Exclusive!!! Anthony Saltalamacia Verifies Willie Rodriguez's Story

Anthony Saltalamacia was with Rodriguez in the basement. For the first time after 6 years, they meet and his recollection is taped. This is part of the upcoming video by Mr. Rodriguez.


awesome interview! william

awesome interview! william showed me this when he came to vancouver a few weeks ago. is the other interview going to be released soon? the one with the guy in the south tower? looking forward to seeing the full DVD when it comes out too... it should be amazing!

Brave guy, I'm really glad

Brave guy, I'm really glad he's standing up and corroborating Willy’s account. PS truth911.net, plz drop the "no planes hit the WTC" disinfo, Willy himself has spoken out against that garbage at least respect his wishes.

umm.... what does this have

umm.... what does this have to do with no planes? i didn't mention that... i was just saying that this was a great interview. why would you bring that up? and i know that william doesn't support the no plane theory... but i drove him all around vancouver for 3 days and he'll tell you i'm a good guy.

I'm just asking you to plz

I'm just asking you to plz drop it considering everyone including Willy has denounced it as offensive and factually absurd, I haven’t checked your website but I bet you're linking to "September Clues" correct? It's your choice, it's your website but understand that the majority of us feel very strongly that “no planes hit the WTC” is damaging, disrespectful and incredibly absurd garbage.

i never brought it up... you

i never brought it up... you did. so you're the one who should "drop it". i can't make a comment on here about a random video without getting attacked? and why don't you go and have a look at my site. you'll see that there is no link to September Clues anywhere on there (i actually disagree with most of the evidence in that film anyways) and you have to look pretty hard to find any controversial theories on there. i think it's bullshit that i make a positive comment about a video that i'm excited to finally see released to the public and for whatever reason, you decide to take this opportunity to call me out as a "no planer". you shouldn't use these comments to attack other people, why don't we keep the comments on topic from here on in? if you wanted to address me directly, you could have sent me an e-mail (my e-mail address is on my website), there was no need to bring up your personal feelings towards me in public comments.

I agree.

This video is awesome of Anthony Saltalamacia. To turn this thread into something about planes seems out of line. This seems to me to be why 9/11 Blogger shut down comments for awhile and why dz was fed up with it. This is a breaking video about a guy I haven't seen before who seems outstanding and a key key witness and we're talking about horse manure. Let's keep this thread on topic and leave the personal discussions or disagreements to the other more appropriate threads like the ones on dis-info or something. This is a breaking video!!! And another brick in the wall of a solid court case against the perpetrators. Damn.

sadly almost every thread

sadly almost every thread around here now devolves into "disinfo policing" and finger pointing/accusations at some point. better check your website if you have one to make sure none of the unmentionables are on it. they will hold it against you. i agree though, the topic at hand is important and is yet another piece of evidence that sheds light on the fallacy of the official story. that should be what this thread is about. as you say, we have 2 or 3 threads on the topic of disinfo, maybe thats the right place for a discussion about peoples connections and what they have on their websites.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

William Rodriguez is my hero!



btw Adam has worked very hard with us, and we get along just fine even though I don't neccessarily agree with him 100%. Attacking him here wasn't cool.

Great interview ! Keep up

Great interview ! Keep up the good work William !

You have to ask William/others...

Can they verify the elevator that "went to the top" being on the blink for the month preceding 9/11?

What about Urban Moving Systems, were they involved in any way at the site?

Can anyone corroborate Scott Forbes story about the "power downs" on the weekend preceding 9/11?

On the last point, William was vague. I guess that means he doesn't remember.

There is one guy, Ben

There is one guy, Ben Fountain;

"How could they let this happen? They knew this building was a target. Over the past few weeks we'd been evacuated a number of times, which is unusual. I think they had an inkling something was going on."

here's the link to the real

here's the link to the real source... it's better to show people this link rather than some link to "what really happened".


william told me that the

william told me that the power downs were not unusual and that they occur every 6 months. normal workers may have been unaware of them since they occur on weekends. But william did confirm that there was a power down the weekend before, but that it was not as unusual or suspicious as scott forbes claims. i think we need more sources and evidence before drawing any conclusions about the powervdowns and it's good enough to know that there was a power down which represented a logical time frame where charges could have been placed in the building.

