UPDATE: The Signed Kennebunkport Warning

UPDATE: 8-30-2007 - The controversy continues with this Warning, and visitors to and users of 911blogger.com should know that there are accusations of a hoax and misrepresentation surrounding this document. On her website, Dahlia Wasfi states, "Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, and Jamilla El-Shafei, none of us signed that document." However, this does not appear to be borne out in the jpeg below, which features El-Shafei's signature first, Sheehan's in the fourth slot, and Wasfi's in the fifth slot. Bruce Marshall of www.actindependent.org (who sent us the scan) is adamant that all signees in the jpeg physically signed the document and were conscious of what they were signing. To date, Wasfi is the only signee who is publicly distancing herself from the warning on the record, that we know of. We'll keep you posted. -rep.

There has been some controversy about the Kennebunkport Warning. Bruce Marshall of www.actindependent.org has the original signed document, and sent in a scan of the document;

Note that McKinney's name is on not the document. She was not physically present to sign when the other signees were around. She gave her endorsement to Marshall verbally, according to Marshall.

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Show "False Flag Topoff Iran Cheney USgovtTerrorism" by dMole
Show "KenneDebunkport debunked" by John Leonard

Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

And why do all 3 of the main promoters of the Kennebunkport Warning have LaRouche connections?

Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

Webster Tarpley was a member of the LaRouche inner circle - a high ranking LaRouchian operative for nearly 20 years. He was the founder of the LaRouche movement's european branch, served as Lyndon LaRouche's intelligence chief, was President of LaRouche's Schiller Institute, a frequent host on The LaRouche Connection cable television show and even ran for Senate on the LaRouche platform. Many in the Vermont Green Party have claimed that both Marshall and Craig's campaigns were stealth LaRouchian campaigns - the kind that the LaRouche movement was notorious for running in the 80s and 90s using the Democratic party. On this very forum, Bruce Marshall has testified to his abiding admiration for the LaRouche ideology: you can read it here.

The Kennebunkport Warning Hoax

The Kennebunkport Warning: Hoax?

The Kennebunkport Warning: Hoax?

The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy: A Study in Divisive Accusations, Insults, and Ad-Hominem Attacks

The Kennebunkport Warning: A Hoax?

The Kennebunkport Warning: A Hoax?

Official statement from Dahlia S. Wasfi, MD:

***Re: "The Kennebunkport Warning"***

The Bush administration has proven that sacrificing lives of Americans and other innocents around the world is a price worth paying in the name of criminal corporate profit. Dr. Phil says that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. As such, it is certainly within the realm of possibility for the neo-conservative junta in Washington to launch another war based on lies. However, I do not have "the smoking gun," if you will, to prove it.

I signed a statement in Kennebunkport to endorse the impeachment of Dick Cheney, but my signature has been used on this "Warning" without my consent. While I was humbled to have my signature misappropriated with such prominent voices as Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, and Jamilla El-Shafei, none of us signed that document.

Therefore, please contact the statement's distributors for information on their evidence.

With you in the struggle until justice is served,



Comment from Cindy Sheehan via MySpace:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: The Real Cindy Sheehan
Date: Aug 29, 2007 8:44 AM

all i can say is that the entire thing is shady


What the heck is going on here?

What the heck is going on here?

If these people's signature's were used in an unethical way we have a serious problem of credibility here.


Yeah, got me thinking when I

Yeah, got me thinking when I saw it originally with Cindy Sheehan's name on it. I guess many have posted the warning on different forums already (myspace etc...) + infowars.net picked up on that too. WELL, it's time to make a correction then and move on.

As sad as this is, I'll point out they didn't try too hard

All someone had to do was double check with the signatorees(however the hell you spell that) and ask them, "Oi, you sign this?" and the games up.

So, why this half arsed plant?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Rovian tactic to be found

Rovian tactic to be found later - remember Sgt. Chavez?
After stewing this over for a bit - I am convinced this was to put a wedge between 9/11 Truth and the Signators of the letter - discrediting all parties involved.

