North Tower westside debris ejection

Notice how the floors in this clip are being blown out at nearly the same speed as debris falling from gravity.

Download a DivX of the clip here:

Those are clearly eruptions & explosions emanating from

within that building! It is certainly not merely some sort of "pancake" failure.

True, it seems very violent

True, it seems very violent an event. Normally I'm not apt to blog about anything, but this one caught my attention.

You post some superb videos Xenomorph911...

and I love the way that you also try to provide a high quality free download for each YouTube video (link in details) for future use and / or research.

I highly recommend anyone who is not familiar with Xenomorph911's videos, check them out at :


Regarding the above video you posted, I believe these clearly show that the columns either side of the corners were targetted, thus allowing the main part of the face to fall away from the tower largely intact (visible in your above vid approx 10secs in). The above video is well complimented by your WTC1 north-west corner compilation (see below).

Link :


Many thanks for all you do and very best wishes

Oh goodness, thank you once

Oh goodness, thank you once again, I look through a lot of video. This one was ripped from the BBC on 9/13 during the morning. I have to look it up again now. I already put the MPG on disc. I believe it's around 9 am through noon sometime. Either 8:31-9:12 or 11:17-11:59 BBC MPG's.

it's in bbc200109131609-1651/V08571-32.mpg

(original link)
at about 22:30:35
The complete 1GB original MPEG2 is available here:

see for more

(I am referring to the original vid that Xenomorph posted.)

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Thanks! You got my email

Thanks! You got my email responses about those 3 mpg's right?

yep thanks

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

I don't think I've seen that angle before

My heart skipped a beat. I thought the footage I had seen was conclusive, but holy crap that's undeniable! Thanks for posting.

hi res of this?


I have never seen this footage before, there are in fact very few videos of complete collapse, and this is very good one. Waking up people by simply showing them "collapse" of WTC is quite effective. Could you please share hi-res of this with us (via torrent or I can give you FTP if you'd wish)?

Well, I do in fact have a

Well, I do in fact have a large archive of clips on's tracker. Or you can find the MPG for this here or via torrent searches, or you can download via from links I try to provide for all my videos on youtube.


Just noticed that megaupload link.

Here is direct link for this video, BBC_WTC1.avi, someone maybe can add to original post.

Thank you everyone, best

Thank you everyone, best wishes!:)

"Notice how the floors in this clip are being blown out at

nearly the same speed as debris falling from gravity."

Yes, and in some cases it looks to me that some floors are being blown out even faster than the debris falling from gravity! That certainly defies Newton's Law!

the demolition wave

Useful open source video stabilizer:

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers

Excellent thanks! That is

Excellent thanks! That is actually what I use to stabilize video as it happens. Be it virtualdub for .avi or virtualdubmod when dealing with mpg2's. Then I just cut them togethor or crop them using TMPGEnc 4.0 express. I just got this new Pinnacle software now so maybe I can up with better clips now. My AMD unfortunately won't run Adobe. :(

AMD & Adobe

"My AMD unfortunately won't run Adobe."

As an AMD fan, I'd like to know how a processor would refuse to run an application.


It's Adobe's fault. They could _EASILY_ make their software work on AMD. It's some agreement with Intel. Go linux.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.