be made of it someday. Just a prediction, because it's quite a story. It also involves fighting a group of five Saudis in a restroom at Harrisburg Airport, Pennsylvania, and a visit from James Clapper, who wanted Alexander to go public with the restroom fight story, though once Alexander reported the earlier part about Brennan, Bandar, and Al-Hazmi in Oceanside, Clapper commanded him to keep hush.

Crazy stuff. The easy-to-find parts, such as the timing of the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania, seem to match up.

Some have criticized Barbara Honegger. And some may criticize Dan Hennen. Robert Alexander, though, is in a position to greatly help or greatly hurt matters re: 9/11. I am interested in what he has to say.

Any thoughts as to Alexander's credibility?

postscript: honest mistakes?

Some of Alexander's errors may be honest mistakes or even naivete. The third video above helps clarify some of these. As a further example, he seems to think he gave his Saudi friend in Oceanside the actual idea of "kamikaze" jet planes. More probable would be that Alexander had expressed an idea of which his Saudi friend was already aware.

As crazy as his story sounds, there is logic in its progression. Spied upon, say, by people connected with Brennan--after the Brennan encounter--they knew Alexander would be traveling to Pennsylvania to see his nephew in the Little League World Series. There, at the airport, they found an opportunity to attempt murdering him.

Just speculating.


WTF has Robert Alexander got to do with the US|Attorney response?

Unsupported, no documentation claims versus solid science.

PM if you want specifics. I hesitate to give this even one more second of attention.

Thank you.

Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander's story needs to be put on the back burner until ALL his statements are verified and triangulated with documented factual evidence. Otherwise it may very well ruin the reputation of the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. Anyone can have a statement specially notarized. This does not qualify for proof of each statement, not for our legal needs. The LC is in a very precarious position and must maintain perfect legitimacy.

I am surprised the LC is allowing the Alexander story to be discussed by board members to the public and sensationalized like it has been UNTIL the story is believed by the LC Board and it is voted upon to back it. For when a member of the LC puts it out there, that IS an endorsement no matter if the person gives a caveat they are speaking for themselves. We can not take any chances now. Being a LC Board member must take priority over sensationalizing stories before they are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true. His story may very well be true, and he should buy himself a polygraph test, do the FOIA requests for airport documents to prove he was there. There ARE video recordings, and there will be records of a person being slashed up with a knife in their restroom for sure. He was given first aid at the airport, surely those documents exist. HE should have by now provided all the proof needed, in fact before he ever wrote to the LC he should have done this. Totally.

Now that the LC has a website and it making headway all kinds of stories will come out of the woodwork. The closer to success with proving the Truth, the more 'stories' will come forward. You can damn well count on #1: The bad guys are going to do anything in their very strong evil power to stop justice, #2. Many good people with real stories may write in,but the LC can not take time away to track down each lead, not until they get a real brick and mortar building with volunteers and interns helping.
The person with the story must verify it with #1. A polygraph test from a licensed facility #2. Well documented proof of their claims, names, exact dates, addresses, etc. #3. Notarized statement. Something along those lines.

August 2001

WTF has Robert got to do with the lawyers committee for 9/11 not a lot just guy they helped out ..And for starters they were the first to listen to the story Jane Clark in particular ! She was instrumental in pointing Barbara Honegger in my direction GOD BLESS her for that ! I haven’t ask for anything other then telling the story in a Federal Court of Law. In 2015 after keeping silent for 14 years.. I finally broke down shared this story with FBI agent Chris Hendrickson in my home after dinner. Chris told his boss and I was invited to put this down on paper at the San Diego Bureau of FBI . I showed up February 2016 and did just that ! At end of interview FBI agent tried to intimidating for me .. threatened me with Arrest ! She said making false statements to a federal officer my immediate response was for her to do it ! I told her in my defense.. I’ll ask for TWO things in Discovery ! 1st Airport Video Surveillance Tapes of Harrisburg International Airport of Me August 25,26,2001 ! 2nd Would be The “Recorded Conversation” Made To San Diego Bureau of the FBI Prior to 9/11 in August of 2001 . I made a lot of mistakes but I never lied in August and September of 2001 ! US Government can’t say the same thing ! Also took it a step farther to prove my point and Spent Two Day’s Writing Up My Sworn Jurat Affidavit and had it Notarized ! Under Penalty of Perjury any Federal Court proceeding, Congressional Inquiry or Bona fide Grand Jury ! I don’t discount anybody’s opinions are hypothesis on 9/11. Because at this point wouldn’t put anything past the federal government. As to what was done to the WTC and building number 7 . So before you pass judgment I will ask that you at least take the time and effort to read My Sworn Jurat Affidavit and ask yourself simple question why would I Lie ? Yeah any questions feel free to ask I’ll do my best to off come back and reply ..


Thanks, Robert. Would you be willing to step back and tell your story at a later time AFTER the scientific evidence has been presented?

If you wait till after the Grand Jury case, I believe the truth of your story will have a much better chance of coming out.

Blessings to you.

Consider This

James Clapper is unlikely to be found in such a low-level FBI position in AUG 2001 because he worked for SRA International at the time (1998-2001). Prior to 1998 he worked for Booz-Allen. He’s always working in high level directorate positions.

John Brennan is unlikely to be found in such a low-level street position in “early 2000”. In 1999, he was appointed chief of staff to George Tenet, then-Director of the CIA. In MAR 2001 he became deputy executive director of the CIA.

Please think about this for one minute.

