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198 mpeg's are now available on bittorrent

Big thanks to Arie in the Netherlands for mailing me a large set of footage, casual inspection of just a few vids revealed lots of interesting things...
Since nobody wants to click on 198 torrents, I made a zip of all of them available here: if you want to pick individual videos see Please seed whatever you download indefinitely... I will seed forever, but I am rate-limited at 64k upstream, so if you have 200G to spare please help insure this evidence continues to be available by permanently seeding it. I had posted a subset of this on CC but inexplicably it's been removed. ThePirateBay is a better solution as they do not honor takedown notices (see or for a laugh).

Currently one of the two seeds is on a fast university connection so now is a good time to download.

If you are new to torrents, it's really easy...
1. download and install or
2. download and unzip
3. launch the torrent application (you may want to configure it to launch on startup)
4. drag and drop (CTRL-A to select all) the torrent files into the bittorrent app window
5. Have patience!, it will take a long time to start and a long time to finish
6. When a file completes, leave it in the torrent app, this is called "seeding", you can limit the upload rate if necessary.

If you have a place to host these permanently for direct download please contact me (justin.keogh on gmail) and we can arrange something.

The following are missing/incomplete videos I am still looking for to complete the set:

As you can see I have partial copies of some of these. If you have any of the files on this list please contact me!
The "calculated segment name" entires are files that I do not have an original url for.
The list of all url's and more is included in each torrent.



Great work!

wouldn't it be a good idea

wouldn't it be a good idea to convert the MPGs to hi-quality XVID and reduce the data?


Yes... likely. I'll test it out. For video analysis purposes the raw files are best.... but that's only a few % of the footage...

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