More specifics

Was the powerdown only in the South Tower or in both towers? In some parts of the building(s), or in the entire building(s)?

Yes, does anyone remember

Yes, does anyone remember UMS trucks/vans at the WTC?

And what does William remember about ACE Elevator?

"The departure of elevator mechanics from a disaster site is unusual."

"We have received a confirmed report from ACE Elevator that all ACE Elevator employees are accounted for and safe. ACE Elevator Co. was providing elevator maintenance for the WTC. They were in the middle of a modernization and had been working out of an office located on the 35th floor in the South Tower."

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gee, i wonder where Brainster

gee, i wonder where Brainster(hes a "debunker" right?) is? funny how they never show up for stuff like this....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

They're too busy

publicizing the five Truthers in the world who are also Holocaust deniers.

If people have their doubts

If people have their doubts it is their right to express them. Calling doubts denial is manipulative use of language. People who do this are not examples of truthfulness but manipulators. Why don't they come up with undeniable forensic proof for the "deniers" instead. It never happens!
In many european and some other countries people can be sent to prison for doubting the H.
Does this make sense? Truth should be in the open for everyone to see, lies only need protection.
Why was the WTC buildings' steel removed ? Because it showed collapse?
Why were the oral histories from 911 locked away? Because they proove the official story?
Why haven 't we seen any Pentagon video of a Boeing hitting it? Because all these video's show a Boeing hitting the Pentagon?
Why have you never heard of the Leuchter report? A scientific report which later was corroborated by chemist Germar Rudolf which you also have never heard of? Because it prooves aspects of the H.? Go find out.

I'm sorry for getting off topic but I didn't start, I applaude Williams efforts for he also goes for facts and this new video is another great piece of evidence though I have to add that forensic evidence is as or even more important - the forensics weren 't destroyed so thoroughly if they weren't so important- but Steven Jones en others luckily have managed to get that going also.

The Leuchter Report? You must be joking

That crap has zero credibility:


Take your denial somewhere else. No, we're not talking about "doubts," as you say; we are talking about facts, and they don't support the fallacious claims of Fred Leuchter.

Interesting that you pulled that out of nowhere, accusing me of never having "heard" of it. I never mentioned it, because it was not germane to ANYTHING at this blog. More important, the promotion of junk science in general does not assist 9/11 Truth.

Your tone is quite offensive

Your tone is quite offensive so I don 't bother trying to educate you any more.
And I was not accusing you for not having heard of it. That makes no sense.
I pointed out that you (or people in general actually) would have never heard of it because
it is suppressed information and not trumpeted by Fox news. Hidden like the steel of the WTC, the oral histories etc. Read what it says please.

The article you link to contains many contradictions but also some nice truths like:
"It is easier to tell a lie than to prove a lie to be incorrect"
Well I couldn't agree more, it 's a lot of work to make a chemical analysis, claiming that it sucks is simple, prooving deniers that it's correct is again much work, etc.

im just wondering, but what

im just wondering, but what 5 would that be in your opinion? not trying to open a can of worms here, im genuinely interested in knowing. obviously Hufschmid is one, but i think most do a pretty good job of either not using his work at all or seperating his first book and video(both of which are mainly about the destruction of the towers and nothing else. both of which are/were considered great resources by most in the 9/11 community) from his later rantings. if the SLC guys cant or wont do that i think that says a lot about them. im not shaping my message or activism to please or appease SLC or other debunkers. they really dont matter as much as some people think.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I was being figurative

"Five" just represents the exceedingly small number of Truthers who support Holocaust denial. Hufschmid is obviously one. Morgan Stack comes to mind (I don't recall if he denies the Holocaust, but he is on record making obviously anti-semitic comments). Again, I was being figurative. If you visit Screw Loose Change on any given week, you will see at least one story about 9/11 Truth being associated with Holocaust denial. I consider it instructive to look at the debunker sites occasionally, to see what they think are the most damaging attacks against 9/11 Truth. Holocaust denial is their favorite attack.