Apologies to mods and Kawika

Sorry. I may have misunderstood some things regarding Robert Alexander's status as a witness. I thought, based on statements by Barbara Honegger, that RA was going to be a witness in the LC's grand jury case in NY.

I now see that I may have misunderstood what Barbara Honegger said.

August 2001

Stepping Back ? Lawyers committee for 9/11 truth is not representing me in anyway ..but it’s Kind hard to put that genie back in bottle for me personally . I’ve already played my cards and sent Affidavit to CIA Inspector General and DOJ Inspector General and President Trump . The Lawyers committee on 9/11 truth they have my affidavitis it’s up to them if it’s used ..if the Special Grand Jury Subpoenas me I’d be honored It’s what I’ve been working for on daily the last three year’s . My goal like I said bofore is to tell the story in Federal Court of Law. I’m not trying to write a book. I’m not trying to make a movie or sell a story .I’m just trying to tell the truth and right a horrible wrong ...Now believing there are no coincidences a another door has opened up Senator Diane Feinstein office finally returned an email after three years . Offering her assistance and a case worker. That paperwork is being filled out as we speak and hopefully this works out for all us ..but I know for certain I most certainly have a piece of the puzzle at very beginning with Halim !!! If public ever gets to hear the Recorded Conversation made to the San Diego Bureau of the FBI in August 2001 ! It will remove all doubt about the Truth my fears were spot on

Where's the Connection?

Help me out here.

What does RA have to do with explosives/incendiaries being used at the World Trade Center?

Whoa slow your roll..

There’s been a Big Misunderstanding ! “I’m not being represented by Lawyers Committee in anyway” I’ve had Conversation with Jane and Barbara they took the time to listen to me and my story . I’ll be forever grateful for them for that ! I was about ready to just quit the only I had succeeded at doing by telling the story I put myself and family at risk... Both them renewed my faith to keep pushing ! I hope Architecture and Engineers with the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth get their indictments ! Just like everybody else I’ll be waiting and hoping for the best . And donated to their fight and encourage family members and friends to do the same ! The good news for me is Senator Diane Feinstein‘s office finally returned email and with offer assistance and possible case worker so that’s my best avenue at the present time.. Best of Wishes to Lawyer Committee and all involved seeking the truth ! Sincerely Robert F Alexander

Contents of the Sworn Statement

RA, are the sworn statement words 100% yours?

Will you certify to this research community that you created all content without assistance?

If it isn't 100% yours, what percentage did others contribute?

Proof of the experience you state

Hello there in Oceanside CA.
Your story is important, but only if you yourself provides the documents to verify all you say. You can do the FOIA requests to the airport for the records created when the person you knifed got first aid. And the videos of same and of you and of the others coming in and out of the restroom, coming in and out of the airport. You and the others must have been on several video feeds. These must exist. And if they were wiped out, then you can get that information as well through your diligent letter writing, calls made etc. You can go pay for and get a polygraph test on yourself, sure you can, not that expensive either, and that would lend important validity to your story for all to see. You can make an exact time line, with dates, times, your flight back east- records of that round trip, those do exist and YOU CAN get much of this information. You seem to expect others to do this for you. No no, it is your responsibility to provide this basic information and verification of all you say. This would have been better to do before you came to Barbara or Jane or anyone, with documents to back up your story. This is fundamental that YOU do this research and YOU provide this information, it is YOUR responsibility to do so. No one is saying your story is not true, no one is saying it is, not until you provide the legal documented verification and a polygraph test. This is not much to ask of you either. It is too important of a story for you not to be professional about what you say. Start with a time line, then go from there with getting verified documented proof, this requires YOU to write letters to do the actual footwork and starting now. Thank you very much for coming forward , now provide all the proof needed.

Robert Alexander is not

Robert Alexander is not connected, as far as I know, with evidence of explosives at WTC.

Barbara Honegger spoke of him as a witness re: 9/11. Since she is affiliated with the LC, I made a mistake and thought he was in some way going to be a witness for them (LC). I see now that this is an error.

(And, yes, I have read the main 50+ pages of the LC's evidence, though not the updated version.)

However, there apparently *is* a connection involving the matter of credibility, vis-a-vis RA, Honegger, and the LC.

I don't have a TV, and very rarely listen to radio. I am probably missing some things.

It was on YouTube that I saw him. His story fascinated me, so I asked above about his credibility. For all I knew, someone at 9/11Blogger knew him personally, or had inside knowledge of his story.

What I would say to Robert Alexander is this: even if the story is 100% true, the best time to tell it publicly is after the Lawyers' Committee has finished their Grand Jury case and all the physical evidence has been presented. There is no good reason to tell the story publicly before that time.


100% mine under the penalty of perjury ! I value my freedom but I stand by my words .... I challenged FBI and DOJ Inspector General And POTUS To Prove it’s Lie !

BenFranklin said it.

The burdon of proof is on you. Interviews are all talk, which is nice if one wants to find stuff to check, but it's on you to make documentation publically available supporting your claims. People have tried to verify them, and failed so far. Your 6/26/2018 affidavit contains zero supporing 3rd party documentation. I can verify that you created your 911blogger account 09/2016.

Guys... this one is my bad.

I started all this with the opening comment. Sometimes I'm too impetuous, not careful enough in evaluating things. I watched YouTube and reacted too quickly.

Best to you, Robert.

Best to you, Kawika.

My fault.

No Worries Satykaama

Thank you for taking time watching Video.. I think pandora box is getting opened on the Truth on 9/11 with Special Grand Jury ! Am not going anywhere and I’m quite willing to wait my turn ! After Architects & Engineers present their evidence hopefully SenatorFeinstein works out for me..God Bless