Its not the enemies outside the city walls that are the most dangerous, its the ones inside who will slit your throat while you sleep.
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This is very bad, and could

This is very bad, and could possibly be a clever tactic to smear our movement.

looks like a reverse Rovian Rather

What do you think, should we

What do you think, should we "pull" this thing until it is confirmed or denied?

I don't think it should be

I don't think it should be swept under the rug - Looks like someone else outsde the movement was supposed to call this a fraud - We have been underestimated.

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I simply...

Want to know who did it.

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Tarpley Here's the other


Here's the other little part of this torrid tale - the infowars post of this 8/27 is posted on Digg- but this is the weird part - its from one of the bury brigades , people that ALWAYS digg down infowars/prisonplanet stories.
And it has 460+ diggs

So how did he know this was a setup from day one?

It's a trick - Get an Axe!
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I'm sure...

Webster wrote it because of the fact that he supplied the "evidence" to substantiate the claim. My question is, was he the one that obtained the signatures? Although, it's a little hard to understand how someone could get signatures for one thing, and attach them to something else without the author's knowledge.

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Yes it is - Tarpley is

Yes it is - Tarpley is busted.
Someone needs to contact Bruce Marshall of Actindependent - he claims to have the original?
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From Captain "MayDay"s yahoo group:

After some bloke was banned for saying it was a hoax:

"I have checked with Dr. Kevin Barrett and have it from him and Webster Tarpley that the warning is genuine. CPTMAY"


Mind, he gives no links or correspondence to back this up...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Is the The Signed Kennebunkport Warning A Hoax?

Is the The Signed Kennebunkport Warning A Hoax? Here is what we know:

It's fishy:
Dahlia S. Wasfi, MD: http://www.liberatethis.com/
Cindy Sheehan via MySpace: http://www.911blogger.com/node/10947#comment-158689

No, it's legitimate:
Kevin Barrett (according to Captain May see below)
Captain May http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/Portland-Nuclear-Inquest/message/543
Webster Tarpley http://www.911blogger.com/node/10925

Craig Hill
"I just spoke with Craig Hill, treasurer of the Green Party of Vermont who verified that he is indeed a signatory of this document and indicated to me that the document is very real." http://www.911blogger.com/node/10925#comment-158645

Why is the Kennebunkport Warning A Hoax?

"I signed a statement in Kennebunkport to endorse the impeachment of Dick Cheney, but my signature has been used on this "Warning" without my consent. While I was humbled to have my signature misappropriated with such prominent voices as Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, and Jamilla El-Shafei, none of us signed that document." http://www.911blogger.com/node/10947#comment-158689

Who made the Kennebunkport Warning?
Webster Tarpley http://www.911blogger.com/node/10925
The attached document file has at the end comments by Webster Tarpley

Tarpley Says about an Iran Attack
"A well-known Democratic member of the House of Representatives has repeatedly told individual supporters that the top leadership of the Democratic Party has explicitly approved an attack on Iran."

According to this report:
“[Congressman John Oliver] is deeply concerned whether we will actually have an election in Nov. '08, as he believes this administration will likely strike Iran from the air, declare a national emergency, and cancel the '08 elections.” Bob Feuer, July 5, 2007

There is strong supporting evidence that there will be an attack on Iran:
See here:

Framing Iran using the put options?

"There is strong supporting evidence that there will be an attack on Iran..."

Mystery trader bets market will crash by a third

Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11

Strange movements seem to be appearing on the Japanese market as well (follow the link below).

From the post copied below, the following idea occurred to me: what if the purpose is not really to make a profit using those put options, but to frame Iran - or, perhaps if deemed too transparent, Venezuela, which also has great oil reserves and a troublesome leader - as a state speculating with the put options. After the attack, it will be shown that Iran or Venezuela had bought those put options because they knew the attack was coming because they organized the attack. Just speculating, but... What do you think?

"They would have to be around to collect the winnings. I was not
pushing one scenario over another, just laying out the various
options. Several in my family work in the markets and we are of the
opinion that if it was a terrorist event the 'player' in this scenario
could be another country like Iran, or another country funded by Iran,
who knows what is coming, has the megabucks to play and could be legit
enough to collect."



Heh, heh...

Agree completely--don't sweep it. Do tell everyone we can we know it's a hoax...and then hunt the chain of custody down like a rabid dog.

I know locally the "smiling shill machine" was pushing it mad. Got one mate who's going to enjoy shoving this in the shill boss' face, he will. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

And just to drive the point home..


This letter is a hoax 29.Aug.2007 08:16
brendan link


This letter is a hoax

29.08.2007 15:37
This letter is a hoax. I emailed Dahlia Wasfi about it and this was his response:

Dear Brendan,
Thank you for writing. I did not sign that statement, and I've written the author to that effect. In fact, in an email exchange, I, Cindy Sheehan, and Jamilla El-Shafei all refuted signing such a statement.

Many thanks for your support.
In solidarity,

It is a hoax! One website posted it two days ago and now every conspiracy website on the net is posting it as if it is fact. Yet nobody has actually gone to the trouble of fact-checking the letter. Everyone is just copying and pasting the original letter like un-thinking lemings. I thought that the 911-truth movement was supposed to be for critical-thinking people!

mail e-mail: cooney (at) bluebottle.com

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

well the insanity is boiling over,.

what ever happened with this, the fact remaines.,. the cheney administration is still pushing to attack Iran.
whom ever endorses this view really don't matter to me, . it is a reallity. If an attack happens I would look to the PNAC bastards first and eliminat them as suspects only with proof.

the question of what this warning was or is will b sorted out, . it's a simple matter of confirmation. ask the signitories.

there is more than a year before the next vote fraud,. and if people freak over a simple post about a warning of an operation faked or not, . then what will we do when a city stops existing due to a pocket nuke? the verification of information needs to be based on rational thought and networking of people who know each other,. set that up now,. before this sht goes down. have people thought about a net blackout,. what will happen when the powers that b shut the net down,. I am supprised that has not happend yet,. it will. what is in place should it happen tomorrow??? phone trees and shortwave? people we need to get it together ,.

We have one tool that the fasists still do not understand,. Bill Hicks layed it down,. choose now; FEAR or LOVE ! Love is the one thing these wor mongering hate spreading bastards don't understand,. use it. embrace it. live it. they can not stop it.

Psychopaths/sociopaths also

Psychopaths/sociopaths also do not understand love as they are not able to experience it themselves. Its just one of things that you can't explain to someone, or understand without being able to experience it. Perhaps that is the core of their sickness?
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Object Of Hoax An Attack On Original Letter

Regarding the impeachment of Dick Cheney- To obfuscate the message of the original. To sow confusion in relation to the activities of the notable authors. And to discredit the proclaimers of the inauthentic document. who are also in some cases the proclaimers of the authentic document.

The Kennebunkport Warning Hoax on TRR

The Kennebunkport Warning Hoax EXPOSED

plus 9/11 truth outreach to marines and police officers -

Truth Revolution Radio August 29 2007 mp3

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I corresponded with Cindy...

Hi Cindy... A Question...


Did you sign this? According to DAHLIA WASFI, she did not sign it, but signed something else, and her name was added to this list.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jon Gold

Her response...

the same thing happened to me as happened to dahlia

I suggest this be taken down. I don't know who did what, but this is NOT good.

Edit: I just got this from Webster.

Dear Friends --
Please get organizations from the peace, impeachment, anti-globalization, 9/11 truth, and other movements, as well as high-profile personalities, celbrities, etc., to endorse, support, distribute, and publicize the Kennebunkport Warning. Some of the signers, under the obvious threats of totalitarian forces, are lying in appalling fashion about what they signed and if they signed. You can see for yourself from the facsimile who signed. We need to move beyond these wretched individuals to build support for this mobilization alert as we enter a very dangerous weekend. Please make a special effort to gather support.
Webster Tarpley

Cindy Sheehan doesn't strike me as someone who would cower from "threats of totalitarian forces" nor do I think of her as a "wretched individual."

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

So Tarpley is calling Cindy

So Tarpley is calling Cindy Sheehan and Dahlia Wasfi liars and wretched individuals? Where the threat warning is legitimate or not is not the question, this action by Tarpley is slimey and unethical.
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I just got this...

Scholars stands with you. You may make Scholars for 9/11 Truth a signatory to your Kennebunkport Warning. [...] Keep up the great work! You are a clear, strong voice for truth!

Jim (Fetzer)

I don't know about anyone else that follows the news, or is apart of this movement, but I don't need a signed warning to tell me that the shit is hitting the fan, and that a possible "attack" is on the way. This seems WAY too convenient considering we're coming up on an anniversary. I'm moving on, but everyone else, feel free to waste your time with the "legitimacy" of this document.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

I'm done with it - its out

I'm done with it - its out in the open - Just going to sit back and watch who acts as damage control for this busted operation.
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Tarpley will be on Kevin Barrett's show tonight

to promote the Kennebunkport Warning

10pm eastern time http://www.wtprn.com/listen.shtml

Have any questions for these guys?

Call in: 888-202-1984

Tarpley and Barrett will be speaking alongside Jim Fetzer and Alfred "extraterrestrial expert" Webre next week in New York City.

And now WE are the "debunkers"!

It's like waking up after a sex-change operation:


" The following Kennebunkport Warning has been confirmed by Webster Tarpley and Dr. Kevin Barrett. Any rumors to the fact that this is a hoax are FALSE. Capt Eric May has confirmed the truth of the Kennebunkport Warning:
The debunkers have been debunked! These weasels and rats and other vermin need to stay in their caves and holes in the ground and not come into the light where they're not wanted giving out disinformation to the public. We all demand full transparency from our officials and the military and demand the vermin extinguish themselves. We are truth seekers and truth tellers who work with the brightest scientists, doctors, professors and military personnel for a complete and honest view of the Iraq occupation and 911 Truth movement to address the lies and crimes surrounding the war cabal that gained control of the USA with its false-flag attack of 9/11, 2001.


I'm starting to see where some of the bedunks are coming from...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Tarpley and Fetzer

Tarpley's show is on now - he says these women are lying about not signing it (and that they must have been threatened) and it doesn't really matter whether they signed it or not because the statement is valid. Jim Fetzer is his guest tonight.


Jim Fetzer? This is a set up

Jim Fetzer?

Scholars for 9/11 Truth does NOT, represent the truth movement.

This is a tar baby, poison pill, HONEY POT operation to discredit 9/11 truth

Cindy Sheehan = Space Beams and TV fakery. Is that the purpose of this HOAX?

It looks like a deliberate SET UP from my vantage point. Any association with Jim Fetzer is a deliberate attack against the 9/11 truth movement--in my humble opinion. He has proven time and time again that he is not interested in either 9/11 truth or justice.

The fact that Tarpley would interview Fetzer on the radio so shortly after accusations of a Hoax is extremely suspect.

I am amazed at how Fetzer is

I am amazed at how Fetzer is ALWAYS behind or beside everything shady of late.
Is he running some sort of Infiltration Think Tank - he is an extremely smart man, and as such I would never underestimate his cognitive capabilities, its his ethics that seem to be nonexistent.

I wonder how many moves out he has planned out, and what this speed bump has done to his plans?
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Ho Ho Ho Ho *cough* Hoax?

"Please get organizations from the peace, impeachment, anti-globalization, 9/11 truth, and other movements, as well as high-profile personalities, celbrities, etc., to endorse, support, distribute, and publicize the Kennebunkport Warning. Some of the signers, under the obvious threats of totalitarian forces, are lying in appalling fashion about what they signed and if they signed. You can see for yourself from the facsimile who signed. We need to move beyond these wretched individuals to build support for this mobilization alert as we enter a very dangerous weekend. Please make a special effort to gather support." Webster Tarpley

"Scholars stands with you. You may make Scholars for 9/11 Truth a signatory to your Kennebunkport Warning. [...] Keep up the great work! You are a clear, strong voice for truth!" Jim (Fetzer)

Ho Ho Ho Ho *cough* Hoax?

Fetzer: “Oh Really?? Oh ho ho ho ho! Oh Judy. Oh my, oh my, oh my. This is huge… this is huge Judy!!”

"wretched individuals"? Is this some kind of a bad joke?

This is outrageous! I don't want to jump to conclusions here but this is VERY suspicious. It stinks. Let's get some answers...

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Craig Hill, in response to questions about the Kennebunkport Warning:

I cannot understand the supposed shadiness of this rather innocuous statement. I say much worse every morning in the shower, and again once fully awakened on the telephone. I most certainly signed it, and would sign a much sterner version of its conclusions:

The traitors who killed Americans on 9/11 did so not only to promote endless war and destruction of our constitutional liberties, but to fulfill Adolf's dream of corporations uber alles (Hitler attacked Poland on 9/1; Daddy Bush's team accomplished what Hitler could not, an attack on America on 9/11).

It's all right there in PNAC, released in September 2000: The catastrophic catalyzing event, the overthrow of Saddam and reorganization of Iraq, the control of what was then $7 trillion of energy resources in the region, which means control of Iranian oil as well, the encirclement of Russia and China, and the reestablishment of SAC as the newest branch of our bloated military, Space Command, with the immediate aim of the militarization of space via nuclear weapons and other exotic dangers orbiting Earth, pointing down and controlling entire societies under threat they, too, may suffer that which Dr Judy Wood persuasively suggests occurred in NYC on 9/11: A demonstration showing the world's leaders what will happen to their cities unless they accede to the domination of Neocon Amerika.

Cindy signed the Kennebunkport Warning. Her signature is clear and crisp. I know the man who circulated it. He does not invent. She scanned it and signed on. I would like to know why the language in the document is seemingly "shady". She certainly didn't think so when she signed it. I feel this is something Cindy may have been advised to think long after the fact, or say she thought. What other agenda might her gatekeepers be promoting? Read it for yourself. Nothing shady was done to obtain her signature. "Please read this and, if you can, sign it." Her oblique criticism is what is unfortunately murky, i believe to her detriment, and hope she will reread what she signed and see it as the call that must be made at this time to arrest the slide toward another much worse and bigger war.
The onus is on her not to remove herself from these sentiments but to elaborate on them, repeatedly, to use her station and her race against Pelosi to stop the next bigger round of mass murder before it begins, not once it begins. That is the only agenda of the KW, though not the agenda of the single war party that controls its justifiably unpopular governance.

~ Craig Hill / Signator, Kennebunkport Warning


Thanks to WoZ:

From: The Real Cindy Sheehan
Date: Aug 29, 2007 8:03 PM

dear woz


whoever had me sign something the other day in
kennebunkport misrepresented it to me and my assistant.

i would never have signed that "warning" the way it was written.



I've been suspicious of Tarpley since his pathetic appearance on FOX several months ago. That interview was an embarassment. I don't remember what was said, but I do remember that his replies were conspicuously weak and in some instances, incoherent.
He needs to redeem himself very rapidly in order for him to not lose his credibility within the movement.

Welcome to the world of counter-intelligence and cointelpro

The fun is only just beginning, brothers and sisters, as we are entering the most critical phase of the 9/11 truth movement and modern U.S. history.

I hope everyone is paying very close attention and has their notebooks out, as it is going to get deep and muddy real fast.

9/11 truth is spreading and the perps and their minions will pull out all the stops to keep the peace and impeachment movements from fully joining the 9/11 truth movement.

Remember that the perps number one tactic is divide and conquer.

Whatever happens, do not be fooled or overly distracted by the men and women we reveal behind the curtains as they are but temporary actors, we are after those who run the whole show and that is where we must always focus.

Always remain skeptical, use the critical thinking skills that forced you to reject the government lie of 9/11 in the first place. Verify everything before you trust it and certainly before you promote it everywhere.

There will be deep moles within the movement, and they will out themselves in due course. This is the reality of what we are engaged in. Do not be paranoid, do everything in the open and demand that everything is done as transparently as possible.

Ask questions, demand answers.

Remember that the truth does not rise or fall with any one individual or group AND cannot be stopped by any one individual or group. The search for the truth will only stop when the vast majority of those already awakened (and the millions more now in the process of awakening) stop demanding the truth. This will not happen as we know that the future of humanity, and perhaps all life on earth, depends on keeping the torches of truth spreading until everything is revealed by their light.

Keep asking questions. keep demanding answers.

We are all in this together. Everyone wins when the truth prevails (even the perps, though they may not realize it in this lifetime).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Damn it, I really like Webster Tarpley

I would be sooo appreciative if someone could snag Tarpley's own show on wtprn/gcn tonight. Wtprn doesn't archive it and I don't want to join gcn just for this. Uhh, yes, the one that is starting in ten minutes :)

Call to Investigate Alleged Capital Crimes Committed by Bush Adm

This should be a separate blog entry, but as I don't have the time I thought I put it here to bring it to attention to someone who has more time: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/616163608

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

Ok, I have to preface this by stating I hope with all my heart that I am completely and totally wrong about my assessment of the events of this summer up to date. I am often wrong, and I hope this is one of these cases. This is an exercise in pure speculation based on fragments of information that read over this past summer.

First - I have always had my doubts about Alex Jones's *Warning* before 9/11. He makes a very accurate prediction before 9/11, the off the cuff matter in which he blurts out intimate details of the unprecedented attack has always made me wonder - How Did He Know. He didn't mention any specifics as to his sources he just saw it coming, but with such precision is still unsettling. After 9/11 Alex earn a premiere spot, he was alone in front of any one else for he was the one who predicted the attack. No one else could claim this thus he would always be seen as the defacto leader of any movement which was inevitable to spring up in the wake of such an attack.

Fast Forward to Chertoff's Gut Feeling. He proclaimed that an attack was looming, this summer. Chertoff got a lot of flack for this out of character remark, but he said it nonetheless. He soon recanted and then the flurry of warnings from all corners of the GOP. And finally the dated Osama video that turned up. With the flurry of Terror legislation and Executive Orders it seemed that everything was in place. If something were to happen it would surely invoke all the carefully laid legislation that has been put in to place before and since 9/11.

Now to an outsider of the 9/11 Truth Movement there would be no insight into the inner workings of an extremely complex and active infiltration operation at all levels of the 9/11 Truth Movement. It would seem all these organization have someone in place somewhere. From this vantage point suspicion of people in certain choke points in the movement would indicate that this infiltration is very well planned and carefully orchestrated. The movement has grown in awareness but has not grown to the critical mass state it always seems like everyone is waiting for Alex Jones, or someone to lead the march, but that has not happened.

So here we are at the very end of the summer, and this KENNEBUNKTPORT WARNING comes out - with great pains to make sure it is circulated far and wide via various viral methods , never peaking above the MSM radar, but very well known in the 9/11 Movement. After the information comes out that one of the signers of the document states she did not sign the warning, it causes a controversy, and a similar backwash of information spreads along the same channels that the warning was came out. Talks of hoax and talks of fraud.

This is on the heels of the PDX warnings, fear of a nuke of Portland, that spammed the indymedia site for quite a while during the exercise. Many smelled something funny about the volume of the warning coming out of this, Noble Resolve didn't seem to be an operation which could be flipped live, like on 9/11. So after the 24th everyone had developed a tolerance to these warnings right before the KENNABUNKTPORT WARNING.

So as all the lines seem to be converging and with the speculation that Alex Jones' WARNING was not a warning after all but a plant to insure his position in the front of the movement, I see this WARNING from Tarpley with similar intent. To proceed what the disinformation artists like to call 9112b. This along with other suspect leaders in the movement actions of late, like Barretts promotion of "Inside Job?" Banner rolls. All the while Fezter is no more than a step away.

This weekend the first trucks from Mexico will cross the boarder - they will not be subject to inspection until way inside the US, this labor day - the end of the summer. If there were to detonate a nuke of significant yield it could not possibly be small and easy to conceal, it would have to be assumed to be a crude nuclear device, something that some terrorist organization could manufacture. Something to track back out of the country - possibly via China from N. Korea.

Now this would certainly bring up calls that this was an inside job, of course, we have been watching carefully. But who would thus fill the void of Alex's place? After all Alex must of lost his stuff for his warning last year was a dud, promoted on Fox News of all places. Tarpley, Fetzer, Barrett.
With these men in front spewing out ludicrous theories and other such nonsense no one would hear our screams that this WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

I hope I am wrong, and If I am fine, I will spend all of my credibility with this one post. I don't care.
If there is a 9112B to come about, and we can do nothing to stop it, if I can insert some doubt about the legitimacy of these Disinformation Artists from moving into Fox News limelight, then it is all worth just one post.

edit: they are "Ready for Mainstream"

Union: Mexican Trucks Begin Crossing Border Saturday
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips
Zeitgeist Movie Torrent DVDRip (XviD)

Capt Eric May

Just to add one more piece on this thread. I don't know who he is but "Capt Eric May" seems just as questionable as the rest. Another "former" intelligence person who is openly anti-semitic and appears to be a numerologist -

"In this case it is the controlled media, who use Jewish Cabalism, and the "Bush Boyz" (criminal officials and agents), who use Masonic coding, and they're reporting their handiwork in the Great Plains! . . . I wonder why the Jewish film industry would make a mistake like that, rewriting the plot of reality to convince us -- with a powerful movie -- not to obsess about the prospect of embedded code in the mainstream Jewish news media?"

I haven't looked into the relevance of the numbers because even if it were true, the obvious purpose would be to give credibility to an anti-semite to install him in the movement to isolate us from thinking people. We don't need numerology attached to "The Jews Did It" to expose 9/11 truth.

Interesting how the supposed "Muslim Jewish Christian" 9/11 organization seems to always have anti-semitism issues simmering around it -


Barrett, Fetzer and May

Barrett interviewed May on his show

In his July 3 interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, Captain May addressed the prospects and probabilities of a July false flag attack on U.S. soil, and of a consequent escalation of the Mideast War (Iraq and Afghanistan) to World War Three (Syria and Iran, et al.).

Captain Eric May on Jim Fetzer

Portland has heard entirely too much from Capt DisMay

recently, as he spearheaded the whole "Don't Nuke Portland!" response to Noble Resolve, and has briskly moved along to TOPOFF 4, also to be held in Portland. I came across the watcherfiles article via an Ireland indymedia article accusing Morgan Stack of being anti-Semitic, because he has it posted on his site, but imagine my surprise to see that it is WRITTEN by our hero and savior, Captain May.

So I wrote an article about it for Portland indymedia, that they censored (didn't publish, didn't compost). And then I included the info in a comment on the thread about the May response to the Kennebunkport debacle, and it mysteriously failed to show up.

However, I did bring it to the attention of the local Truth community via one of several email groups, and here is the response I got from the leader of the Oregon Truth Alliance:

Speaking personally, there is much that I disagree with in Eric May's
work, particularly some of his statements about Oregonian staff writer
Joseph Rose. His anti-semitism is also plain to see in the article that
[casseia] linked to. If this matter is of her paramount concern, I hope she
will pursue it directly with him. My time is limited and I plan to
focus my communications directly with Eric May about the more pressing
matter of his interactions with the media in Oregon. I propose anyone
else who takes issue with one or more of his articles should write to
him directly about their concerns.

Gee, I wonder how that article will go over with the media in Oregon. I sure hope they're not "Media Jews" (sic) or they might be offended. (Clearly, anyone of good faith is going to be offended by this bigotry.)

But this brings me to another point. I've been looking at May's other material here and there, and although he strikes me as a flake, I don't see any other examples of unalloyed anti-Semitism. (As an anti-Zionist, I do not consider references to Zionists to be anti-Semitic.) It's as if this article is a booby-trap or a land mine, lurking there ready to implode the credibility of any group or individual who works with him, because it's there, it's easy to find, and May has not disavowed it in any way I can see. Morgan Stack was surely an idiot to post it on his site, but the Oregon Truth Alliance lady is certainly not very bright to act as if this is really no big deal and not worth getting her panties in a bunch over.

Edit: here is some discussion of the anti-Semitism issue at Portland indymedia (where my post is still nowhere to be found)