Ultimately, the issue of the Holocaust is entirely irrelevant to 9/11 Truth. Either 9/11 was in some sense an inside job, or it was not. End of story. Discussion of tangential issues is a distraction, or, at worst, disinformation.

Irrelevant? So you are

Irrelevant? So you are denying that 911 and the H. both are zionist jobs?
And you like to see deniers wear denier badges, throw them into denier-camps, have a denier-H., subsequent some denier-H.-survivers? Oh yeah and then come the denier-H.-deniers!
Oh my god this is getting complicated!


but what would that say about the SLC crew if they have to resort to that? guilt by association? im not exactly too afraid if thats the best they can do. if holocaust denial is their favorite attack they must be worse off for material than i thought.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

You need to be a little more careful here

AFAIK, Stack just reposted a very stupid and Jew-hating article by Eric May on his site. He should remove it and explain why it was there in the first place and whether he agrees with its premises about Jews -- BUT to go from that to calling him an exceedingly inflammatory name when you acknowledge that you "can't recall if he denies the Holocaust" seems very imprudent.

Everyone posting articles

Everyone posting articles blaming jews should be considered a zionist (shill).
It might frighten some jews, others might get defensive but the
result is that it enlarges the group identity and makes the distance
to non-jewish groups greater which zionists regard as a desired outcome.
After all, they want "attract" jews to move to their country.



This is a big story, I'm sure it will be on the 10 o'clock news tonight, heh, heh.

Anthony Saltalamacia, you

Anthony Saltalamacia, you sir, are a Patriot of the highest calling, Thank you. You will be honored for showing the courage to speak out, stand up your country, and not being afraid of Truth. On behalf of my family and loved ones, I commend you.

It would be nice...

... if Mr. Saltalamacia were to put his narrative into the form of a sworn affidavit to further corroborate Willie's public testimonies. Unfortunately, his six years of silence will be attacked by those who have had a very difficult time thus far disproving Willie's story.

Thank you, Mr. Saltalamacia!

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Marlene Cruz

was also in the basement level of the WTC on 9/11



What is needed are detailed, signed testimonies that can be used as evidence even in court.

well done indeed! good on

well done indeed! good on you for standing up! better now then never!

brainster????? would that be one of those idiots from the jref forum???
there's a idiot by than name there have a look..... there all haters and get off on making a mess of forums then leaving when they are shown photo graphical or mathematical evidence.

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.

But where has he been these last six years???

Better late than never.

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Story about partial collapse from 65 to 44

Has anyone corroborated Mr. Rodriguez's story that there was a
partial collapse from 65 to 44?

Is he still telling that story?

Is nobody else bothered by that story?

He never got higher than 39. So how does he know there was a
partial collapse?

I take it's that's a negatory

No one has corroborated Mr. Rodriguez's story of
a partial collapse from 65 to 43.

And people are disturbed enough about it to vote down
the posing of the question, but not enough to ask the
question themselves. Or answer it.

I'm not sure why your question was voted down...

From what I can recall, it was firefighters who said this.

I have not hunted around but if I remember correctly, it's on a the FDNY transcripts / audio from the day.

If I get a chance, I'll have a hunt but I have to ask have you tried a Google yet ?

Best wishes

the rest of the points are here


someone needs to respond to these in detail, yet no one has. I see lots of people happy to agree on his story but no one willing to do the work to support it beyond faith.

Your Link Victronix

Being a bit of a newbie, I read through your link with an open mind Victronix
I stopped reading at " Rodriguez travels with crackpots and Holocaust deniers"

Yes he's a right-wing

Yes he's a right-wing attacker, but most attacks beyond name-calling have some substance. If you stop at the name calling you don't have any idea what the positions are or why.

im sorry, but Mark Roberts

im sorry, but Mark Roberts is nothing but a tool and posting his wtc7lies link here like you vouch for it is a little bit strange to me.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA